1. Dream house with wings

Seen in one of the Russian journals is this series of slightly surreal photos... See what you can make of it:







Christopher Lee said...
"The guy that owns it is a retired airline pilot. He bought that plane used, put it in that forested area and it's his house. He lives somewhere in Oregon."

and finally we have the answer:
PAgent said:
This is his website: www.airplanehome.com

This Boeing 727 is a work-in-progress home conversion, built by Bruce Campbell from Hillsboro, Oregon. He maintains that anybody can do it, given desire, luck (acquiring decommissioned plane) and determination. As he points out, this house gives
"A feeling of strength, security, capability and ergonomics that eclipses any other, almost as if you were in a home designed 50 years in the future. Imagine removing all the clutter, such as the seats, the overhead compartments... What's left is an open, ultra high tech home". Besides, he says, it's a great toy.

On his site there is a million of pictures of the work-in-progress, both exterior and interior of jet-house, and FAQ, in which he elaborates on the cost of the project (it's possible to do it for under $100K) and a cool possibility to build a house out of wide-body 747 jet (you would need a bigger yard for that)

2. Dream Plane-Boat






The "Cosmic Muffin" is the most unusual plane-boat, made out of the historic and rare aircraft - "Boeing 307 Stratoliner" (1937)

Boeing 307 Stratoliner was originally owned by the aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. He acquired the plane in 1939 as part of his purchase of TWA. Many additional pictures of the original plane can be found here.





The other Boeing 307, Pan Am Clipper “Flying Cloud”, was restored for the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution:



In 1969 the plane was converted into a boat "The Londonaire", and was discovered by Jimmy Buffett, who actually wrote his first novel around it in 1997.



Finally David R. Drimmer and his company PlaneBoats has extensively remodeled and rebuilt it. They named it "the Cosmic Muffin" - a dream-boat from Jimmy Buffett’s novel.

Today "Cosmic Muffin" is stationed in Fort Lauderdale and open to the public for scheduled visits.


Honorable Mentions

This site seems to mean business, but the non-professional look of the site and obviously photoshopped picture make one doubt their credibility:


This villa in South Africa really is not quite the real plane, though it gets credit for trying...



This is an airplane conversion serving as a museum and a house in the Russian city of Perm:

A small roadside restaurant in Romania made from a DC-3:

(image credit: 40on2)

I'd say, with all these conversion ideas floating in the air, you'd better hurry and bid on this plane (shown below), which languishes somewhere off the coast, waiting to be turned into an ultra-modern yacht.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the guy that owns it is a retired airline pilot. he bought that plane used, put it in that forested area and it's his house.
he lives somewhere in oregon.

Blogger PAgent said...

This is his website:


Blogger Unknown said...

Another notable airplane conversion was a de Havilland converted into a cafeteria by Mexico City's airport, which eventually spawned the Wings restaurant chain. The only picture I could find is under "Historia" at their (over-flashed, slow-loading, misspelled) site at http://www.wings.com.mx

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in an old airliner up on blocks in your yard isn't all that much different from living in a beat up trailer, but I'd do it, especially if I could get ahold of a 747.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The airplane house is visible from google maps.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Coca, Ecuador last summer and saw, of all things, a jet airplane turned into a floating nightclub-

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boeing 307 Stratoliner. IMHO one of the most elegant propdriven aircraft ever produced, certainly the rarest.

I actually worked on this same plane when this picture was taken. I was one of the electricians that restored the plane after it ran out of fuel over Elliot Bay in 2002. A once in a lifetime experience that was.

That football shaped antenna is for the ADF radio, all of the original radio's work on this plane, restored by an old timer who devoted many hours to restoring the radio system, among other retirees from Boeing that helped to restore this wonderfull aircraft.

The Boeing S307 PAA flying cloud in this picture is the only surviving aircraft of ten that were built in the late 30's before WW2. It was designed at the same time as the B17 bomber so it has very similar wings and engines as the old bomber.

A perfectly restored flying craft, the plane now resides in it's final resting spot in the center of the Smithsonian air museum Steven Udvar Hazey Center near the Dulles Airport in Washington DC.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

amazing when people do so incredible things..

Blogger Doug Klassen said...

A small roadside restaurant in Romania made from a DC-3:


Anonymous Tom said...

Gotta love those eccentric types! At least the old school black and white images add a touch of class with that bygone age type look about them - swilling down cocktails on one of those ricketty old planes!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DC-3 from Romania is located in Faget, on the Timisoara-Sibiu road.
There is another one, quite a short distance away, in Buzias.


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