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Happy Holidays and New 2010 Year from DRB!

Link - by A. Abrams

This is your "feel-good" fix for the Season

First, we'd like to thank our fantastic readers, gentlemanly and scholarly commenters, our knowledgeable contributors and interpid explorers for their wonderful support in 2009 - and by the way, we have a few fantastic sweepstakes and giveaways up our sleeves in the beginning of 2010 (such as an all-expenses-paid trip to the exciting travel destination, courtesy of DRB and our sponsors, for example - watch our news in January). We are also very excited to welcome some talented people to our team of writers and photographers: expect to hear from them soon.

End of December is perhaps the most exciting time of the year: in-between days for all sorts of holidays, xmases, hanukkahs, newyears, hopes and joys - so why not have a blast celebrating it? So here we go again, with "FUNNY FUZZIES & FUZZY FUNNIES" end-of-year collection on DRB:

(image via)

We got SQUID cards (designed by Ernst Haeckel) this year - more info:

(images via)

Cute vintage Japanese cards (Google-eyed?):

(images via)

(image via)

Great French cards by Jean-Baptiste Monge (see and order more at his site):

(images credit: Jean-Baptiste Monge)

Speaking about Hanukkah, here is a picture of how this wonderful time was celebrated at our household:

(image credit: Avi Abrams)

Something for the soul - a beautiful nativity scultured relief on a cathedral in Orvieto, Italy:

(image credit: Ambra)

Glamorous ladies (with sweet, sweet smiles to brighten up the day)

More eye candy to greet 2010 - beautiful vintage ladies in movies and advertising of the 1960s:

Colleen Corby:

Hayley Mills:

Natalie Wood:

Agnetha Faltskog:

Dolores Hart:

Cars... were glamorous once, too:

But we digress... coming back to the holidays and seasonal themes:

Decorations not for the faint-hearted

The whole street covered with lights (I guess you will have to hover over it, overjoyed) -

Recycling your bottles:

On the left: you probably have seen this picture - the hanging guy is part of the decorations, too (which caused a few good people and sweet old ladies to come up with a ladder and try to heroically save the guy). And the decoration on the right is called "The Deer Hunter", of course:

Saving some electricity bills and effort:

Light up the night, with vengeance:

(image via)

All sorts:

2010 is not 2012, thank goodness, so -

Looking into the future with confidence:

(image via)

For reasons beyond our control we had somewhat less posts in 2009 than we intended. But things are looking great for 2010: we have a treasure-trove of unbelievably cool stuff to show you in the coming weeks - so stay tuned and (hopefully) excited.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankyou to everyone involved with DRB for a very wonderful year of posts. My interwebz would not be the same without it. Merry Xmas and bring on a bright new year

Anonymous Will said...

Come on Avi, tell the truth, that was you who was hanging on to the side of the house.

Blogger Eric said...

Thanks, Avi, for another fascinating year! I look forward to being impressed by what you find in 2010.


Anonymous tj said...

Thanks, that was fun.

Blogger Jonne said...

Thanks for all the wonderful topics this year, even if there were not so many... But there's an enormous archive to keep me occupied :)

Best Wishes for 2010!

Blogger Felonius Monk said...

Happy New Year to you!Now how about some new stuff in the store?

Blogger Terry_Jim said...

Thanks for the fun, interesting posts. Great site!

Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Just wanted to let you know that the blue LED lights all over the ground is at Midtown in Tokyo, Japan. They do this "illumination" every year, each year a little different. It's a large lawn (not street) behind the shopping complex. The building you can see in the background is the Midtown building. It's in the Roppongi area of Tokyo.


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