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Richly-textured land, rarely seen in the West

Outside of politics, this is a fascinating, enchanting world, rarely shown in all its color. Since our first part we received many requests to continue with the series, and in fact, we'll continue to highlight the natural beauty of Near and Middle East countries, such as Armenia, Lebanon and Israel. In our humble opinion, people should learn to appreciate natural beauty and historic customs, without reaching for a "telescopic finder" of a rifle.

"Armenian Church Maryam-e Moghadas (The Holy Mary)", photo by Peter Kerber

"Woods of Mazanderan", photo by Zohreh Ghaemi

"Oroumieh Lake", photo by Hamid Sedghinejad

Good place for Star Wars pod racing:

"Saayeh khosh formations in Southern Iran", photo by Sizif

Switzerland? Not quite:

"A mansion in Uramanat" Photo: paveh2005

"Sobatan Village - Ardebil", photo by Ali Vakilirad

"A Stream in the Golestan Province", photo by Avahid

Majestic Daryaasaar mountains:

Photo: Babak A. Tafreshi

"In Alam Kooh Mountains", photo by MountainZone

Play of geometric forms inside the mosque:

"Emam Mosque - Isfahan", photo by Sergej Marsnjak

Akhavan Residence

500 BC. Gold Achaemenid Lion (Persian treasures) -

photo by Afra Zomorodian

Incredibly intricate stone carvings:

Prayer niche at Isfahan Friday Mosque

"Golden doors of Shah-e Cheragh Shrine", photo by Shahram Razavi

Persian Miniature by Bagher Aghamiri

"Shahzadeh Gardens", photo by Shahram Razavi

Incredible bridge over Zaayandeh River in Isfahan, worthy to join our "Most Interesting Bridges" series -

Another awesome bridge: Trans-Iranian railway bridge, Mazanderan:

photo by Maziyar Pazouki

Karaj (Near Tehran), photo by Mohammad Reza Tavajjoh

"Oroomieh - NW Iran", photo by Mohammad Hamidi

Fortress of Babak Khorramdin - N.W. Iran:
(good place for a duel between Gandalf and Balrog)

"Sistan & Baluchestan province", photo by Bahram Emami

Snow in Tehran:

Tehran & the nearby mountains:

photo by Reza Babri

Mirrors have a special spiritual significance in Iranian culture. Newlyweds traditionally sit before the mirror, and the first things to bring into the new house must be the Holy Quran and the ornamental mirror:

"The Mirror Room", photo by Shahram Razavi

American cars are popular with collectors:

photo by Nima Masoumi

a stately pre-war Mercedes :

Tehran monorail is currently under construction:

Street propaganda & urban art -

(photos by Anwar)

Pizza "you can't refuse" - Goodfather:

Persian beauty:

Time reflects in intense eyes:

(image credit: Zoghal)

Photo: Whitshowchris

Sources: Anwar, Shahram Razavi, Zoghal





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Blogger Nick Staib said...

What stunning images of Iran! Thanks for sharing these - I now have a profoundly different (and better) view of this country, and her people and the beautiful scenery.
I think my perceptions of Iran were of a hot and dusty desert country - I am ashamed of my ignorance - but pleased to have learned something new.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your picture blog. I have no idea where you find all these images. Thanks for putting in the work though, they make my day. Iran is a beautiful country...even if Ahmadinejād is a little crazy

Blogger hugegit said...

I can only agree with Nick, stunning pictures of what is obviously a beautiful country. I am sure that the vast majority of the people there are the same as in every other country, happy to live their lives bringing up their children. Time for us all to think about what is good in the world, and that is most of the people, not the very few how are ruining it for us all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anonymous idiot who said "even if Ahmadinejād is a little crazy"

You obviously just don't get it you clown. If Iran has been so seriously misrepresented to you as it obviously has before now, doesn't it occur to you that their very popular (by our standards) President has also been misrepresented?

Ahmadi Nejad has been lied about endlessly. If you bothered to research a bit you will find he is a very decent, wise and well spoken president. He has NEVER threatened anyone, let alone Israel, his words have been twisted by Zionist controlled corporate press and the constant claim he threatened to wipe Israel off some map, is pure unadulterated bulldust.

If you want crazy you maniac, then how about reading some of Bush or Cheney, or indeed most of the present crop of US presidential candidates ramblings. Then go read the text of the excellent and reasoned letter Ahmadi Nejad personally penned a couple of years back, to Bush and which of course was also misrepresented. They even lied about its length which was NOT fourteen or seventeen pages but a just a handful of well written and very inspiring prose.

The ignorance of so many people these days is astounding, frightening and not a little disgusting!

By the way I have always known what a beautiful country Iran is, I have a number of Iranian friends who long since told me of it. The thought that such philistines as American pig dogs and their nasty lackeys might destroy and harm such a country and race fills me with loathing. As an Australian it is even self loathing.

F**K, where do I get off this crazy bus!

To the blog owner thanks for shining a light into the darkness of western minds, for what little good it will do.

Blogger Unknown said...

I'm from Canada and let me tell you I have the same difficulty telling my friend they should not refuse to visit a great country, with marvelous scenery to see, only because of there politics. And this great country is U.S.A. Sadly, I'm not joking. But I'm sure I will enjoy my trip to the Grand Canyon in march.

Blogger plusplus said...

Please, just ignore the politics and enjoy the scenes.

By the way, did you really think of Iran as a desert country? I think you have mistaken Persians with Arabs.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

inaram bebin:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loads more images here:


Blogger Dwayne M. Preston said...

Wow such beauty makes me feel so connected to Iran.

Blogger Unknown said...

beautiful photos thanks! rabbit please keep your jihadist rants for another site.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful land! God's land. If only there weren't religons!

However, I noticed you photo'd an Armenian church - please tell me how many people attend masses there?

And also, please tell me, how come you have photos mosques? Aren't you featuring landscapes - NOT islamic works? Note, the artwork originates from pre-islamic times, from classical Persian civilization - nothing to do with today's shiite scum.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With so many thanks for giving us the opportunity to look at theses delightful pictures of Iran , I must notify you that the 5 the picture dose not belong to Iran. I may ask you to kindly remove it from the list !

Blogger Unknown said...

I've always known the area to be naturally beautiful [along with a thousand other places on this earth].
I've long been a huge fan of Iranian films [check them out].
But the reality is that it is not a safe place to travel.
Yes, I know that most written about the area is a beat up. But the dangers in visiting these places for westerners, along with it's neighbours, is real.
Congrats again on another fab series of pics, I look forward to your site everyday.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Rabbit

You're lack of information astounds me. I have lived in Iran and have all of my family there, but have gone to college here. Let me set it straight. Ahmadi Nejad is a pig for lack of better uncensored words. He has screwed Iran ever since he gained power. There is a reason why no one in Iran is able to access the video of Ahmadi Nejad's promises of what he would do when he came into power. For example, giving out free oil to Iranian citizens. Right now, as of Thursday, February 28 2008, Iranians are in terrible shape. You obviously have some corrupt friends as the only people who are pro-government have some kind of family, financial, or religious link. Sorry I get pissed off thinking about my homeland getting screwed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an American and I can see that Iran is a very beautiful country, more so to me because I love the mountains and the cooler climate they give.

This is pretty country and many of its inhabitants are decent people. It just happens to be ruled by a despotic regime. In that vein it's similar to Germany. Germany is also a beautiful country with a decent populace that also once upon time had been ruled by a despotic regime that eventually threatened the world's stability. And back then, many people thought Hitler himself was a decent, intelligent man who hugged puppies and adopted babies and liked to dance and twirl in the rain. Only hindsight would prove to us what a monster he truly was. The same will probably hold true for Ahmadinejad (who really is just a figurehead) as well.

We're seeing history repeat itself, and once again the Jews are the scapegoat. What a shame.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

too bad their leader is going to make that place uninhabitable for about 10,000 years. looks nice right now.

Blogger GringoMichael said...

Great photos, I visited Iran two years ago and found the country to be quite beautiful. You can see my photos here, www.persiatoparis.com.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of being in the country for 1 1/2 years compliments of the US Army. The Shah was in power then. Most of my time was spent in the country. I got to know the rural people. I feel that they would compare to most all of the rural people that are in the USA. I hope that the changing of the politics haven't changed the inherent kindness of these people.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Michael, very nice photography there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a great country,,, really beautiful!! Well for those who don't know.. Desert is found only in the Gulf and African Areas in the Middle East.. So if you found those pictures beautiful then i guess you would find Lebanon Marvelous!! Lebanon is an Arab Country of a beauty that competes Switzerland with a great sea

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot Michael. iram is a very nice place

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is really stupid to discuss politics here in this blogg. Why people don't just enjoy the magnificently pictures posted here. Thats is what this blogg is for. This is really a amazing country which I hope can visit soon. It doesn't matter which kind of religion they adopt but respect it by all foreigners to it. Every country has its up and downs and we are not here to judge it but just admire the most amazing sceneries that nature and mankind have done. If we want to discuss politics there are many bloggs out there for this purpose, just respect other peoples work. If other people already recognized that they didn't know Iran was a such beautiful country why criticizing then.

For the owner of this blog you did a great job posting these pictures.

Blogger Kaveh Shahbazian said...

Sorry to all for speaking of politics! But as an Iranian I must tell some words to you; especially if you have read words of the other Iranian commenter, the Rabbit one!
Iran is a beautiful country as you can see. And it is a historical country of course. Even in holy book the name of our old kings mentioned who had have a fair manner of doing things.
Today the problem with Iran is islamic fundamentalism. Those Iranian hate even Iran itself! Can you believe it? The governments of Iran with presidency of Ahmadinejad are making a dam (named Sivand) to destroy some of our old pre-islamic constructions (named Pasargadae)! Can you believe it? This is happening in Iran. If you do not believe me see this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sivand_Dam! And do not believe anyone that telling you the governments in Iran are any kind of good!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

very beautiful place

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Rabbit,

You're bullshiting. Ahmadi Nejad HAS made repeated threats against Israel, and none of it is media hype or "zionist" propaganda. I could just as easily said that everything Bush and Cheney have said was twisted by propaganda. If YOU have done any REAL research, and not just listened to your Iranian friends or read Iranian sources, you would see this. But you're too ignorant to see it, and too anti-American to see any other point of view. Don't hit me with that "show proof" forum-retort BS because arguments like yours don't need proof, just opinion, and any proof i'll dig up you'll dismiss as "propaganda."

People outside Iran get a very limited perspective of this country; they only ever hear about it when Ahmadi Nejad has made a new threat (or repeated an old one) against some nation (usually Israel). In much the same way, you, an Australian, experience America only through television; a brief injection of an outside culture, a background noise in your Australian life. You got as much ability to judge as an American does.

Iran is a beautiful country, and its a shame the political climate makes it difficult for people to experiencing it. As in Israeli I can't travel there (I heard Israelis visited Iran with a European passport) though I would very much like to.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for beautiful pictures,
But where is the 5th image,
for other Uramanat images, go to this location, www.worldisround.com/articles/73022/photo2134.html

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Rabbit: I think you should calm down and cease to speak in such an aggressive manner. Furthermore, who sais Ahmadinejad is so popular? Just because you are shown scenes of tens of thousands of hysteric Iranians in rural provinces from south to North and West to East, cheering their president during his frequent visits to the provinces? Is that enough to convince you that he enjoys the support of the majority of Iranians? Well I have news for you! Don't ever rely on the number of people you see taking to the streets to determine statistics as far as how many of a population are pro and how many are anti. Iran has 70 million inhabitants, and if one to two or three or even four million should take to the streets in support of Ahmadinejad, it does not by any means necessarily indicate that he enjoys the support of the majority! All you need to do is to stroll around and talk to people in Iran, and you will find that they're not fond of either Ahmadinejad, U.S./Zionist warmongers, or the ludicrous Iranian "opposition" in exile. The Iranian people want a strong, independent, advanced and progressive Iran, and peaceful relations with all the countries of the world.

I recommed all people who are interested in an ancient and most spiritual civilization, to visit Iran, and you shall see what many foreigners have already discovered which is a lovely, fascinating country with the friendliest and most generous people in the world. No people in the world can match the Iranians when it comes to kindness, hospitality, generosity and helpfulness.

Blogger نازنین said...

Thank u for the pictures.This is an iranian girl who is in love with her country.I am not going to speak much about politics because I hate politics and politicians all around the world!The majority of them are fool stubborn liars ,no difference where they are from.Iran IS beautiful and SAFE to the guests.Iranians are still kind and warm.They do not want to destroy any where.They do not whish to fight.They just want to live their lives.Do not believe in that puppet president please and do not call him iranian for God's sake.I beg you not to call him Muslim as well.He is not our president.People in Iran suffer but the life is going on and iranians like other people live.that's not that bad yet!we'll survive!COME AND VISIT IRAN AND BE SURE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE A WESTERNER! browse tehse ones too:

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

What a wonderful comment!
Thank you...

Blogger نازنین said...

...And one more thing!Have you heard of Cyrus the great Cylinder kept in UN?if you haven't,search a little on google and you will sympathize with people who first spoke about the human rights and now are accused of being terrorists!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran is a nice place worth of being seen.There are bewildering numbers of different landscapes from dessert to woods and plains and mountains.Like it's nature,there are lots of different people living there too.It is a multicultural,multilingual and multireligious country.Even there live many jewish people and so do christians,muslims and the followers of anciet religions like zardoshties.
Thwy have been living in peace for many many many years.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just because a land is beautiful it doesn't mean all the people are.

Blogger Unknown said...

Doesn't Rabbit sound like a White Liberal Consumed With Guilt From California?

I should know, I'm surrounded "rabbits"...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

iran is a special place. to me it is the heart of the world,the center of the middle east, to the west europe, to the east asia, to the south africa, north russia, surrounded by other cultures and mixed with all types of people and colors. as far as shiite scum, islam is not scum, i personally dont believe in religion but islam is a pretty decent religion whatever you may think. its extremists that have turned it inside out. as for the art work and masques that came out of it, it shows the intricacy and focus and beauty "through" the religion. im just happy i can look at something so beautiful that humans created. these are geometric patterns that can be viewed in so many different ways, like the world- you can look at it in so many different perspectives and no one is really wrong. and yeah im iranian and yeah iran is kinda getting screwed but ill tell you one thing, america helped kick out the shah for some stupid oil that the world won't even need in our "green friendly" future. i may not enjoy what the country is undergoing but i dont want such beautiful things and so many good people destroyed and forgotten. hope for america. hope for iran.

Anonymous Sarah said...

Yes Ahmadinejād is a maniac. Yes the country is ruled by a bunch of fanatic theocrats. Yes I will not go there and support these people with my precious currency.
However, the country Iran as a such really has huge potential. The cultural richness, the beautiful nature, the natural resources and the many well educated intelligent people could make Iran one of the greatest nations on earth. Sadly, has become one of the most dangerous countries on earth, threatening its neighbors with nuclear destruction and supporting various terror activities.

Anonymous Zohaib. said...

Its funny how certain people imply that:

"Oh! , it's a beautiful country with mountains and trees...Ok..we should not go to war with them, but i previously thought it was a desert and people deserved to die. We must stop our leaders into duping us into believing that."

Blogger ali reza said...

I belive in Rabbit comment.
Ahmadinejad is a kind man in Iran and a brave man to face with incubus countries leader.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading the pictures
they are lovely and thanks for all the positive comments about my country.
I wish to inform you that our people aren't all mindless, brainwashed extremist jihadists like RABBIT.

Anonymous anil said...

Excellent collection of images, they are mind blowing. Really inspiring pics

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss my country! NO matter what you say, it won't change my opinion of this gorgeous landscape. One day my home will be free again and I will get to visit it and kiss the ground. Until then, thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


thank you for all the pics, it's great!


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