The Art and Mystery of Decay

This popular DRB series features the most fascinating abandoned environments around the world, best "urban exploration" adventures and artifacts of technology, left in the most unlikely places.

Send us tips and pictures of the places you discovered, we will be happy to add to this collection:

Crazy (and Dangerous) Railroads

Landslide on an Old Harrowing Railroad
London Necropolis Railway

Exploring little-known, morbid slice of London history
Abandoned Communist Party Headquarters in Bulgaria

The otherworldly saucer monument on Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria
Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest: Bordeaux, Washington

Exploring Abandoned Places in the Land of Myst
Surreal Abandoned Amusement Park in Berlin

Complete with the fallen dinosaurs
Abandoned Disney, Part 1

Overgrown Discovery Island, and other awesome sites
Exploring the Ruins of Gary, Indiana

Urban Photography by David Tribby
Splendid Abandoned Airplanes

Jets in the Backyards, Lost in the Jungle, etc.
Siberian "Ghost" Cities Scare

Near-abandoned and frightening towns in Siberia

Abandoned Houses of Super Villains

Stalin, Lavrenti Beria, Osama Bin Laden' Haunted Residences

Battleship Island & Other Ruined Urban High-Density Sites

Haunted... lovely... intense...
Battersea, and Other Abandoned Power Stations

Part 2 of popular urban exploration series
Underground Cities and Bunkers: Living Down Below

Deep calls to deep...
Abandoned Boeing 747 Restaurant
(& Other Plane Conversions)

A plane with unique history, haunted by kitchen smells
Nightmare Playgrounds, Part 3

More entertaining than creepy? I'd say both
Epic Abandoned Substations and Power Plants

Still generating power... to creep us out
Abandoned Amusement Parks in Asia
Spirited Away, or Spirited for Good?
The Ghosts of Antarctica: Abandoned Stations & Huts

Entering "The Thing" and "The Mountains of Madness" territory...
Ghost Rides:
Abandoned Parks in South Korea

Final Destination, Asian Style
Beauty in Decay: Photography of Urban Exploration

Desolate places with a soul
Abandoned Castles of Russian Countryside

Most improbable, haunted locations
Nightmare Playgrounds, Part 2

Manic-Depressive Creativity
Shipwrecks & Sea Disasters

The Beauty & the mystery of the wrecked ships
Extreme Exploration:
Russian Nuclear Research Facilities

Deep under the mountain, or in the world's deepest lake
Fear & Loathing inside
Abandoned Stalin's Mines

Fire & Ice Underground
Nightmare Playgrounds

Seriously disturbing sculptures, meant for kids
Train Graveyard in Bolivia

The closest thing to Salvador Dali Theme Park
Abandoned Amusement Parks

Overgrown into the next dimension
Rare Photos of the Russian "Buran" Space Program

The Largest and Most Expensive in Soviet Space Exploration History
Abandoned Ionospheric Research Station

Rusting Giant Antennas in the Middle of Ukrainian Forest
Ballistic News

Fear & Loathing Inside Missile Launch Bases
The Rusting Monsters of Lopatino's Mines

More skeletons in Russia's haunted countryside
The Biochemical "Oops" List

Welcome to Weirdsville: "I don't feel so good..."
Abandoned Tunnels &
Vast Underground Spaces

Urban Exploring at its best
Creepy High Voltage Installations

Close Encounters of the "Tesla" Kind
Strange Towers of the Third Reich

Hide from bombs above ground, not under it.
Cthulhu Live and Prosper

H. P. Lovecraft's "little monsters"
Ghost Cars of the World

In some countries cars simply do not die
Industrial Photography with a Soul

Iron Bridges, Gothic Bell Towers and Mystery Machines



Visual Caffeine #8
Visual Caffeine, Issue 8

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Visual Caffeine #7
Visual Caffeine, Issue 7

A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

Art Deco
Imperial Dreams: Art Deco Update

Wings, Gears, & Glamorous Ladies

1970s SciFi
DRB Pics-of-the-Day

Grand Space Adventure 1970s Art

"Dark Roasted Blend" - All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things, Discovered Daily!"

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Blogger Unknown said...

There is an abandoned town called Uravan in Colorado. In the '50s they mined uranium and vanadium (hence the name). When this ceased, everybody left and it became a very "hot" spot due to the radioactive pools, and mill tailings.
It became a Superfund cleanup site, and has since been "cleaned" but I visited it in the late '80s prior to this and wandered through abandoned houses, stores and buildings. It was kinda spooky, yet fascinating and probably a bit dangerous as it was posted "radioactive".

There's a web site where you can find pictures and the whole story about it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"probably a bit dangerous as it was posted 'radioactive'"

Good luck with the cancer.

Anonymous stevie said...

I saw uravan and pripyet , I find these kind of places fascinating and terrifying. When you see buildings you are so used to seeing people and life - to see these sites empty as though all the people just walked away its just eery.

Shame uravan is gone now , i think all that is left is a couple of old signs on 141.

Blogger astheroshe said...

I love this series - anything old and abandoned I find fascinating.- like old cemeteries.. My brother recently visited the Playboy resort in NY/NJ? I think .. he said it was spooky, but cool. Liked seeing were all the Bunnies lived ..LOL

Thank u for sharing - Im reading every single one. :) I hope to get a chance to visit some of them :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have spent much time enjoying the scenery in this section and hope more posts will come soon!


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