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Cats Ready to Kill You

Link - by Avi Abrams

One more word from you, and...

These felines are insane. They have issues. They are not happy. Don't even look wrong at them, or come close - they got nothing to lose, and will not stop from... well, killing you:

The word on the street is, "The Grey Psycho Tabby" is getting out:

Time to assemble the Gang:

The Mastermind:

And the shady Boss above him:

The Feline Assassin undergoing extreme training:

This guy knows his way around the military:

The Bad and the Ugly (without the Good):

The Computer Wiz has been secured for this job:

And here is the Wild Card (there is no telling of what he's capable of, but he might come useful):

The Brute Force:

I have evil thoughts, yes: there is no point in kindness -

Heading out:

Now, the stalking part - Beware!

So. why are these cats in the killing mood, you ask? Well, don't you remember what was going on in your household? -

Family violence:

Not only cats - DOGS want to kill you, too!

These are only a few hardened characters, but we have enough material for the whole page on them. So, let's not steal the thunder from cats... but the Dog Team turned out pretty good, too:

The Surveillance:

The Psycho, the Computer Wiz and the Dumb Brute Force - are all lined up in the gang:

All the way to The Undertaker:

(photo by Simon de Gianville, via)

Apparently none of these canines went to the Dog Psychiatrist (specializing in persecution complex and claustrophobia):

However, lucky for you, the Gang Leader went crazy in the joint, so he's not getting out:

So, if these cats (and dogs) don't look threatening enough, there is always this character from a jungle, ready to do the job, for a few bananas:

(anyone knows, which movie is this from?)

UPDATE: This is from the silent film "The Gorilla" (1927); our readers cracked this puzzle pretty quickly!

Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, other originals unknown.




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Blogger Łukasz said...

That is a classic poster from silent "The Gorilla" from 1927!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems to be a reference to an Edgar Allen Poe short story called
"The Murders in the Rue Morgue".

Anonymous nofoo said...

hehe thats a funny collection.

but the syringe between the dog´s teeth looks photoshopped.What do you think?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

I hope so, nofoo... for the sake of a dog

Blogger Andrew said...

It's shopped. I have the original. Unless someone shopped the syringe OUT of the one I have. But that's just silly.

Anonymous Fnark said...

Ah, the noted character actor Guy Inagorillasuit.

Anonymous WTF said...

This is a great post, good collection here :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous danielle33 said...

Oh..cats..What's with all these posts about cats? They're everywhere, on 9gag, on facebook, seriously..Don't hate my comment here :D it's just an opinion..
Well, cats are more expressive than other animals..but now I can talk only about the comparation between cats and dogs, since the post is about them..
I personally preffer dogs instead of cats, I trust dogs more than them :)) I don't understand those families when they put their trust in their cat, to stay with their baby...In any second I think that the feline would do harm to that child. I say this because they are jealous and whoever appears as a new member of the family, that person/animal would be seen by the cat as an enemy. Dogs are different..they are always loyal to their owner...the movie "Hachiko" describes perfectly the beautiful soul of a dog.


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