Link - by Avi Abrams

Something went terribly wrong in the Toytown...

Nightmarish, deeply disturbing and bizarre toys can still be found in this world, lurking just around the corner to haunt unsuspecting children... Some people even pay money to get these products.

Continuing the series of Dolls and Toys that Creep Us Out, here is another bunch of toys to steer clear of - or on the contrary, deliberately seek them out for a nifty collection.

(killer rabbit plush via)

But first, let us celebrate creativity, and start with some neat stuff:

Wonderfully Twisted Toys

These are toys that we actually like, and will gladly add to our roster of curiosities... we may even play with them to unwind after work.

Crazy steampunk rabbit - "Woppit & Hare Clockwork Enigma" - made by Doctor A. using the customized "labbit" evil toy from Kid Robot.

(images via)

Artists from Kidrobot display endless creativity in coming up with nameless monsters and kinky apparitions. Check out their catalog - here are some examples:

However, Doctor A. makes the most intense steampunkish toys - check out his site and his line up of "Mechtorians" toys!

(images credit: Doctor A.)

"An Alien Clone Baby" is presented by Martin Dolan. For the grown-ups he's got a very cool deskphone, made from a spade!.. mostly (see image below right):

(images credit: Martin Dolan)

For the curious kids and adults alike, there is a sci-fi styled "womb" with a developing clone inside:

Strange praying nuns (meant for bowling?) - via:

Wonderful site Weird Toys is full of that stuff:

(images via)

Not a toy! "Back to School"... solutions?! -

For really gruesome baby toys, head over here.

From Bizarre to Gruesome, to Obscene?

You think, there is nothing wrong with this rocking horse? Think again! This horse is a dead real horse, "Rocking Horse Winner" - a sculpture made from taxidermed horse, tack, wood, and rug (made by Kathrine Worel):

(image and more info via)

Like they say, this horse "activates the threshold between wonder and horror". It can be forever (undead) yours, for the price of $50,000.

Brilliant ideas:

Speaking about dogs, here is a jigsaw puzzle:

(image via)

Toilet humor: pooping reindeer and pigs (a jelly bean dispenser). What fun! -

(more info and purchase here, via)

These balloons clearly suffer from bad design:

(image via)

Hipsters' most favorite teddy bear (with all these accessories in the set, what do they need the bear for?):

(photo by McDowell Crook, more info)

(get "Mr. Bean with his bear" toy figure here)

"Trailer Trash Doll" (it even comes with the pregnant version), available from Redneck Warehouse:

Stuffed Mummy from "Happy Tree Friends"-inspired art site Cuddly Rigor Mortis:

We have to mention the "strange Museum of Broken Toys", collected by Miquel Angel Joan from Majorca, Spain - click here (mute audio). Here are some examples:

(images via)

For the really extensive collection of weird and wonderful toys, head over to Toys Are Evil site. Here is a "sloshed sloth" toy figure, for example:

Random madness:

(image credit: Shintaro Kago)

(more info and images here)

(left image credit: Pietro Bellini)

(zombie on the right: info and buy here)

Plush Cthulhu and microbes. Get them here:

(originals unknown)

Well... in our opinion, any ugly and scary toy is better than games some families play (or played in the 1950s):

(original unknown)

And finally, a mystery animal toy (how would you call it?) -



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Anonymous dickie said...

don't forget about this giant plush pubic louse. Also available: black death, HIV, herpes and swine flu.

Blogger Unknown said...

The last animal seems to be a kind ofWolpertinger

Blogger That Girl said...

The dead cat figure was made by guro manga artist, Shintaro Kago... you ought to attribute that to him.

Blogger Skipweasel said...

I keep seeing that set of green knives for schoolkids. What's so wrong with a set of cooking knives for schoolkids? What else would they use for cookery?

Blogger Ted said...

Hey, I think I know what that dead cat business is all about! When I was a kid in Japan, we used to sing this song about stepping on the cat. It was sung to the melody of the Flea Waltz which anyone learning the piano would probably know.

Ne-ko fun-jat-ta
Ne-ko fun-jat-ta
Ne-ko fun-ja fun-ja fun-jat-ta

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you for all this info on the dead cat. Updated.

Blogger Unknown said...

one ot this toy (you can shave your baby) was made by one of the most popular Polish moder artist - Antoni Libera, so I assume that the rest of it is also some kind of performence.

Blogger Rally said...

If I am not mistaken, the "clone baby" in the tank is from an episode of the "X-Files". The baby, if you look closely, resembles David Duchovny.

Blogger ppppeettte said...

THe multi-animal would be a kind of Chimera

Blogger VMOS said...

roadkilltoys.com make an excellent line of crushed cuddlies, they have zips so you can stuff them back in, I have Twitch the possum myself

Also, what exactly is the dog with the removable part?

Blogger Justin Gammon said...

Wow! Great collection of bizarro toys, and thanks for linking to the Weirdo Toys blog. Glad you liked the toys. Now I get to check out your site....

Blogger Rin [FrostyMint] said...

Twisted! I'm pretty sure some of those are not for kids....right?

Blogger Unknown said...

Bob the killer rabbit from Monte Pythons Holy Grail. My daughter has one of those as thats her favorite movie.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of these toys are really scarry. What insane mind project such things!

Strange Twisted and bizzare is this car from Poland.

Anonymous Ajani said...

These toys are going to haunt many children, in their nightmares.. for sure.


Blogger Daniel Le Blanc said...

This girl from Montreal, Miss Agonie, also makes all kinds of crazy plush toys, worth a look!

Blogger Sonja S said...

You didn't have any Little Apple Dolls here, you should see them. I collect them, and I think they're adorable, but some of my friends tell me, that they are creepy. Can't understand why..

Anonymous Orange said...

Very nice pics!) Crazy steampunk rabbit and Jigsaw puzzle - the best))))

Anonymous Candidato Gobernador Veracruz said...

Michael Jackson Doll from Susan's Custom Creepy Dolls is terrifying. Scary Michael Jackson is sitting in a rocking chair, staring at you.

Anonymous Ochoa said...

In japan bizarre and weird is an actual selling point. There’s lots of products pushed out and only the truly insane and weird will really get sold in numbers.

the price tag on some of these are expensive and it has to do with the fact that most Japanese families both parents work. Parents usually feeling guilty give their kids an allowance, this is the same in the US, but the amount given is much higher.

So kids generally have a lot more spending money and they become consumers at a younger age. So they buy all sorts of knick knacks like these toys.

Anonymous soundchaser said...

Mr. Bean looks like Spock!

Anonymous Richard said...

Wow..I got creeped out just looking at those toys. I think if I had those in my home I wouldn't be able to sleep at night!

Blogger Unknown said...

The would be elephant in fact is Forgotten one from WOW,lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last image kind of reminds me of the Whingdingdilly. One of my favourite books growing up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last animal is a Panzeraffant. Got a herd of them in our local zoo.

Anonymous Mesonoxian said...

VMOS asked what the plastic dog with the removable part was, and I have to admit that I was wondering about that as well. So I looked up the product number and found out what it was: a dog sex toy. The removable part is shown as it's being cleaned after usage! Uuuuughhh (*shudders*). Here's the link: http://www.buyer-buying.com/html-www62/dog-sex-toy-420547.htm

Blogger Unknown said...

I am trying to track down the name and origins of the animal/elephant like creature in the last picture. I have been seeing them on several sites but no one seems to know what they are called.


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