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Build your own retro-future, one rusty robot at a time!

Start with a collectible "Cute Little Army of Robots":

Bennett Robot Works are the "Original Art Robot Sculptures" (looking every bit like props from the "Robots" animated feature). They're made from "found objects": wood, metal, and various strange stuff found in the basement and at garage sales. There is an endless catalog of them on this site. Each robot is a miniature delight; and together they are as addictive, as an assortment of mini donuts:

Each robot takes about a month to build. They are not meant to be a toy.

Some robots mean business

In case you want to be prepared, here is the book "How to Survive a Robot Uprising"; and another site, where the most aggressive robots can battle each other to their heart's content:

...while veterans stand around and watch: (source site)

...and robotic mice scatter nearby:

- witness "Herbie the MouseBot", fully functional miniature robot rodent (source)

If you read old newspapers, you'll see that robots were more well-behaved in the past: this one "STEAM-POWERED DREADNOUGHT CERBER" was even employed as a police enforcer in Victorian London: (more here)

(image via)

But as history progressed, they (robots) often made wrong choices:

(images via)

...to the point that today humans need to put up warning signs like this:

Consumer technology

Know your enemy - read the site devoted to wayward robots, aptly named "Suicide Bots". Don't miss a link to "sexed robots" site, or picture of "Google Bot".

Probably the Ugliest Robot Ever:

As a parting shot, these are quite harmless robots from the communist times in Russia:
(they are also very ugly)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these little guys! I might just have to start making some of these out of old stuff I've got lying around.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally. Gundams are the worst thing ever.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The uncredited artbot (above the mouse) is by Al Honig (http://www.alhonig.com/). I'm sure he'd appreciate the link!


Head Rotor from Suicidebots

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Hey thanks for this artbot info! Great scultures!
Added the link.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are so cool!

Blogger Unknown said...

The 'dreadnaught' bot is just a slightly customized Dreadnaught figurine from Warhammer 40,000, a tabletop wargame from British publisher Games Workshop. Some Russian guy just went fro more steampunk look, instead of 40K canonical techno-gothic.


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