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Marvelous Maps and Curious Cartography, Part Three

Fanciful maps depicting countries as unusual characters
Awesome Car Hood Ornaments, Part Two

Chromed Streamlined Creatures Designed to Inspire Motorists
Totalitarian Architecture of the Soviet Union

From Constructivism, through Gigantism, to Unapologetic Brutalism
Ice and Snow Vehicles: Retro Showcase

Most Unusual Snow and Ice Vehicles Ever Made
Magnificent Pangolin: Scaled, "Precise" Animal

Endangered, genetically unique, awesome!
Happy Holidays and New 2013 Year from DRB!

Here is your "feel-good" fix for the Season!
Pipe Dreams: The Art of the Hookah

"Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs"
Giant Robots!

Giant Robot Structures Around the World... Standing... Waiting...

January 31, 2013 - Biscotti Bits
Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Attack of the Tumbleweeds!"

January 5, 2013 - Biscotti Bits
Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Calendar Girl"
Abandoned Communist Party Headquarters in Bulgaria

The otherworldly saucer monument on Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria
Fantastic Landscapes of the Bolivian Salt Lake

Like an alien mirage, completely out-of-this-world
Train Graveyard in Bolivia

The closest thing to Salvador Dali Theme Park
Impressive Vintage Armoured Cars

Incl. Stalin's Armored Limousine
Unique Wedding Rings & Engraving Ideas

From Valentine's Day to Wedding Day: Love Messages
Nature's Great Survivors: Water Bears

Tiny creatures can withstand pretty much anything
The Richat Structure: The Eye of the Earth

Spectacular & Puzzling Formation

February 24, 2013 - DRB Feel-Good #7

DRB Feel-Good Issue #7

Vintage & modern images, full of sunshine

February 6, 2013 - DRB Feel-Good #6

DRB Feel-Good Issue #6

Vintage and modern images, full of sunshine

February 15, 2013 - Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Music History Like You've Never Seen It Before"
Drinking of Absinthe: Dancing with the Green Fairy

The Bohemian Realm of Absinthiana
World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 1

The Very Opposite of "Soccer-Mom Minivans"
Some of the Biggest Spills & Accidents

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."
Fictional Currency & Imaginary Money

Money that’s literally out of this world
The Ghosts of Antarctica: Abandoned Stations & Huts

Entering "The Thing" and "The Mountains of Madness" territory...
Dry Valleys of Antarctica

Journey through the otherworldly landscape
Mixing it Up: Drink Stirrers and Cocktail Sticks

Kitsch & Cool: signature swizzle sticks

March 30, 2013 - Biscotti Bits
Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Feather Balance Masterpiece"

March 17, 2013 - Biscotti Bits
Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Star Wars, Japanese Style"
Sleek Vintage Salon Hair Dryers

Chrome Coolness, Gentle Breeze and Space Age Fashion
Awesome Armoured Trains and Rail Cruisers

Great symbols of power and "stable stagnation"
Strange Deep-Sea Diving Suits

Under Pressure... and Enjoying It
The Golden Age of Cigar Box Art

Elaborate Old Cigar Boxes: Visual & Historical Treat
Thrill Ride: Bumper Cars

Wonderful vintage & adapted bumper cars
Futuristic Aircraft Update

Inspiring, radical designs...
Strange Eye Exam Charts

Offbeat Optometry: Testing, Testing...

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Hypnotic: Mechanical Principles"

Feel-Good #8

DRB Feel-Good Issue #8

Tons of spectacular links and images
Extreme Futuristic Boats & Super Yachts

Floating laps of luxury, and more!
Automotive Madness! (Funny Pics, Part 2)

Idiotic drivers and their magnificent machines
Glorious Retrofuture from Japan, Part Two

Dramatic Rescues, Aliens and the Apocalypse
Extreme Small Boats & Yachts: Retro Coolness

I'll Float Away, Hallelujah!
The Lady Vanishes

Stealing the Most Famous Painting in the World
Awesome & Weird Chocolate

Incredible, bizarre and (mostly) yummy chocolate ideas
London Necropolis Railway

Exploring little-known, morbid slice of London history
Topological Marvel: The Klein Bottle in Art

Impossible shape with no distinct "inside" or "outside"
The Cutest Animals: Awww Update

In our tough world we need a shot of cuteness...
Glory of Early Aviation (1930s-1960s)

Vintage Air Travel Posters and Airline Nostalgia

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Mind-bending Kinetic Tower"

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Animals vs. Reporters"

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Not For the Scared of Heights"
Extraordinary Clocks and Watches

"Time does not exist. Clocks exist."
Russian 1916 Wooden Aircraft Carrier?

Huge 100-meter-plus vessels were going down the Volga
Uniquely Creative Ads, Issue 15: Visual Drama

Incl. the funniest screw-ups in advertisement
Uniquely Creative Ads, Issue 15

Visual Kick & Creativity (Targeting You and Your Money)
Airship Dreams, Part 2: Even Bigger!

More glorious Zeppelins for a dieselpunk treat
Airship Dreams, Part 1

Glorious Retro Airships & New Extreme Dirigibles
Pic-of-the-Day: Mrs. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Vintage good humour
Why Not? LEGO Real Life Construction Ideas

LEGO Bridges, LEGO Concrete, and Soaring Umbrellas
Retro-Future: Glorious Urbanism

When living in mega-cities was considered a privilege
Internet Needs More Cats! (Funny Pics)

The Ultimate New Collection of Cats

Biscotti Bits
Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Craziest Flying Machine Ever Buil"

Feel-Good Issue
DRB Feel-Good Issue #9

Loads of cool and rare imagery
Steampunk Scooter & Other Machines by Arthur van Poppel

Jules Verne's Styled Music Submarines
Japanese Contemporary 2D Artists

Spectacular, complex, sophisticated
Japanese Creative Barcodes

"Barcode Revolution" is sweeping the world

Great Space & Pulp Art by Norman Saunders

Damsels in distress, all over the time and space
Joystick Car Dashboards

Joyful, Joyful Joystick Driving!
Flash Dance: Digital Dashboards of the 1980s

Every car like a "Knight Rider"
We Dare You to Play These Scores!

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad music
The Ekranoplans Showcase, 1
The Ekranoplans Showcase, 2

Truly fantastic machines, now in large format

Ekranoplans and Hydrofoils
(DRB Series)

The Ultimate Spectacular Collection
"Extreme Design by Luigi Colani" Series

Part of our Futurism category, an essential overview

Feel-Good Issue

DRB Feel-Good Issue #10

Loads of cool and rare imagery

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "Fine Arts Bombing"
World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 4

Sheer Auto Adrenaline!
World's Most Curious Ephemera, Part 2

The Art of Luggage Labels, etc.
World's Most Curious Ephemera

Pieces of Paper that Intrigue & Inspire
World's Strangest Motorcycles

The Ultimate Unusual Bike Collection
World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 3

Cars that are... different
World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 2

Automotive wrongness, or the new kind of right?
"Vertical Grass" Art & Architecture

Transient Green Masterpieces
Huge Semi-Submersible Ships

Real-life "Sea Monsters & Giants of the Waves"

Feel-Good Issue

DRB Feel-Good Issue #11

Loads of cool and rare imagery

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "High-Powered Laser Wonder Cleaning"
Epic Space Fiction by Alastair Reynolds

"Nostalgia for Infinity", indeed

DRB Series

Magnificent Fractals (DRB Series)

Probably the Most Spectacular Collection of Fractals on the Web
Fractals For Food

If You Eat This, Will It Make You Better At Math?
Three-Dimensional Mechanical Fractals

Don't stare at them for too long, or your brain will capsize!
Cinerama: "The Next Big Thing That Was"

Curved screens, gigantic projectors & "out-of-this-world" picture
Pre-Fractal Art

Stunning Examples of Fractal Art in History
A Codebreaker's Dream: The Bombe!

"The Bombe" vs. "The Enigma" code battle
Extremely Weird Bus Stops & Shelters

Wildly bizarre bus stop "creations"
Incredible Balancing Acts & Tightrope Walking

Up on the Roof: Not for the Faint of Heart
The Creepiest Mannequins

Serious Halloween Scares and Frights

DRB Series

World's Strangest Vehicles (DRB Series)

Automotive design madness
Wildly Funny Frogs

Frogs in their "moments of weakness"
World's Strangest Vehicles, Part 5

The Truly Bizarre Car Zoo!
Deadliest Creatures (that are Easiest to Miss)

Real terror lurks in quiet darkness
"Music For... What?" Weird Album Covers

Music for Vacuuming, and much much more!

DRB Feel-Good

Happy Holidays from DRB!

2014 Feel-Good Issue, Part 2

DRB Feel-Good

Christmas Feel-Good Special

Happy Holidays and Great New 2014 Year from DRB!

Biscotti Bits

Mixed Links & Images

Incl. "The Coldest Place On Earth"

Feel-Good Issue

DRB Feel-Good Issue #13

Loads of cool and rare imagery

Feel-Good Issue

DRB Feel-Good Issue #12

Loads of cool and rare imagery
Best of DRB in 2013

The Greatest Hits of the Year











Visual Caffeine #8
Visual Caffeine, Issue 8

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Visual Caffeine #7
Visual Caffeine, Issue 7

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Art Deco
Imperial Dreams: Art Deco Update

Wings, Gears, & Glamorous Ladies

1970s SciFi
DRB Pics-of-the-Day

Grand Space Adventure 1970s Art

"Dark Roasted Blend" - All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things, Discovered Daily!"

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Abandoned, Dieselpunk
DRB Pic-of-the-Day

Abandoned: Streamlined Three-wheeler

Visual Caffeine #6
Visual Caffeine, Issue 6

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Visual Caffeine #5
Visual Caffeine, Issue 5

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Hellish Weather on Other Planets

Wild, Untamed, and Uncut

Medieval Suits of Armor

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

World's Strangest Theme Parks

Amusement to the (twisted) extremes!

Enchanting Victorian Fairy Tale Art

"Then world behind and home ahead..."

Adorable Pedal Cars

Collectable Pedal Vehicles Showcase

Japanese Arcades: Gundam Pods & Other Guilty Pleasures

These machines have gone up to the next level

Modernist Tallinn Architecture

Delicious blend of old and new!

Early Supercomputers: A Visual Overview

"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons"

Futuristic Concept Cars of the 1970-80s

French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

DRB Time-Slice: Valérian and Laureline

The Trees Are Escaping! The Abandoned Prison in French Guiana

"Great Escape" from the Devil's Island

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