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News from the Fractal Front:

We are going to start our new "Fractal Art" series with work by Nicholas Rougeux - his fractals are so singularly spectacular that they require a new art style - called something like "epic psychedelic fractals" - to be invented just to describe them:

(images credit: Nicholas Rougeux, C82.net)

Here is a somewhat "wild and woolly", soothing fractal art by Cory Ench:

(image credit: Cory Ench)

It is possible to extrude fractals in three dimensions and map the surfaces, producing stunning creations like "The Jeweled Tree" by Xenodream - named the "Best 3D Fractal Design of the Year":

(image credit: Xenodream)

A note for geeks: there is a software package out there for making the "flame fractals"... that are even more enchanting-looking than the "plain" ones (more info). The ones shown here were created by Roger Johnston:

(images credit: Roger Johnston)

Apparently if you point your video camera toward a TV screen, you might get a fractal distortion such as the one shown below (here is a page with more screen shots):

(image via)

Not necessarily fractals, but extremely organized and sophisticated Mother Nature Masterpieces

If we look at snow crystals through an electron microscope, we'll see the bewildering array of astonishing forms... Crystals could be called the opposite of fractal forms, as they are finite and highly structured, but for all that, no less interesting to study and mesmerizing to look at:

(images credit: emu.arsusda.gov)

See more images like these on this page


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just showed my 6 year old son some fractal pictures this morning; we found dragons, skeletons, jellyfish, gazoomba birds, birds which look soft but have scary teeth up close, a 'feather wheel', stealth airplanes, overturned sailboats, all kinds of gems and of course the galaxy. He was quite impressed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shapes are so organic and beautiful. I like this a lot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeweltree: This is incredibly beautiful...so rare to even see something like this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great looking artwork!!! Love the site...
The fractals look awesome...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes! great!

The "video fractals" however ... are of course no fractals at all, thay just LOOK like fractals, but in "reality" are just looped 'n' delayed images.

A great post on a great blog though! Thanks for inspiring me!

REmko Siemerink//

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. The scale on the electron microscope pictures below should probably be in micons, not millimeters though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apophysis - Best fractal generator EVER. http://www.apophysis.org


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