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The army of cute little robots grows fast!

It's quite obvious that we like miniature sculptures of robots. We can't stop adoring them, and luckily they come in different styles, made by various artists with different techniques.

Perhaps the better known of all of them, Lawrence Northey of the Robotart.net has a humorous collection, with some sculptures awarded the prestigious Spectrum & Chelsey Awards for the best Three-Dimensional Art. With artist's permission here are vintage-styled hilarious characters, including the adorable "Dave in Space" gallery:

(images courtesy of Lawrence Northey, all rights reserved)

Robots with a slightly Victorian flavour

Recently we were seriously impressed by the portfolio of Stephane Halleux, who combines a traditional robot/creature themes with his curiously steampunk sensibilities. With his permission, here are some highlights of the collection:

(image credit: Stephane Halleux)

Every little creature in his collection is a masterpiece of the "Victorian robotics industry", so make sure you see all of them. Some of the robots look like they might come straight out of Henry Kuttner's hilarious "Professor Gallagher" stories...

Russian Gas Station Hosts Weird Robots

Perhaps to battle infamously boring Russian urban landscape, perhaps to draw more customers, perhaps out of sheer artistic irrepressible urge... this gas station populated their location with robotic metal sculptures:

(image credit: Botinok)

Metal animals and insects - good pets for your robot

These creatures are made from scrap metal, and have a very elaborate cybernetic look.
Edouard Martinet's gallery is definitely worth checking out: a kind of robotic zoo.

(images credit: Edouard Martinet)

New Miniature Goodness from Lockwasher

If you have not checked out the updates from Paul Loughridge (featured in our previous article), you should definitely do so. Here is a little taste; it seems he branches out into other miniature themes (not just robots), all very ingenious and made from parts, readily available in your kitchen and your garage.

"Morgan 3 Wheeler passing the city bus":
(we want more of these vintage models!)

Brass Bug Sculpture (made with six wiper arms and a doorbell, among other things):

(images credit: Paul Loughridge)

Robotic Potpourri

And of course, we have to include Japanese robots... this time the vintage ones:

Yasutaro Mitsui and his "Steel Humanoid", 1932.
(read more about in this book)

(images credit: Hugo-Sb)

The last red robot looks like a wet dream of Karl Marx, a proletarian to unite all other proletarians. This particular model was never built, but the other one helped the communists to storm the Winter Palace in Petrograd in 1917:

(image credit: Nikolai Kochergin)

Yet another model decided to exterminate cars (artwork from Wonder Stories, Feb 1935) -

While the "capitalist pig" robots shamelessly exploited the working class:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't that Megatron storming the Kremlin?

Blogger planetsurfer said...

Lawrence Northey is Number 1 in my top 10 robot artists on the internet:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol. One of these images appeared on a Year 12 exam in Victoria, Australia due to the general incompetence of VCAA.



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