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Some of them are able to send us into outer space with joy

A woman may have been created from Adam's rib down on planet Earth, but her charms will certainly follow man into outer space, making her the most utterly irresistible creature in this Galaxy and beyond (some alien monstrosities may disagree).

Looking toward a wonderful bit of Valentine's romance, we just can't help but celebrate the cosmological curves and stellar eyelashes that some (retro) future ladies possess. May we all live long and prosper with the beauties like these:

(image credit: Gabrielle Drake, UFOseries)

(art by Al Moore)

- definitely from the French corner of the Universe

Jane Fonda playing Barbarella in the 1968 movie of the same title seems equally comfortable and enchanting in furs, as well as in spacesuits (and out of them, we have to add, fondly remembering the movie's opening scene). This feline barbarian purrs from the screen in a typical French fashion, amid French-designed sets and psychedelic decorations.

The plot and movie dialogues are mind-numbingly cheesy & primitive, yet nobody seems to mind: the viewers did not care much in the 60s and most don't care to dissect it critically today. Like they say, "this movie has a cult following".

Here is why:

(art by Robert McGinnis)

(art by Boris Vallejo)

Some cool music connections:
David Gilmour (of the future Pink Floyd fame) participated in recording the film's original score.

The film's scientist character inspired the 80s famous group to call themselves Duran Duran.

The Great Tyrant in the movie calls her "Pretty-pretty", as in "So, my pretty-pretty; we meet again." That line should've been in Austin Powers, for sure.

Interesting design sets:

"That thing you do!" -

There are rumors of Kate Beckinsale being approached for the big-budget remake of Barbarella. Hopefully, they are going to use French designers for the movie's look, too.

Honorable mentions

This section will be expanded. Please send us the movies & actresses worth mentioning.

"The Green Slime" 1968 movie:

More from the 1970 "UFO" British TV science fiction series:

(image credit: UFOseries)

German 1966 TV show "Raumpatrouille Orion" ("Space Patrol Orion") -

Russian movie "Bolshoe Kosmicheskoe Puteshestvie" 1974
("Grand Space Voyage") with Mila Berlinskaya as a teenage astronaut:

Listen to a very groovy song (written by Alexey Rybnikov) from this movie here.

Modern-style space girl, drawn by the extremely talented artist Juan Gimenez:

(image credit: Juan Gimenez)

We will continue to highlight the glamour of the space-ways; in our next issue we will show the most interesting female characters in fantastic pulp fiction magazines.

Do not miss another article about "Lovely Ladies of Yesteryear" here and here


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Blogger TJ Dimacali said...

My favorite line from Barbarella:

"Angels don't make love... Angels ARE Love!"

Blogger Stealthy Dachshund said...

I nominate CQ:

It's a bit quantum, as it's a movie about a babe-in-space movie, but it is worthy nonetheless


Blogger Lawrence Barry McCook said...

When I was young, I discovered a stack of Playboys from the '60s in my uncle's old room in my grandmother's basement. One of them had a pictorial of the set of Barbarella you would've loved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see some screen shots of the fantastic outfits from "The Third Element", especially the air/space line hostesses!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the UFO pics. Great show, with some very attractive space ladies: Gabrielle Drake, Ayshea, Wanda Ventham, Delores Mantez and Antonia Ellis.

Also don't forget Christine Kochanski in Red Dwarf and many Doctor Who companions and Star Trek and... I just exposed myself for the ubernerd I am.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOu forgot to mention that Barbarella has an amazing title sequence where Jane Fonda strips and the letters from the titles dance to cover up her lady bits:


Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Ubernerds rule the Earth

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Avi, you are right. We do rule the earth and rightly so!

Thanks again for your great website. A day is not complete without my Dark Roasted Blend.

Blogger NickJones said...

Anonymous, do you mean The FIFTH Element?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about nova from planet of the apes?

Blogger DavieB said...

The Remake has Rose McGowan playing Barbarella and is being directed by Robert Rodriguez. Just thought you would appreciate the Info.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you can't forget Marta Kristen from the original Lost in Space: http://www.martakristen.com/marta/gallery/marta_68.jpg

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was young, I discovered a stack of Playboys from the '60s in my uncle's old room in my grandmother's basement. One of them had a pictorial of the set of Barbarella you would've loved.

Blogger Traveller28 said...

Superb post, a subject after my own heart.

Blogger Tapier said...

A wonderful post and a very choice pictures.
I kind of miss the past now...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Star Trek or Lost in Space?

Blogger Bishop said...

I restored the movie poster illustration for "The green slime",(art by Victor Livoti) from a very good copy in Heritage Auctions (ha.com). The restored copy is here: http://labalsadelanostromo.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/la-astronauta-pop/ Greetings!!! :)

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Bishop. Great restoration!


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