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If these are "the signs of our times", then we are truly doomed

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Signs in the workplace:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

in WC:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

sale is on!
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Classic billboards:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

A couple of slightly morbid ones:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Cats & dogs:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Come again?..
Signs, Printing
(image credit: David Shrigley)

Signs, Printing

Warnings of some gruesome fate:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

On the road:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing
(image credit: AutumnSong, taken at Cape Scott, Canada)

Signs, Printing

traffic circle:
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

All kinds:
Signs, Printing

Berlitz dictionary & guide ad:
Signs, Printing

remember "Minority Report?" -
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

Mystery signs: any idea what they mean?
Signs, Printing

Signs, Printing

UPDATE: The first mystery sign means:
"No Pacemakers" - pretty common in Asian countries when high powered EM fields are being applied for whatever reason.
(thanks, Z-Man)

Sources: Exler.ru, chickencrap, GraphicEffects

Most of the photos came from image-aggregator sites, uncredited. Please help us to find the originals, so that we could put in the credits.


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Anonymous Flo said...

The sign with the heart means "no pacemaker"

Blogger Sleestak said...

"Caution: Volcano Debris"?

Blogger BeautyIsRelative said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the other is - "low clearance ahead 30 meters".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "traffic circle" is what everyone else in the world calls a "roundabout", and it's a common traffic junction pretty much everywhere (except, aparently, the USA). They're only put in places where three or more roads meet, and are a much more efficient junction than T junctions or crossroads, etc.

In this case, it's blindingly obvious that there was an additional road on the left that's since been landscaped away - look at the dent in the grass. It's not worth digging up the entire roundabout, so they left it there with only two exits.

Could you really not work this out?

Blogger nex said...

"Meters" is _not_ abbreviated "t". That sign actually means "no vehicles carrying explosives over 30 tons", the 30 tons referring to the entire vehicle of course, not the explosives.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The firt weird sign could be translated as "Do not get close of this if you are wearing a peacemaker" it could be some kind of machinery emitting Micro-waves.

As the second anonymous said these kind of traffic junctions are also usual in Spanish roads and streets.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These were funny!

Anonymous Ethan said...

Wow, when I first read it was signs I figured I'd already seen them before. But there were quite a few in there that I hadn't. Thats probably the best laugh I've had all day... other than at one of my coworkers drinking stories... but thats a whole different story.

Anonymous Blue Monster said...

I'm not the Only Bathroom Researcher

Anonymous Allen said...

very nice. im impressed

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one with a heart, a lead, and a red circle with a line through it is, I believe, a "if you have a pacememaker, don't enter this area" type sign.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, "anonymous", we do have traffic circles, roundabouts, rotaries, here in the US, mostly
in the East.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No pacemakers?" I could have sworn it was "no tugging at heartstrings."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol... "Do not get close of this if you are wearing a peacemaker"

^- I guess there'd be a gun on the sign then...

No, really, it's a warning for ppl with artificial cardiac pacemakers because there could be interferences (electromagnetic fields) in the area that might hinder the pacemaker from working correctly.
Usually this problem has to do with large magnets, but it even a hairdryer can be problematic...

thx for your patients... erm... patience


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing more relaxing then a fighterpilot on amfetamines!

Blogger dave.cowell said...

the second mystery sign could be "No Suicide Car Bombers on 30th of the Month"

Blogger AutumnSong said...

"Be Prepared for the Unexpected" was taken on the way to Cape Scott Provincial Park (northern most tip of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada). I should know, I've got the original. :P

Blogger Yeah but... said...

New Cuyama welcome sign, WTF is that all about? Checked Wiki and it has the same picture with the caption 'humorous sign'..
Have I missed something?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "no pacemaker" sign is not only common in Asia, but also in Europe (well, at least in Germany). At my college it's often seen together with signs like "High Magnetic Fields" and "no credit cards, keys or other stuff like that". Can't find links to show you the pictures, though.

Anonymous Azdaja said...

I'd say that the one with the little clay face and handwritten sign was by David Shrigley, given the strangeness and the handwriting.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Azdaja, it does seem to be his work - I updated the credit info. At least handwriting fits...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg wow the poor quality high prices sign is from my home town guelph, ontario the other side of the store it has other things in the window making ridiculous claims about how good the store is but on that side its saying that the store is terrible

Blogger Unruly Human said...

To Anonymous with the roundabout hang-up:
The fact that you have no sense of humor does not mean that we are stupid....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't wear your heart on a string.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The second mystery sign obviously includes a 30 ton (or tonne) maximum gross weight limit, but I think the other part of it is a fire and smoke warning in an area subject to seasonal brush fires.


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