"Breast-clouds"? Mammatus, of Mammary Clouds!

Mammatus Clouds, or "breast-clouds", are fascinating formations in the sky, made mostly from the cumulus cloud base. Although they are not a sign that a tornado is about to form, they often accompany tornado-producing storms, or even may be direct byproduct of tornado activity - an aftermath of severe thunderstorms.

Check out Jorn Olsen for some weird mammatus clouds shots.

See lenticular clouds here.

Also see more unreal cloud turmoil from the folks at "Extreme Instability":

(image credit: Patricia Radnor)

(image credit: Jason Smith, Cloud Appreciation Society)

Hurricane Kirrill in Holland: speed of wind - 140 km/h

Image sources: Extreme instability, Cloud Appreciation Society, Valuca

Category: Nature,Weird
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos ! Absolutely wonderful !

Blogger Ed said...

Mammatus clouds do not form on the cloud base, rather the anvil of a thunderstorm. Also, while they accompany severe weather, they most certainly are not dependent or a byproduct of tornadic activity. They are pockets of descending air brought on by the fact there is a large amount of air being drawn aloft by the updraft of the thunderstorm.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic formations!!!! i love what the nature gives us..........

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Isn't it amazing what nature gives us for free? Thank you for making these available for people like us who never see things such as these!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was trying to describe the sky yesterday in a recent article I posted called "Magnificant Clouds". ChristianContent.org
I thought I should find a picture and came across your gallery. WOW! I'll use one of my lines here. "Unrelenting Beauty"
Thank you for posting these.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just unreal ))))) thank u!

Blogger maribou said...

AYaye, très impressionnant tout ça. Très joli pour les yeux.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get rid of that Riccardo Mannella lightning shot.So obviously unreal.You don't get lightning like that from that kind of sky!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had no idea they could be that beautiful!


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