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LOL Cats are tame compared to this

As always in this series, we celebrate the photography of animals in real situations (trying to stay away from any image modifications). The funniest and wildest shots prove that animals can give great moments of hilarity and entertainment for the often glum and humorless mankind.

Some photos were taken by submitters, some hunted down from the web or through emails, without definite attribution info. For such pictures we ask the viewers to let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this info.

We traditionally start with the Cute Section... Absolute contentment:

Otters holding hands (see related video, viewed by 8 million people already)

(image credit: KSB)

Oops! the wrong end:

Do not kick this ball:

Hey, what are you up to?!

His friend is up to no good, as well. See here.

and this guy is not hesitating, either:

These animals are not really ugly, just overly expressive:

(image credit: Grant Leavitt)

Man-made ugliness:

Apes & Monkeys:

Felines & Canines

Getting hungry:

Purely American way to exercise your dog:

(image credit: Modern Mechanix)

Humans obey their master:

Simple and nice:

Bears in all kinds of mischief:

Polar Bear Swimming. Great shot, sent to us by Richard Lehoux:
(note the "AC/DC" mark under its nose)

(image credit: Zut le Flash)

Elephants could be funny:

Some moments in bird's life:

How to prepare a kiwi:

Loving affection:

Careful with the crocodile!

Animal Photographers:

And a couple of photoshop jobs we liked:

(image credit: eclectech.co.uk)

See you all in the next part! Send us your cool animal images.

Images credit & sources:
vintagephoto, ochevidec, Exler, karaul
Some photos were taken by submitters, some hunted down from the web or through emails, without definite attribution info. For such pictures we ask the viewers to let us know who the original photographers are, so that we could include this info.

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Blogger Miss Cellania said...

What kind of animal is that between the meerkat and the ermine?

Anonymous Osiris said...

Looks like a wombat to me. Also, being rather pedantic, 'ermine' isn't a name of an animal. It's a word for the white winter coat of the stoat, a very mysterious and little understood animal indeed.

Anonymous Calder said...

Its a tree kangaroo. They live in the forests of Australia and New Guinea, and they are soooo cute

Anonymous writonair said...

yeah that's a tree kangaroo alright. they're a kangaroo that...um, lives in trees. they're like a possum on steroids.

and i don't mean an opossum, i mean a possum


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