Internet Needs More Cats! (Funny Pics)

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Admit it, you were waiting for this ULTIMATE NEW collection of funny cats for some time now. So here it is, enjoy!

We've already shown you lots of Cats Ready to Kill You, now's the time for more agreeable cats, who are cuddly, funny, strange, possessing weird personality, or perhaps even possessing YOU as a personal ornament (depending on how good-natured, or power-hungry your cat decides to be).

(top right image credit: National Geographic)

Cat's Emotions & "Cat Soap Opera"

This is quite a cruel surprise for a poor kitty:

(images via)

Another surprised and intrigued kitty... and with a good reason:

(original unknown)

Squashed, squeezed, and generally mixed up:

(images via 1, 2)

Cats love to sing. Everyone who had a misfortune to listen to them knows that it's hard to make them stop singing:

(original unknown)

A domestic dispute... perhaps triggered by different likes in music? -

Incredible patience and self-control:

Is this a smile? a wink? This cat's expression is a bit hard to read:

(image credit: Elena Egorova)

Cats displaying clear signs of addiction:

This is the famous "Prinny, the Swimming Cat", see more pictures here:

(image via)

Respectable Cat Needs a Respectable House

A LEGO house and a LEGO car are sure signs of upper-middle-class feline lifestyle:

(left image via)

Choosing the right packaging... and a right place to lie down in the sun:

This cat knows where to sit during the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter:

(image via)

Cats studying... (with varied success)

These cats are studying hard to become truly sophisticated cats, so that one day they could consider the question of "should they go buy a boat?" or perhaps just sit around in learned idleness:

(images credit: Norah Mohammad, 2)

"Did you do your homework?" "WHAT HOMEWORK ?!" -

(image credit: Found Animals Foundation)

In time comes the hard-earned wisdom and prosperity:

This cat is ready to go exploring:

(left image credit: Andy Prokh)

The cat on the right image above is, perhaps, "The Most Interesting Cat in the World" - Been There, Done That!

Bad Cats go to BATH when they die. For the Eternal Punishment.

A picture of sheer misery and helplessness:

Look at that cat on the right: he's definitely NOT going in! -

Too late!.. -

Brilliant Hunting Techniques

Cats are great hunting machines, except when they try to hunt wrong prey:

(originals unknown)

Cat vs. Lizards:

(left image credit: Sergey Morinenko)

The trick is to blend in:

Make them dance! -

(original unknown)

This cat clearly learned the Alligator Trick:

(original unknown)

Cats on a Date

Paying a visit to a pair of aristocratic ladies:

(bottom right image credit: Dubravko Jurina, Croatia)

A perfect romance, which will lead to kittens, of course:

(originals unknown)

Playful cats enjoy the Dance of Life!... Well, no, actually these cats are fighting -

(original unknown)

Sphynx Cats Are Weird... Wise & Inscrutable

Sphynx cats may lack the hair coat, but they certainly do not lack in exclusivity or sophisticated character. Originally named "Moonstones" and "Canadian Hairless", this unusual breed requires even more grooming than your typical tubby with hair. So, heavy maintenance in exchange for unique looks? Some people do not seem to mind -

(images via)

Cats Ready To Kill You

Some passive-aggressive felines can be observed in their natural habitat in our popular compilation Cats Ready to Kill You. Here is a small update to this collection:

This is probably the most dramatic animal image ever taken: the tension! the suspense! the criminal's cat thoughts are all too obvious:

Cat Acrobatics

Some are a "win", some are a total "fail":

Don't worry, the poor jammed cat on the left image above is a fake, actually a plushy toy to scare your neighbours.

(top right image credit: Ross Perry)

Not Afraid! -

For more entertaining animal photography, check out our popular Funny Animals series.

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.


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Anonymous Mulled Vine said...

I love these!!! And not a single Grumpy Cat photo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice photos, mostly.
However, there is nothing about these cats stuck in tilted windows. These are animals in a really dangerous and painful situation which need immediate help: When struggling to free themselves, the cats slide further down into the narrowing gap, often injuring their spines and squeezing off the blood supply at least to parts of their rear bodies. This can lead to paralysis and quite a few cats have to be put to sleep because of this.
In German, there is the term Kippfenster-Syndrom (tilted window syndrome) for the condition.


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