German photographer Tanja Askani has quite a portfolio of outstanding animal pictures, but this series is simply irresistible. Disney in real life: Bambi and Thumper!
(click to enlarge)

UPDATE: for a true story of this pair - read a commentary by Alison
(scroll down)

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Blogger Eh... Not so much said...

**dies from excess of cute!**

Blogger Bram said...

How long before Disney tries suing the deer, the rabbit, their parents, and any deity potentially involved in their creation, for copyright infringement?

Cute pics!

Anonymous Heather said...

Oh...wow. My cuteness needs of the year have just been met.

Blogger Coddswaddle said...

ouch ouch ouch! too cute! it hurts to look directly at it....

Anonymous nathan said...

it'll all end in tears. that's an identity crisis in the making if ever i saw one

Anonymous Nikki said...

Just wondering, are those a baby deer and an adult bunny? One of those pics was on another community and there's some debate, but I can't help thinking the deer's a little closer to faun than adult.

Anonymous Alison said...

The pictures weren't staged. The accompanying German text on these pages explains how the fawn's mother was killed shortly before it's birth and the fawn was then raised in a rural town with help from townspeople (this part is not so clearly explained). The wild rabbit showed up one day. At first the two just grazed in the same area and after a while got closer until they became "friends". They grazed together and kept each other company the whole day, the rabbit built a nest next to the deer instead of burrowing and other cute stuff like that. The author (who is also the photographer) mentions that the two could have formed this friendship to be able to better protect themselves from predators by warning each other and also the deer helped the rabbit have easier access to food in the winter.

The rest of the story is available here in German.

Eventually when the fawn was old enough it was sent to a park where it would be released into the wild. The second to last picture shown here, shows how after the fawn had been anesthetized for easier transport and despite strange humans being around, the rabbit went up to the deer and supported its sleepy head "as if it were saying goodbye"

Blogger Marcus Sonsteby said...

Those are great, thanks for sharing them with us.

Blogger Andrew MacNeill said...

You missed this great picture :


Anonymous gp said...

What happened to the bunny once the fawn was moved?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It died. :(

Anonymous Nick said...

"it's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain" -Captain Murphy

Blogger adsims2001 said...

Wow, that's really cool!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awwww Cuteness overload !!! that is just SO darn adorable !!!

Blogger Mandy said...

awwwww poor lil bunny dont have his 'dear'/deer' friend ! :-(

Anonymous Mariah said...

cute...but its not real snow... lol its just cotton !!!

Anonymous Amy said...

Oh my gosh when I read the spoiler by Alison I actually began to cry. It was just to said....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I was blown away by these endearing pictures (no pun!)
I have a rabbit and know that they can be very lovable!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy, me, too! Why didn't they take the rabbit with the deer?

Anonymous gp said...

You're kidding?!!!!
It died????

Being the pet of 2 bunnies I know they have short memories and separating 2 rabbits doesnt appear to be as stressful (for the rabbits) as we think it is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

original text from the page of the photographer: "In der Nähe von unserem Garten lebt eine kleine Population von Wildkaninchen. Nachdem Finchen aus unserem Garten umgezogen ist, hat sich das Kaninchen dieser Gruppe angeschlossen". Translated from German it sais: "Near by our garden (the place where bambi - whose actual name is "Finchen" - once lived) there is located a small population of wild rabbits. Since Finchen has moved out of our garden the thumper has joined them." Happy ending! :)

Anonymous Ligeia007 said...

I know it!!!! ^_^

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The page also explains that they wanted to take the bunny along with the deer, but that it would have been a death sentence; in a strange territory he would not know any hiding places, and the first fox would have eaten him.

Blogger Dman said...

*A Carnotaurus crashes through the forest, devouring them both in one fell swoop*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I am going to cry. Why on this planet are all beautiful things accompanied by such sadness? I hope someone took care of the rabbit after it lost its deer friend. I hope it's true that rabbits have short memories and that this adorable bunny didn't succumb to grief, but went on and returned to the other wild bunnies. Wish there was some follow up on this. I am so sad over this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I am going to cry. Why on this planet are all beautiful things accompanied by such sadness? I hope someone took care of the rabbit after it lost its deer friend. I hope it's true that rabbits have short memories and that this adorable bunny didn't succumb to grief, but went on and returned to the other wild bunnies. Wish there was some follow up on this. I am so sad over this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Thank You Anonymous (4AM) for letting us know that the rabbit joined the other wild rabbits. Now I can sleep tonight and not cry about this poor little sweet rabbit. Thank you. :)

Anonymous GhAzAaL said...

now in my life i have a relationship and fall in love and nice times,we found eachother... he is diffrent and special for me,so far but so freindly,we didn't meet each other yet...but WE are realy crazy in love...
I saw those pictures and my tens about that:"friendship has a big world that u can fly and found your special freind..."yes !! like our real blue love!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think these 2 make an adorable friendship I cried when i read that they have too be seperated!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very lovely

Anonymous Anonymous said...


this shows the bunny holding the fawn's head up while groggy from sedation

Anonymous Camas said...

These are such wonderful photos. I am wondering where they were actually taken.....in Germany where she lives or in Alberta which is posted by someone else?? Just interested if someone knows.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww too cute but sad these two friends were seperated. Humans can be so cruel!

Anonymous Mary said...

To the poster "gp," that is NOT true! Rabbits will grieve over the loss of a bonded partner, whether it is a bunny or another creature. They are VERY social animals who DO remember. You need to do your homework and stop spreading false notions.


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