Fantastic places and natural formations on good old Earth

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------------ The Most Unusual Natural Places and Landscapes ------------

Super-Colorful Rivers

Rivers full of heavenly colour
DRB Pic-of-the-Day: Shire on Earth

Found! The secret hideout of hobbits
Enchanting Waterfall Island

Like the Nagrand region in World of Warcraft
The Dark Tower: Found!

Huge Black Tower in the Mists of Sao Tome
Sensational Rock Formations: Moeraki Boulders

Strangely Round Rocks of "Unknown Origin"

Inside a Wave: Epic Photography by Clark Little

Into the Vortex!

Mother Nature as an Abstract Artist

Incredible striation patterns in canyons
Future Plate Tectonics

Earth's crust moves at a snail's pace... we hope
Mega Earthquake and Tsunami

Snapping tectonic plates and ravenous waves
The Majorly Mysterious Mima Mounds

We don't know what they are, or what caused them
The Most Remote Place on Earth

Tristan da Cunha - 270 people can't be wrong
Caves: The World Beneath the World

Fairyland Cave Formations
The Most Alien-looking Place on Earth

Socotra Island: you have to see it to believe it!
Darien Gap: The Most Dangerous (Absence of a) Road

The most intense 90 km on Earth
The Exploding Lake

And other weird natural detonations
Angel Falls:
The World's Highest Waterfall

Nothing Indiana Jones can't handle
Train Graveyard in Bolivia

The closest thing to Salvador Dali Theme Park
Hawaiian Volcanoes:
Beauty & Terror

Here is your chance to be blown up 20km into the air
The Richat Structure: The Eye of the Earth

Spectacular & Puzzling Formation
Kamchatka - The Magnificent Russian Far East

Wilderness without bounds
Dry Valleys of Antarctica

Journey through the otherworldly landscape
Wonders of the Chinese Landscape
Giant Frozen Wave (photos)
China in the Mist (photos)

The most surreal mountains on Earth
Birth of an Island (and the Sea of Stones)

Here is your chance to walk on water
Fantastic Landscapes of the Bolivian Salt Lake

Like an alien mirage, completely out-of-this-world
Psychedelic Caves

Wet macaroni on every wall

------------ Unique Trees, Plants and Mushrooms ------------

Impossible Plant-Animal Hybrid

This creature should not exist... but it does.
Magnificent & Weird Trees

The Walking tree, the Cannonball tree, and others
Carnivorous Plants: Hungry & Gorgeous

Passive-Aggressive, Green & Alluring
The Weird & Colorful World of Fungi

Mushrooms: A Rainbow of Oddness
Fungus, Lichen & Moss

Unassuming forest masterpieces
Fractals For Food

If You Eat This, Will It Make You Better At Math?
Strangest Plant on Earth

Almost nsfw shapes...

Most inspiring photography
Tropical Rainforest (photos)

Truly intense ecosystem
Not Your Ordinary Plants

The cutest baby... vegetable
Autumn in Japan

Divine colors and serenity

------------ Microscopic & Other Natural Wonders ------------

The Art of Science, the Science of Art

Recreating nature in glass... and more
The Joys of Microscope Photography

"Wretched beasties moving about very nimbly"
Journey into the MicroWorld

Epic "Fantastic Voyage"-like quest & photography combination
Nature's Great Survivors: Water Bears

Tiny creatures can withstand pretty much anything
Fantastic Gemstones

Slices of Splendor

------------ Other individual "Nature Category" pages: ------------

The Ghosts of Antarctica: Abandoned Stations & Huts

Entering "The Thing" and "The Mountains of Madness" territory...
Lebanon: Switzerland of the Middle East

A troubled, but beautiful place
Most Beautiful Roads of the World
Part 1

Two magical drives in Oregon
(wide format post, broadband only)
Russian Nuclear Icebreakers:
To the North Pole!

Odyssey in the Arctic with Russian Icebreaker Fleet
Armenia: The Epic Land

This kind of nature needs an IMAX
Discovering Iran, Part 2

Outside of politics, this is simply a fascinating land
The Plain of Jars:
Bombs & Mystery in Laos

Enigmatic stone jars of a deeply spooky nature
Trek Across Turkey

Where East Meets West, in Spectacular Fashion

------------ Survival in the Wild: Tips and Tricks ------------

Alone in the Wild: Yukon Survival Saga

How to eat porcupine livers, and more!
Man vs. Wild

Outrageous Survival Techniques





Visual Caffeine #8
Visual Caffeine, Issue 8

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Visual Caffeine #7
Visual Caffeine, Issue 7

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Art Deco
Imperial Dreams: Art Deco Update

Wings, Gears, & Glamorous Ladies

1970s SciFi
DRB Pics-of-the-Day

Grand Space Adventure 1970s Art

"Dark Roasted Blend" - All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things, Discovered Daily!"

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French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

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