As though life is not complex enough...

Thanks to your active contribution, we have another set of simply outrageous wiring jobs (read the whole series here). Almost everyone at some point had to unravel one tangled mess, or the other. Observe these pictures and be glad that this time it's not your job to straighten them out.

Source: Reality Carnival

(image credit: Phil)

Electric (not quite industrial) Light... and Magic -

The wiring shown below belongs to the vintage Russian telephone switch systems (a small population of rats loves it!) -

(image credit: doctorsoul.photoplenka.ru)

Intricate wiring job inside the electronics bay of a Boeing 757 airplane. It's a small space underneath the forward passenger floor; only part is shown - there are a few kilometers of wiring inside the plane. (Photo courtesy of Andy Rottiers) -

Kyle R. Brunick sent us his own little nightmare that he had to unravel:

Fluke of fashion? -

(image via)

The usual suspects: power bars -

(image credit: Kelvin Murray)

(image credit: Aluminum Wire Repair)

The following picture seems to be a fully-functioning computer, lovingly arranged... on the wall -

(original unknown)

Completely ad-hoc and incomprehensible pipe plumbing system:

To offset the previous photo, here is VERY organized pipe set:

(image via)

Some wiring requires good "hairstyle", and the advertisers make smart use of this fact:

(originals unknown)

Keep sending us spectacularly bad wiring... it makes boring office job so much more exciting.



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Blogger KW said...

just one ordinary household pc ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes the back of my TV look tame. Thanks for saving me a Saturday of detangling. I think I'll let it go...for a little while anyway.

These pictures make the OCD in me cringe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turn the 757 picture 90 degrees clockwise and then it will be right side up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually took the second pic - the green and yellow wires connecting two cabinets.

The pic was taken sometime around 2001 and shows the connections between two floors in the building where I worked, very surprised to see it on the blog as I only emailed it to a few people years ago :D

another view, from the side: http://pics.spiny.co.uk/dialers/cables.jpg

cheers, Phil.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Phil... I added the credit. We received this image thru anonymous email.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks! :)

you have my permission to add any of the other photos from here: http://pics.spiny.co.uk/dialers if you like :)

could you change the link you've put under the image to gallery.spiny.co.uk though ?

cheers, Phil.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you! Done.

Blogger Elvee Kaye said...

That first one grew some nice dreadlocks. :o)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet that the electric authority's employees in China have to walk around with a ladder in order to reach the counters in every building. They have to climb at least 3 meters on the wall!


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