It's not so funny, if you're the one to untangle it

We'll start with a few classic photos that show the ultimate mess (with or without a poor sysadmin to blame) -

(images via)

Note says "Do not touch any of the wires!" -

(images via)

Some serious wiring nightmares in India and Thailand -

The mother of all messes:

(images via, click to enlarge)

"Live 220v three phase supply for 115kv substation":

sent by Tony Pearson

"Some wiring from an MD-80":

sent by Paal Erik Falang

...but it's nowhere as complicated as the wiring of the Cray 1 Supercomputer! -

(image credit: Danny Silverman)

(image credit: Paul Botto

A good wiring job:


Share with us your own wiring nightmares, send the pics!

Image sources: IPAdventures, Cooler, Karaul, OmWo.com



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Blogger wanchu62 said...

Aren't these massive wiring bad for your health?

Blogger John said...

I have worked at many radio stations over the years. Some of these pictures are TAME compared to the nest of wiring I've seen. One engineer even said that it was easier to run a new wire than to trace the one that needed replacing.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Hey John, take the picture of your wiring nightmares and send them over to us!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ужас! кошмар электрика...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Cray is NOT a bad job. Part of the PM on a Cray, and any other Supercomputer that I have worked on has been to measure the impedance of the wire and trim until it is within spec. The wires have to look like this because it would be insane to lace them have to unlace them all trim them and relace them all.

Blogger Mitchell Smith said...

The MD-80 is actually not a bad job, neither is the cray 1 (if that is what those bins of what looks to be 24 gauge wire is for). In both cases, it's just a lot of wire, at least it's not being stretched and thrown around in a mess. It's all orderly and bundled

Anonymous Харьковский said...

никогда не видел столько проводов

Anonymous Steve said...

In the 1980s we ran many of the mainframe computer terminal cables along the top of the false ceilings. Nothing was documented and tracing faulty cables was hard, so usually a new cable was added to replace the faulty one. Of course, the faulty one stayed in place. Then one day, we decided it was time to replace all these old cables with a new tidy system... after the ceiling in the corridor collapsed from the weight of all the old cables.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a place in Staten Island that had the worst techs and they wired the whole place by just running it like telephone cord stabled to the baseboard.

If that wasn't enough the guy calls me in as they were starting to realize the other guy was a thief as well (Win95 no licenses). They had a situation where the boss said his internet would work sometimes but other times just dead. So I say show me. We go in his office and close the door. He shows me no connection. I follow the cable and it is on the floor and going through the now closed door. I open the door (In complete disbelief as I was still young). I tell him TEST IT NOW. WOW he says You fixed it.

Nuff said.


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