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We do not say "off-road", because the term "road" does not apply in Siberia

When we wrote about the Siberian road to Yakutsk, we defined it as one of the most dangerous roads, but technically speaking, it was not dangerous road to drive - mostly because no driving was possible there at all, most cars sitting there stranded for weeks. The danger was in the absence of provision and food for the unfortunate drivers who got stuck there.

Well, the similar road just came to our attention - the road which no sane driver would decide to drive, and yet many do, from sheer necessity and lack of any other alternatives.

The Mud Rules, and the Absolute Mud Rules Absolutely!

This is the Ural road between regional centers Syktyvkar-Ukhta-Pechora. The worst section is between Nizhny Odes & Irael, where even KAMAZ trucks and other heavy machinery meet their mud "nemesis". The helpless drivers of private cars ask for a ride on top of heavier trucks, hoping to make any progress. But soon the mud seals their fate, some trucks even overturn and remain lying on their side for days.

(images credit: Evgeny Belyaev)

Walking seems the only way to travel it:

All these drivers were definitely relieved to see the happy welcoming sign at the end of this "highway":

The pictures are via Evgeny Belyaev. He is an off-road enthusiast and participated in quite a few cross-country 4x4 tours. (they should get sponsored by Land Rover, judging by the tests they put these vehicles through) The following are a few pictures from their adventures in Siberia:

Siberian off-road escapades

This is still ON the road:

In some places the usual mud gives way to almost a meter of water:

Flimsy bridge with 2-meter deep creek below:

There is a road under it somewhere, somewhere really deep:

mud... yummy mud:

The bridge was brand-new (constructed by the people of nearby village), but "Discovery"'s wheel base seems to be too wide...

One final push across the river:

Sight-seeing: the remains of a mysterious machinery:
(possibly something among these lines)

Very strange sign in the middle of the forest:

Russian Road Adventures Potpourri

Only two days from Magadan:

(image credit: Mark Stowe)

(originals unknown)

Novosibirsk route M52 speed-control warning sign:

(image credit: Andrey Deriabin)

As you can see off-roading adventures in Russia tend to be more epic than their Western counter-parts (read also our humorous take on this One Day in Life of a Russian Motorist). But we are sure that the world in general is full of similar adventure opportunities. Let us know of your own extreme expeditions - on, and off the road.


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Blogger Steve G. Bisig Photography said...

Wow, that defines "mudding" in a new way. A mighty challenging overland trip.

Steve Bisig

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In fact, it's not a Siberia. This road is in european part of Russia, while the Siberia is in Asia.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To cpcat: yes, it so.
This is Siberia.
Europian part of Russia end on Ural'skie mountain, and begin asian part Russia.
In Ekaterinburg there is a line, on the one hand which is written the Europe, and with another Asia

Best regards from Russia. Moscow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people should seriously think about other means of travel... like donkeys.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siberian roads are prob the best to test which production vehicles are the true '4x4.' Interewesting to see a hummer, range rover and land rover to test it out.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That strange machine on blocks looks like a rock/gravel/dirt sorter.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "sight seeing" "mystery machine" is an old rock crusher, used to make ROADBASE (lol) and the like.


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