Gentlemen, choose your LEGOs!

An endless variety of impressive models are made with tender-loving care (and frenzied mind activity) by the geek's army around the world - all based on a humble LEGO brick.

Some LEGO sets look almost impossible to build:
"M. C. Escher's Staircase" -

(work by Andrew Lipson)

"Star Wars" LEGO Mania is too varied and huge to properly highlight here:

(work by Nathan Sawaya)

(images credit: fbtb)

Some of the models above are by Erik Varszegi, LEGO Master Builder - read an interview with him here

But then again, almost anything can be LEGO-lized - including car models:

Porphyrion Assault Frigate - make sure to see the whole gallery to truly appreciate the level of detailing:

(image credit: Danny Rice)

Check out the interiors:

(images credit: Danny Rice)

(original unknown)

Misterzumbi's "Predator"'s head: (see more here)

Steampunk LEGO is something else.
Check out these German Imperial Machines here and here - all conceived and put together by Jamie Spencer.

Check out the whole "steampunk" category at Brothers Brick site

Zach Clapsadle has some wondrous LEGO steam machines for you, some interestingly from Star Wars universe:

(image credit: Zach Clapsadle)

Mark Stafford shows us his steampunk version of Royal Naboo Fighter - see more here

Many details of these custom works are hand-painted gold (to emulate brass) and have specially printed decals.

Steam-powered TIE-fighter, looking wicked and ready for battle, by RebelRock (more info) -

If it is "Aliens" you love, head yonder to mryoder site. The spookiest corridor LEGO designers never imagined in their worst dreams:

Re-use Your LEGOs!
LEGO Salt&Pepper Shaker - Cool concept by the designer Joel Hesselgren:
(control how much salt or pepper you want by moving the top red brick)

Or make a soul-searching LEGO art (see other astonishing works of Nathan Sawaya here) -

Of course, there are unwanted side-effects to the whole LEGO thing:

2. The World of Rubik's Cubes: Twisted Dimensions

All shapes, sizes, colors and symbols - can you have a "ROUND" Rubik's cube? Seems like everything is possible -

How many sides the cube has, or how many seconds it takes to solve it is mostly irrelevant nowadays (with introduction of robots and computers into the equation). What matters is - do you solve it with your fingers, or your toes?

Robots (and computers) have become a reasonable competition for humans in solving Rubik' Cubes long time ago:

Stress-free Rubik's Cube:

Sometimes you do not even need to solve the cubes, to make an interesting art statement:

Street art ideas:

(image credit: Piter Punk)

Or you can use the cube side panels for the surfboard face mosaic:
(creator: Fred Maechler, Mekanism Skateboards.)

(image credit: entro-py)

And when you spent hours, if not days twisting sides, in your dreams there will be the ultimate Rubik's Cube: wet, slick and utterly alluring:
(albeit unsolvable)

(image credit: plasmadesign)

Other Sources: Crooked Brains, psuchopadt (nsfw)

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Blogger Lawrence Barry McCook said...

Speaking of Rubik's Cubes, I was pissed off recently to discover that in Korea, they are known as "Edison Cubes." Even in death Edison continues to steal the inventions of better inventors.

Blogger Unknown said...

what is the blue lego-spaceship thingy?
i kind of have the feeling, that i know it from somewhere. maybe from some computer game?

and did i recognize the spaceship benaeth the blue one right as the one from the game "Descent"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wrote these about 10 years ago, sorry if they're a bit crude: http://byrden.com/puzzles/

Anonymous Anonymous said...

René - the bottom one does superficially resemble Descent's Pyro-GX, but with some substantial differences.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Blue ship you're talking about is most certainly a Vaygr ship from the Homeworld 2 game.

Or is it ???

I could not be less sure.

Great post, as usual. Keep up the good work Avi !

Blogger Sigivald said...

The German steampunk stuff is not "Nazi", but for a fictional German Empire, doubtless inspired by that of the Kaiser.

("Deutsches Reich" just meaning "German Government"; that's why the Nazis were the "Third Reich", because they were the third notional unified German state, after the Holy Roman Empire and the Kaiser's unification of Germany.

The term has no specific relation to fascism and its repulsive ideology.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be so cool to see a slow motion video of the lego car hitting something head on at a high speed...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the "blue lego-spaceship thingy" is the military spaceship from "Aliens" (which carried Ripley and a detatchment of Marines back to the planet where the beastie was found).

I want to say it was the Scirroco, or Suroko, or something like that.

Best of the series, IMHO

Blogger Unknown said...

hey guys the blue one i,m 90% sure is the "Sulaco" first seen in Aliens ;)

Blogger John Tibble said...

don't forget the Touch Rubik's Cube!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting!! Very cool!!

Blogger brian's blog he never got round to using said...

The blue ship is definitely NOT the Sulaco, it's more inspired by the homeworld ships, and they in turn are inspired by the Sulaco... also, the Predator head is made of Lego!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this is a LEGO model! Over 180Kg in weight and over 300.000 pieces used!


Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you guys for info - post updated

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The M.C. Escher model was built by Andrew Lipson, whose page is here. Sadly, that picture has been reposted all over the internet without credit to the builder.

The life-size Han Solo in Carbonite is by Nathan Sawaya, not Erik Varszegi. This is his post about it on LUGNET.

The Homeworld-inspired blue spaceship and the gray fighter right below it were built by Danny Rice, whose Flickr page is here.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Oh, and the "geekiest" in the title is meant as a highest compliment :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The red and white cruiser type Lego ship bears a slight resemblance to HMS Endurance

Here on wikipedia...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ship is a US Ticonderoga Class Cruiser. Not an HMS cruiser. Sorry. Love how it even has the AEGIS array and the SONAR bubble on the bow. Very well done.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was always my favorite lego sculpture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Escher staircase is really something. I happen to have a print hanging on the wall right here and the lego version is pretty much perfect. ... And look, he's done other Escher's in legos too. (On his site.) Very cool!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I believe that 'crystal Rubik' is originally from


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ship is a US Ticonderoga Class Cruiser. Not an HMS cruiser. Sorry. Love how it even has the AEGIS array and the SONAR bubble on the bow. Very well do

Do naval vessels (American or British) typically have large rocket engines in their aft quarters?

You're both wrong, I'm afraid. It's quite clearly a Republic heavy cruiser from the Star Wars prequels. ;-) It's beautifully done, even duplicating the color scheme of Republic livery.

Blogger Unknown said...

Some LEGO sets look almost impossible to build:
"M. S. Escher's Staircase" -

His name is M.C. Escher or Maurits Cornelis Escher.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "anonymous parisian artist" is the famous "Space Invader", who already had lots of exhibitions all over the world, and is also considered as one the best street artist ever.

A french guy

Blogger cultural_instincts said...

ahh, memories...
legos still go hard..

and rubik's cubes look cool, but damn theyre frustrating!

Anonymous Enzo said...

Ahhh, I want the LEGO car! :-)


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