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January 31, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 99
Scary Trucks

Mad Max would be proud

January 29, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 97

America in the 30s & 40s:
Pulp Fiction Comes Alive

Highlights of industrial and urban photography

January 28, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 96
Giant Frozen Wave (photos)

Incredible ice formations

January 27, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 95
Presidential Planes, Parts 1-2

Putin's new plane, History of Air Force One, Sultan's Air, etc

January 25-26, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 94
Cars & Girls: Vintage Ads (in 2 Parts)

European and American Cars and Ladies

January 24, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 93
Good Clean "Star Wars" Fun

Revisionist Look at the Classic Film

January 23, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 92
Moscow Metro People-Watching

Faces of the Russian subway travelers

January 21, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 90
Beautiful Pininfarina-Alfa Romeo concept car (1969)

This could be the most shapely car ever built

January 20, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 89
Japan's Biggest Floating Crane

Like some Godzilla monster, the giant crane looms over the city; easily lifts bridges and submarines

January 19, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 88
Retro Technology Update

An eclectic collection of steampunk devices

January 18, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 87
Ships Battling Heavy Seas

Front row seats for the wind and waves

January 17, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 86
Stunning In-flight Photography

"Letchik Lekha" is a Russian commercial pilot who also happens to be an avid photographer.

January 16, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 85
Anti-U.S. Posters
from North Korea

Communist Propaganda in its most ominous form

January 14, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 83
A Happy Scooter Family

Made by Patricia Piccinini, these are the cutest scooters in the world.

January 13, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 82
Dancing Jellyfish

Japanese Jellyfish Are Positively Glowing

January 12, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 81
Jet-Powered & Other Futuristic Trains

It's a Jet! It's a Train! It's M-497

January 10, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 80
Discovering Iran (photos)

A Richly-textured world, rarely seen in the West

January 9, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 79
Church Signs & Bulletin Bloopers

The Best of Church Humour

January 8, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 78
Wacky Signs, part 2

More obstacles in the way of progress

January 7, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 77
Futuristic Citroen DS

I knew Citroen DS was a Space Age wonder,but this is simply amazing

January 5, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 76
Real Life "Bambi & Thumper"


January 4, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 75
Wind Power In Stormy Waters

Offshore Wind Turbine Farms: Ambitious and Beautiful.

January 3, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 74
Stars & Planets Scale Comparison

Starting with the Death Star - a humbling perspective

January 2, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 73
Kama Sutra Variations (SFW)

Different strokes for different folks

January 1, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 72
Cool Ads, Part 2

Powerful Advertising at work

February 28, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 124

Weirdest Music Scores

Play them at your own risk

February 26, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 122
Rare Look Inside the Largest Crane & Container Ships

A world record weightlifting in its class. 1600 metric tons.

February 24, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 121
What can be done with the VW Beetle

The craziest "bug mods" you'll ever see

February 23, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 120
Turtle's Birthday

How baby turtles are born :)

February 22, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 119
The Glamour of Flight

Vintage Commercial Aviation: Stewardesses

February 21, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 118
Construction of the World's Highest Bridge

Spectacular and Innovative

February 20, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 117
The Best of Portrait Photography

Rediscover the beauty and mystery of a human face

February 19, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 116
The Strangest Plant on Earth

Namibia's plant Welwitschia Mirabilis - there really is nothing like it.

February 17, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 115
Wildly Hilarious Signs, Part 3

If these are the "signs of times"...

February 15, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 113

Valentine's Echo

February 14, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 112
VW Bus Ball - and other "Rolling Art"

Sculpture by Lars-Erik Fisk

February 13, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 111
Controversial Cyberpunk Art

Playing with political correctness

February 12, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 110
Aerodynamic Marvels

First American Streamlined Cars & Vans

February 11, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 109
Mont Saint-Michel (photos)

Spectacular abbey on a tidal island

February 10, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 108
Computer Gadgets Roundup (funny pics)

What every programmer & sysadmin wants, but would never admit it

February 9, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 107
Baby Kangaroo!

Can't pass up this "baby animal"... Have... to... post...

February 8, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 106
"Rhombus" - A Wildly Different Concept Car

Concept That Makes You Question Your Own Sanity Just By Looking At It

February 7, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 105
Colorful (& Poisonous) Frogs

The most poisonous animal is not a snake or a spider. It's a beautiful little frog!

February 6, 2007Quantum Shot # 104
Dream of Solo Flight

The Evolution of Personal Flying Vehicle

February 5, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 103
Cool Ads, Part 3
Urban Commuting

Discover cool ads on your way to work

February 4, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 102
Haunted Monastery on a Steep Cliff

Sumela Monastery in Turkey

February 2, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 101
Ford "FAB1" Concept...Car?

Stunning "Car/Jet plane/Hydrofoil" Limousine

February 1, 2007 - Quantum Shot # 100
WWII Nazi' Tank Manuals

Unexpectedly hilarious!
Spiders! (Closeup Photos)

Some rather pretty "mug shots"
Funny Signs, Part 4

...and weird directions
Rarely Seen Shuttle Prelaunch Activities

Preparing for Take Off
Dangerous Roads of the World, Part 3

Road from Nepal to Tibet: Sheer Drops
Amazing UFO-shaped Complex to be Built in Moscow

Alien encounter of an architectural kind
Ghost Cars of the World

In some countries cars simply do not die
Bio-Robots (funny)

Swat that fly! It's spying on you
Really Bad Wiring Jobs

Will be a nightmare to untangle
Russian Ballistic Missile Carriers

The Big, the Bad and the Ugly
Cool Ads, issue 4

Explosion of Creativity (2 pages)
Mystery Devices

Puzzling gadgets from past and present
Fantastic Gemstones

Slices of Splendor

Decorative Robot Creations

"Made out of junk" coolness

Moscow: Futuristic Concepts from 1900 (!)

If not for the October Revolution...

Incredible Snowmobiles

From "Snow Cruiser" to "Hyanide"

Glamour in the Sky, Part 2

More Stewardesses!

Airplane House & Boat Conversions

"I'm living in a jet plane"

Humour Digest, part 1

Good laughs from various sources

Maps of World's Imbalances

This is (still) a mad, mad, mad world...

Balancing the Forces

Top 10 Most Curious States of Equilibrium

Strange Tanks

Biggest, smallest and just plain weird tanks

Wonders of the Chinese Landscape

Spectacular amateur and professional photography

Cool Ads, Issue 5 (Cont.)

Page 2 - Love & Romance
Cool Ads, Issue 5

Creativity and (wonderfully twisted) imagination
Red Sheep of Scotland

Do Androids Dream of Painted Sheep?
Stealth Ships

"M-80 Stiletto", "Sea Shadow", and others
Kamchatka - The Magnificient Russian Far East

Wilderness without bounds
A Tight Race with a Plane

Formula One car "Spyker F8-VII" takes on F-16 fighter jet!
The World's Strangest Vehicles

Definitely not your "soccer-mom minivans"!
Cool Murals & Painted Buildings

An exercise in urban psychedelics
Retro Technology: Cold War Phones

Plus Dialup Computer Mods
Super High-Speed Trains

Shinkansen "Bullet Trains" of Japan, and more
Cthulhu Live and Prosper

H. P. Lovecraft's "little monsters"
Dry Valleys of Antarctica

Journey through the otherworldly landscape
Mammatus, Lenticular & Other Extreme Clouds

plus "Stormy Skies" update
Lords of the Logistics, Part 3

Neccessity is the Mother of Invention
Surreal & Spectacular Art of V. Kush

Dream-like, glowing landscapes
The Rotating City

Futuristic city is in the works for Dubai -
with rotating towers, floating and "flying" villas.
Spiders! (Closeup Photos)

Some rather pretty "mug shots"
Funny Signs, Part 4

...and weird directions
"Jets & Clouds" Effects

"Romancing the Clouds" - Jet Trail Photos
Men Rules: Guide for Women (humor)

These are the rules we abide by; plus some extreme ironing tips
Soviet Army Super Vehicles

Ballistic rocket carriers (part 2), and more
Burj Dubai:
Now the Tallest Building in the World

Construction pictures, plus rival towers
Dubai's Architecture Update, Part 2

Las Vegas Clone, Rotating Tower, Death Star City, etc.
Car & Plane Parts Furniture

Unique design statement, plus ejection seat
Fantastic Art by Tomasz Maronski

Realm of Dreams
Painted City Blocks

How much of the color is TOO much?
It's a Geek Thing

One Day in the Life of an Office Computer Worker (funny)
Monsters on Display

Night in the Museum: Weird Galleries and Fossils
Communist Gothic:
Architecture by Yakov Chernikhov

Soaring Palaces of Communism in Gothic Style
The Glory of American (Classic) Automobile

American Dream of Happy Motoring
Mystery Devices, Issue 2

Can you tell what they are?
What can be done with the VW Beetle, Part 2

Beetle as "All Things to All People"
Strange Towers of the Third Reich

Hide from bombs above ground, not under it.
How to Wash Airplanes?

and how not to wash them...
Ekranoplans Showcase

Airplane or Hovercraft?
Pleasures of Vertical Scrolling

Spectacular vertical panoramas
Cool Ads, part 6

Another batch of splendid marketing ideas
Most Anticipated
Computer Games for 2007

The New Era of Computer Gaming Arrives
One Day in Space (Photos)

NASA's "Atlantis" Space Shuttle Mission
More Crazy Wiring Jobs

Spectacularly bad connections...

Photogenic Caterpillars

And Other Fascinating Insects of the Thai Forest
How To Become a (Real) Cyborg

The DIY guide for the discerning nerd :)
"Tatra" Car & Other
Aerodynamic Marvels

Futuristic Shape and Radical Design
10 Ways to Cure Your Fear of Heights

or, What can be done on top of a skyscraper?
Psychedelic Furniture Showcase

Who said furniture is boring
Cool Computer Case Mods

Some are as radical as James Bond gadgets
Top Office Pranks

Plan Your Sweet Revenge
Vertical Grass Art

Transient Green Masterpieces
Rare Red Panda, or "Fire Fox"

Not a cat, not a raccoon... not a fox, and hardly a panda
Women's Facial Expressions

Handy guide to your girlfriends' emotions
History of the Tailsitter Airplanes

Vertical Take off & Landing
Extreme Off-Roading

Some can border on suicide
Not Your Ordinary Plants

The cutest baby... vegetable

Unusual Clock Mechanisms

To simply tell the time is not the point
Weird Signs, Part 5

Signs that point in a really strange direction
Cyberpunk Art Update

Fashion with teeth, shoes with spikes
"Jets & Clouds" Effects

"Romancing the Clouds" - Jet Trail Photos
Tank Bling!

Hummer owners, read it and weep
New Hydrofoil & Submersible Concepts

Modern Italian Design & Efficiency
World's Most Interesting Bridges

Fascinating History, Unique Engineering
The Biochemical "Oops" List

Welcome to Weirdsville: "I don't feel so good..."
Environmentally-Friendly Houses

Ecologically-clean house designs
Best Graffiti Showcase

Funniest & Most Creative Street Art
Abandoned Tunnels &
Vast Underground Spaces

Urban Exploring at its best
Satellite Dish Art!

Yet Another Urban Art Form?
World's Strangest Vehicles,
Part 2

Art Cars, Concept Cars, What's it? Cars
Best of Office Comedy

Top 10 short videos, and more...
The Thermonuclear
"Oops" List

Good Night... and Good Luck to us all
Alternative Energy
Mega Projects

Power from the Wind, Moon & Sun
People as Pixels in Monumental Art

Living people in mass photography
Creepy High Voltage Installations

Close Encounters of the "Tesla" Kind
Cute Vintage Album Covers

Pretty girls attracted by music
When Construction Goes Wrong

Hilarious Building Blunders
Recreational Super Vehicles
Sell your house, buy something bigger!
Dust Storms!

When the air itself turns against you
Robotic Art Bliss

Miniature Robots, Insects & Animals
World's Wildest Roller Coasters

Don't have eggs for breakfast!
Heavy Seas, part 2

Hurricane Force vs. a Few Brave Ships
Most Unusual Books

From Codex Seraphinianus to pulp sculptures
Flying Submarines!

Sky Captain's dream come true
World's Smallest Cars

Vintage and modern miniature wonders
Tesla Power in Your Backyard

Get an ultimate energy buzz in the morning
Weird Signs, Issue 6

Follow them at your own risk
Cool Ads, Issue 7

Prepare to be persuaded to buy stuff
Ladies & Robots

Melting in embrace of the Metal Man
Big Rig & Truck Accidents

Take care when driving big & heavy rigs
The Rusting Monsters of Lopatino's Mines

More skeletons in Russia's haunted countryside
Dangerous Roads of the World, part 4

Spectacular Alpine passes, Norway fjord roads
Capsule Living

Student Housing Taken to the Extreme
Balancing the Forces, Part 2

Interesting examples of equilibrium
It's a Guy Thing! (Weird Inventions)

Innovations from the Underdeveloped Male Mind
Future of the Urban Transport

Would you ditch your car for one of these systems?
Exquisite Eggshell Carving

Fragile & Intricate Masterpieces
Cool Amphibious Vehicles

Next Best Thing to Walking on Water
Strange Signs, Part 7

Clear & Concise Signs Are Boring. These Are Better.
Firing Countermeasures (Flares)

Aerial Beauty That Just May Save Your Soul
The Spectacular Side of Ecuador

Take the time to venture up or down to the equator
Vending Machines Craze in Japan

Instant Gratification, to the Nth degree!
Extreme & Beautiful Weather

Majestic Skies Created by Powerful Storms
Future Tech Review, Part 2

Exciting Innovations in Transportation
Ballistic News

Fear & Loathing Inside Missile Launch Bases

Japan's Neon Lights

Urban Life in a Neon Forest
The Richat Structure: The Eye of the Earth

Spectacular & Puzzling Formation
September 11 Premonitions

Uncanny pre-2001 coincidences
It's A Guy's Thing! Part 2

Weird inventions by guys
Future Tech Review

Exciting Innovations in Transportation
Miniature Crimean Castle

"Swallow's Nest": Little-known Romantic Destination
Unusual Musical Instruments

Spoil your inner "music geek"
Fungus, Lichen & Moss

Unassuming forest masterpieces
Vintage New York

Marvel Age: The City of Superheroes
The Art of Grotesque

Things that do more than just go "bump" in the night
South Korean Subway
Goes Extreme

Halloween Reigns Underground
Creative Ads, Issue 8

Commercial Weirdness Showcase
Stationery with Bite

Pimp your office the right way
Cool Road-Rail Vehicles

From highway to railroad... and into the sky
Awesome Tank Modification

This church means business
Potala Palace in Tibet

Reverence & Devotion
World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 3

Unbelievable Cars & Bikes.. sort of
Fascinating Worlds
of Jacek Yerka

and other surreal art, which blows our mind
Interview with Jeff VanderMeer

A Triumph of the Bizarre... and the Rise of Squidpunk
Nature's Great Survivors: Water Bears

Tiny creatures can withstand pretty much anything
Abandoned Ionospheric Research Station

Rusting Giant Antennas in the Middle of Ukrainian Forest
Crazy Wiring, Part 3

Harvesting the latest crop of wiring nightmares
It's a Guy Thing! - Part 3

Weird inventions by guys
Steampunk Art Update

Electrifying works from a gaslight era
New Ways to Play with an Old Hardware

Creative Recycling of your old PC
Continuous Line Art

One line to link them all...
The Hanging Monasteries
of the World

The way is narrow & the path is steep, indeed
Future of the Urban Transport

Would you ditch your car for one of these systems?
Siberian No-Road Adventures

The concept of "road" does not seem to apply in Siberia
Retro-Future: To the Stars!

Part 1: rare vintage space graphics
Outrageous Signs, Part 8

Good Advice: "Do Not Scream!"
Cool Art from Everyday Objects

Creative recycling at its best
Most Sensuous Car Shapes Ever Designed

Italian & German-styled supercars from the 60s
Rare Photos of the Russian "Buran" Space Program

The Largest and Most Expensive in Soviet Space Exploration History
Most Radical Car Movie of All Time

Insane drive through Paris for a romantic rendezvous
Modernist Art in Camouflage

Naval fleets as the largest painting canvases in the world.
Vintage Stewardess Photos
Part 3

When flying was attractive in oh so many ways
Glamorous Insects!

Best Bugs in the Universe
Hawaiian Volcanoes:
Beauty & Terror

Here is your chance to be blown up 20km into the air
Top Office Pranks, Part 3

From rats to marshmallows, it's all game
Strange Tanks, Part 2

Colossal and Unthinkable Monsters
Man vs. Wild

Outrageous Survival Techniques
Strange Food Special

Taste the weirdness...or not.
Giant Iceberg Aircraft Carrier

Strange Dream of a Frozen Navy
When Weather Changed History

The power of nature revealed in historic events
Wild Solutions to Common Problems

Fun Logistics, Issue 7
Tis' the Season to be Jolly

Warmest Wishes from DRB!
Steam Buses & Trucks

Loud, Obnoxious, Geek-Dreams on Wheels
Exclusive: Interview with
John C. Wright

Adventures in Space & Magic
Most Dangerous Roads of the World, Part 5

Crazy Routes in Andes, Albania, etc.
Slightly Suicidal: Gadgets

These guns will make you wonder...
Ships vs. Big Waves

"Star Wars" Fun, Part 2

Best fandom in the Universe
What Can Be Done with the VW Beetle, Part 3

Flower Power to the Nth Degree
Unique Soviet Snowmobiles

Weird, giant, fantastic machines
The Art of Extreme Sleeping

Sweet dreams are only part of the story
It's a Guy Thing! Part 4

Weird Inventions by Guys
Cars & Girls, Part 4

European Vintage Ads

The Very Definition of "Eye Candy"
Retro-Future: Glorious Urbanism

When living in mega-cities was considered a privilege
Trek Across Turkey

Where East Meets West, in Spectacular Fashion





Visual Caffeine #8
Visual Caffeine, Issue 8

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Visual Caffeine #7
Visual Caffeine, Issue 7

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Art Deco
Imperial Dreams: Art Deco Update

Wings, Gears, & Glamorous Ladies

1970s SciFi
DRB Pics-of-the-Day

Grand Space Adventure 1970s Art

"Dark Roasted Blend" - All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things, Discovered Daily!"

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Visual Caffeine #6
Visual Caffeine, Issue 6

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Visual Caffeine #5
Visual Caffeine, Issue 5

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Hellish Weather on Other Planets

Wild, Untamed, and Uncut

Medieval Suits of Armor

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

World's Strangest Theme Parks

Amusement to the (twisted) extremes!

Enchanting Victorian Fairy Tale Art

"Then world behind and home ahead..."

Adorable Pedal Cars

Collectable Pedal Vehicles Showcase

Japanese Arcades: Gundam Pods & Other Guilty Pleasures

These machines have gone up to the next level

Modernist Tallinn Architecture

Delicious blend of old and new!

Early Supercomputers: A Visual Overview

"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons"

Futuristic Concept Cars of the 1970-80s

French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

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