Thrilling Vintage Movie Posters

"QUANTUM SHOT" #570(rev)
Link - article by Avi Abrams

Spewed from Intergalactic Space...

Bizarre titles, even stranger storylines, cheesy effects and dead-serious acting (I am not acting in a B-movie, what are you talking about? This is the defining point of my career!). All this adds to the esoteric charm, and even to the addiction that some people feel toward vintage movies and posters - here are some examples that might tickle you fancy:

"The Leech Woman - she drained men of their love and lives!!" -

These leeches are not a female kind, but no less vicious and hungry:

Why we did not hear about this beast before? This thing could eat King Kong for breakfast! -

The legendary FLY is awfully intimidating:

Not of This Earth! -

Another kind of monster... is alive:

And this guy is alive as well! (I wonder if there would be a movie about them both battling each other in this "undead" condition?)

Some of the modern movie posters are worthy of mention, for an entirely different reason. Check out this movie poster.... Creepy! (for the whole collection of various September 11 "premonitions" in posters and art, click here) -

Thunderstruck at their own powers...

It seems that B-movie posters were often much better looking than a movie itself... just like paperback covers in the 1950s were often better executed than purple prose inside:

"Boiling tale of mad love that shocks even the UnEarthly..." Check that out -

"Posterman" Daniel Strebin has a huge number of great posters in his collection, which we encourage you to browse and perhaps choose some to buy.

Some radical science fiction (especially thrilling are Japanese posters, somehow they combine more monsters and dangers per square inch than seems even possible):

Classic stuff, no less creepy today -

The brain.... and the hand.... that would not die!!! -

This is by no means a definitive collection (for example, want the surreal movie posters from Poland? Check out this site!)... send us tips about other cool posters and movies and we may write a solid article about it all.

Russian poster for "Star Wars".... sublime -

Image sources: Posterman Dan, ModernFred, Dimbl14



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