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Uniquely Creative Ads, Issue 15

Link - article by Avi Abrams

More Visual Kick & Creativity (Targeting You and Your Money)

"Things are not what they seem, nor are they otherwise."
--Lankavatara Sut (this is especially true when applied to ads and marketing)

It's time we cast our net far and wide again, and fetch you some of the most creative, weird and wonderful advertisements.

Whole Lotta Cash:

"Donate a Barcode. Feed the Hungry":

Simple and very effective ads ("Durex" knows how to attract your attention):

On a slightly weirder tangent... here is Durex advertised in Japan:

Creative Karate Advertisements

These schools for karate really pulling out all the stops to get your attention:

Using various guerilla marketing techniques (where every crack or leaning object becomes an advert):

This beer gives you "all the strength you will need":

What's happening here?

These wonderful photo manipulations were made by Norvegian photographer Geir Akselsen (some nsfw) - fantastically weird pictures, potentially great for marketing campaigns of various sorts:

In the bathroom... Total Gravity Fail:

(image credit: Geir Akselsen)

In the office...

(image credit: Geir Akselsen)

For more bizarre situations and grotesque characters check out Geir Akselsen's photo stream (some images nsfw).

Polish photographer Jan Kriwol is also very popular with marketing industry. He comes up with creatively wrinkled "paper realities" like these:

(images credit: Jan Kriwo)

KFC Free-for-All: Play of Words, and much, much more.

Kentucky Fried Chicken historically has been one of the easiest targets for various smart-aleck manipulations, some low-brow jokes, and some creative promotional ideas:

What? Stalin? KGB? We had to do a double-take:

This wonderful image even made it to custom t-shirts, and you can get them here.

What else can you do with Kentucky Fried Chicken logos and such? Try this at your local KFC restaurant:

On the right, you can see a weird gathering around KFC logo in Japan (not sure about their intentions, but it's gotta be some sort of promotion).

Various photoshop "masterpieces" exist promoting chicken's revenge on the good old KFC:

(images via)

And then, there is this sighting in Thailand of KFC-styled... Hitler:

Best Billboards and Guerilla Street Marketing

Blue skies above, and even shadows, are creatively used in modern adverts. Here is the sky example -

(image via)

I wonder, how this is going to work if the sky turns different colour?

And we love this "Shadows Advertising" example (again, works only at a certain time, at a certain angle):

To illustrate how difficult it is for people with disabilities to navigate modern urban landscape, some campaigns show visual obstacles on stairs, or in underground parking:

Another use of handicapped parking to promote DUI awareness:

Here is a way to battle drunk drivers: pile up a bunch of wrecked cars on top of each other and jam them all inside a steel bottle (seen in Russia):

This certainly takes the prize for the most creative bus stop makeover:

Tomorrow we will see even more examples of the weird and wonderful ads (as though you don't have enough ads around you in your real life... but trust me, internet exists to bombard you with ads, among other things, so we might as well get creative about it).

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.


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Blogger Hirayuki said...

That Durex gathering is in Korea, not Japan (note Korean writing at left).


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