Their love, revolt and ultimate decay:

Revolt of the Mannequins

You remember "The Machine-Animals of Nantes" article, where we spoke at length about Royal de Luxe theater in Nantes, France. With a gracious permission of Stefan of the "La Révolte des Mannequins" site, we now can glimpse into another production by Royal de Luxe mechanical marionette street theater company.

This production follows "The Sultan's Elephant" and has been shown in Nantes this February to a great acclaim. As always with this company, the sets and mannequins are incredibly detailed and are part of the dynamic story, which takes 10 days to unfold.

The Mannequins are arranged into 13 stages/stories during the days of presentation, among them "The Comic Fire Brigade", "Evil Tale for Other People's Children", "Nightmare of the Puddle", "Grandfather's Birthday", "The Sniper" (see the whole list here)

The latter is a dynamic story, unfolding through various placements of sinister sniper figure and an inspector stalking it:

Next comes the story of finding, cultivating and harvesting these... you know, sweet little bums:

The Homeless Woman (and her means of transportation) -

"Nightmare of the Puddle" - every day a guy grows out of the black goo on the floor:

"The Hunter": The hunter's dog comes with all kinds of handy attachments:

and the hunter's tie speaks for itself:

"The Lovers" is a story of two mannequins who fall in love, while being on display in different stores on the opposite sides of a street. They however, get very close to escaping and joining each other:

Finally, in "Test Positive", the old-and-wise-looking baby is seen crawling back into the mother's womb, all the while getting younger:

(most images credit: Stefan, plus RegarderVoir)

There is also a Flickr pool dedicated to images from this production.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the in the last block of pictures, with the metal statues can be found in Aachen, germany.

its the "Money Fountain" or "Circulation of Money" and depicts the ways how money changes their owners, or not.

the picture you can see here on darkroastedblend is missing the "Father with Child"-part, thats on there, too.

here is a picture of the whole thing: http://www.strs.org.uk/lang_coll/trips/aachen2004/fountain-2.jpg

you can see there: father counting money infront of his child (left, missing on the picture here on drb)
next to the right is bribary, buying and selling.
in the front is the guy who isn't part of the system, and doesn't have any money, but wants some.

usually people who come by this well drop some coins in it . . . and sometimes people like the one in the front can be seen wading in it picking up the money.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you - this is great info. Money Cycle...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The violin player braking trough the floor can be found inside the townhall/operahouse in Amsterdam. The artist is unknown and the statue is placed there 'illegal' (or so they tell the people).
There are a few more statues in the city by the same artist (but he/she is still 'unknown')

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you find the feather tie?

Blogger Dr Chewbacca said...

Very interesting article !
(by the way I'm Stéfan from Flickr and the Révolte des Mannequins blog)

Blogger Dr Chewbacca said...

@Brian Hall : the feather tie is from the Hunter from the Revolt of the Mannequins. More photos here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

check this out, its on the city of Chihuahua Mexico, its on spanish.



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