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Link - by Avi Abrams

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Compelling Art from Found Objects

This is the kind of creativity that can be practiced virtually anywhere, given the tools and a some personal space for tinkering (minus the annoying calls from upstairs to take care of the garbage). The artists' choice of materials might even come from the same garbage, originally, but soon the parts are transformed into coolest little mechanisms, a veritable shiny zoo of "robots and such". As we admire their work, we can't help but ask ourselves, if the stuff lying around our own house could be similarly recycled.

Nemomatic - a wondrous web destination for those in the know

Nemo Gould is a true maestro of the robo-art. There are multiple wonders at his site, for example, his robots creations throwing a party:

while the humans provide entertainment with wicked streamlined "electric upright" bass:

The sheer variety of his creations is astonishing (kinetic, robot, steampunk, retrofuture, recycled, etc) -

From mecha squids:

to the "turtle-slug" (?) -

A very serious looking beat-up "Representative" wants to teach us computer literacy HIS way:

And of course, a whole population of whimsical robots - like this:

Machines... as the object of desire

"A frying pan becomes a fender, a vacuum cleaner becomes a sidecar, and a mailbox becomes a hot rod..."

Michael Ulman blesses our deep mechanical longings and art sensibilities by creating extremely sophisticated miniature machines, most of which just cry out to be used as office desk centerpieces:

"Gone Postal" - wicked (slightly rusted) hot rod:

1909 HD Vintage Racer featuring pedal-driven starter (and loads of steampunk associations) -

"White Noise" - more shiny and unbelievably detailed dream machine:

Michael says: "When people look at my art I want them to feel the engine resonating through their body. I want them to hear the throatty roar of exhaust as they are drawn into my world". It seems his work has just the quality and sheer inventiveness to make us feel this way.

Lamponi's Lamps - light up your inner geek

For vintage motorcycle enthusiasts nothing could beat Lamponi's Lamps creations (from Milano, Italy). Note, ladies, if you ever at a loss what to give at Valentine (other than kisses and hugs) -

The Ultimate 50s Spaceship Lamp:

Courtesy Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi come these gorgeous Vespa accessories:

Christopher Conte, the Dark Master of Miniature Arts

We've featured work of Christopher before, but here is a mind-blowing update: the most CARNIVOROUS car we've ever laid our eyes on... and feared:

Even deadlier machine is this "Lethal Injection Attack Droid Prototype" - via

Not to mention the scores of fearsome "steam insects" he's got at his site:

Check out the whole gallery here

Andybots - the miniature robot legion

Andy Hill at ElectroArtworks makes the typical 50s-style mini-robots, recycling electronic parts, appliances, scrap metal... you name it. The huge (almost "Sears"-size) catalogue of his work can be viewed here. On his site you can also adopt some of these mechanical cuties and raise them to become big bad "bots" to enslave mankind... just kidding.

Clockwork Beetles - simply perfect

Mike Libby at Insect Labs makes a perfect combination of insects with clock gears - something about beetles just cries out to be mechanized, if only for the sake of improving nature. - via

The beetle collection is here. There are also some more frightening critters -

Temporisoscope: warps time, possibly

This gorgeous machine oozes out steampunk joy from its every gear and lever; but we are at loss how it actually works. Supposedly it "temporiscopes" time, but we can't be sure:
Photo of the machine by Anne Laure Jacquart - click to enlarge - - via

Russian prisoners also use found objects

Amazingly, art in Russian prisons seem to reach new heights when officials allowed the inmates to use objects for art ("found", no doubt, by the same officials). Here are a few samples, made mostly from... pen-knives:

Coming back to our robots in art theme, here is an interesting cover from a 70s Soviet magazine:

Addition to our "Ugliest Robot" Collection:

Soviet model from the 70s:

Non sequitur -
Robots for Bush:

(image credit: worth1000)

... against Bush:
(anonymous addition to Banksy's street art)

All images by permission of respective owners.

Also read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


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Blogger cyberbloggero said...

Thats realy amazing.

Anonymous Fanatic said...

Now i have a firm believe that nothing goes wasted.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really nice things, here is some guy from Croatia with his robot sculptures.



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