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Just when you think you're on top, the bottom falls out (rack, wires, and all)

Since our last issue we received a bunch of perplexing photos from all over the world, showing unceasing struggle of sysadmins, electricians and sound technicians against the sinister Doom of Second Law of Thermodynamics - the one of increasing entropy.

Even though the struggle seems futile, various stuff still needs to be done - so these pictures of wiring messes testify that somewhere, somehow, someone actually understands where every cable goes and how the whole thing works:

One phone cable... image via)

Extreme powerlines

... in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon:

(image credit: Dave Nix)

Again in Saigon, what is it about Vietnam and extreme wiring? -

(image credit: aalayaa)

Thomas Kalak shows us the existential, deeply-sophisticated quality of street wiring in Bangkok:

(images credit: Thomas Kalak)

"The cables spread like a sore into the furthermost corners of Bangkok and grow into even the smallest kitchen to let them partake of the blessing of state-of-the-art power supply and telecommunications. And, while in some pictures the cable draw lonely circles on the sky, elsewhere they brutally break out into the sphere of humanity as agglomerations in the ground, thus presenting a real threat... Filthy, massive, ugly and unrelenting – this is how these cables penetrate into the visual field of passers-by everywhere in the city, whoosh over poster walls, occupy houses and lock the sky shut."

(image credit: Nurmi)

(images via 1, 2)

(originals unknown)

Climb to fix this mess and fall over into the sea... great!..

(images via)

To see an electrician actually trying to fix the chaotic wires in Katmandou, Nepal, click here.

Russian example (it might even be operational...somewhere deep inside) -

(image credit: dwg.ru)

Computers with a "bad hair day", "bad cable day", whatever -

(image via)

Greg Jensen sent us a couple of wiring nightmares at sound department of "Hairspray", Las Vegas:

photos by Greg Jensen

Extreme rack, full of subtle nuance and wonder -

(image credit: Steve Nathan)

Entry into Narnia? -

(image credit: belleville)

We love "Before" and "After" pictures, and SysAdminDay provides one example:

(image credit: George)

This is the work of Australian IT team, in Brisbane:

(image via)

(originals unknown)

Stage cables, all in disarray -

(image credit: Laura A. Watt)

Is this the right way to put a chip in? -

Clean water flood, but too close for comfort! -

(image via)

Snake in the middle of the wiring! Can you spot it?
(awesome camouflage)

(original unknown)

Wrong... this is just plain wrong:

Examples of good and orderly wiring

Almost a work of art...

(images via 1, 2)

See similar nice examples on this page. Here is an awesome job done by the Network Cabling:

and another one, by Jason Azze -

(image credit: Jason Azze)

Speaking of art... Here is the "Tangled Art" by Anthony Gormley:

(image credit: Anthony Gormley)

and... More!!

(image via)

Prehistoric wiring sample:

art by Gutalin Rossiya

Want to have fun? Get the Music Thing modular synth and start playing with connections:

The Pipes Strike Back!

The C O M P L E X I T Y is astonishing (this is the HDR view of a "floating production, storage and offloading" vessel parked at the Hyundai Shipyard) -

(image credit: Bennett Ho, larger version is here)

Want to see pipes in all their 3-dimensional glory? Check out this VR page - showing pipes that are part of Millenia Walk's architectural design:

click to launch VR

Seems that all sorts of pipes also got the commandment "be fruitful and multiply":

(images via 1, 2)

(image via)

True home nightmares - don't come down into the basement!

The winner in a "worst IT job" is definitely this set-up: submerged in a raw sewage! -

(image via)

(image credit: Frank)



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Blogger miasto-masa-maszyna said...

Again in Saigon, what is it about Vietnam and extreme wiring?Seismic activity plus lack of planning. In Japan you have also a lot of wires, but they are at least better planned.

Anonymous Andyman said...

Apparently in Bangkok a telephone pole couldn't fall over if it wanted to.

Anonymous leon astray said...

actually the "Prehistoric wiring" sample
was done properly, just brush off the cobwebs and it is very tidy indeed!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh Nicolai Tesla, we done you wrong.

Anonymous Kristopher said...

They don't have a choice in Bangkok. City is on a swamp, so they can't dig vaults.

Blogger derpaderp said...

Any background/sources to the chip that is connected via little red wires?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

I wish we did... received it in email... even TinEye does not pick it up yet.

Blogger derpaderp said...

Does the sender have any info on it?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

No, the only bit of info is that it came somewhere from Russia... as might be expected :)

Blogger Unknown said...

That snake looks a bit like a western hognose to me. But it's really hard to identify when you can only one eye.

Blogger Just Ger said...

you think thats bad plumbing! check this out:


Anonymous triton said...

классные фото.особенно подборка с телефонными линиями


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