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Miniature Spy Guns


The smaller, the deadlier

We wrote once about miniature spy cameras, now we are going to up the stakes. James Bond types not only need to inconspicuously take pictures, they also need to inconspicuously kill people. When given "license to kill", it's still better to do it with as little fuss as possible.

We'll start with the "largest" of the bunch, more conventional pistols, which are still portable enough to be hidden in "plain sight". Graciously provided by Alan Trigger, from "Little Gun" collection in Belgium, these pictures remind us of the era of Victorian (and Wild West) engineering, sometimes more deadly when we care to admit.

1869, Brass Knuckle-Pistol Combo "Apache":
(see more pictures here)

Similar thing has been patented in US in 1904:

Military Knuckle Knife, used in WWII looks also quite sinister:

Derringer-Uberti, Italy (caliber .38) -

Gorgeous little Derringer "Maverick":

Reel J. J. was made from 1846 to 1893 -

"Coffee Table" Deprez (purse) gun, very stylish:
(caliber 7mm)

Pocket Watch Pistol

Made in England, very rare model, 0.3 caliber. "Gentlemen, let's synchronize our watches"

Another pistol-watch:

The Pistol Ring "Femme Fatale"

.06 caliber. Also made in England, in 1870. Gives a whole new meaning to nuptial agreements:

Classic Pen Pistol

How many times we read about this in pulp fiction? Here is how this little deadly device looks:

Pistol inside a lock

American-made, controlled by two keys, caliber .38. "You can lock me in, but you're gonna regret it"

Saddle-clasp pistol, 1775

The wildest western accessory I've seen so far:

Single-shot Threaded Bolt Colt

.12 caliber - what kind of circumstances would prompt the use of this one?

Walking Stick Gun

.38 caliber. From Professor Moriarty's wardrobe:

Update This gun is not a really a walking stick. It is a "hunting crop". The little leather tab at the end would obviously prevent it being used as a cane. It is intended to smack a horse or dog during cross-country fox-hunting, without hurting them; the curved handle at the top allows the rider to pull gates open and shut without dismounting from the horse. (However, your reference to Moriarty is still well-taken. Sherlock Holmes carries a hunting crop as a weapon several times in the stories about him!) - info by Kevin K.

The Crucifix Gun

9mm caliber. Aahh...saving these souls from the plight of their mortal coil. May they rest in peace, as I will definitely pray for them...

More influential religious types carry even more advanced system:

The Whip Pistol

Caliber .52, made in England. Kinky.

Strange mini-gun of unknown manufacturer

The Hook Pistol!

The trigger is in the eye of this hook! Probably the smallest gun on record -

The Inkwell Gun

Japanese-made, in 1850, Caliber .36

Pocket Knife Pistol

Smoking Pipe Gun

.22 caliber. Property of Sherlock Holmes:

Booby-trap Pistol

When you need to catch someone unaware. Attach one end of a string to the door and another end to the gun. The poor guy opens the door and... BOOM!

Gun inside the suspenders

US-made, caliber .32 for the Bachelor Club:
(or when you starting to lose in poker)

The Cigarette Lighter Gun

Zippo lighter, very classic, very cool -

The Key Pistol, 1822

Pull the little ball at the end and shoot. Caliber .22

And in a way of contrast - a BIG gun! -



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Blogger coho said...

So many clever tiny guns.

I'm sure that in ten or fifteen years we'll get to see the array of PDA, laptop, blackberry and cellphone pistols currently deployed against the supervillains of the world.

(Once they've been replaced by nano-gadgets, of course)

Blogger Jyri said...

The last big one, by the way, is Finnish WW-II Era anti-tank-rifle Lahti L-39 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahti_L-39)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think for the ring gun you mean it uses a 0.06 round, not a 0.6. That would probably break your finger..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To coho - there are already mobile phone guns, and tazers, too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at the instruction manual for the "gun inside the suspenders", it seems that it was meant to be fastened to the underside of the forearm, and worn underneath a suit or similar. From this position, it would be fired by tilting the hand back, presumably with the aid of a wire connecting the trigger to the button it is shown with.

Anonymous Nasuhorn said...

The man in the last picture with the anti-tank rifle looks damn happy :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "walking stick" gun is actually a riding crop, not a walking stick.

Blogger chumgrinder said...

Any chance of getting a wider shot of the "saddle clasp pistol" in use? I can't figure out where it is mounted or how it operates. It looks in the second photo like it's mounted in back of the cantle, which makes no sense to me unless you want to shoot your "podner."

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

I'll have to look...

Anonymous Ebee said...

Coho blackberry,pda,and cell phone stun guns already exsist. I am shore someone has already made one of the above into a gun, the flashlight shot guns are pretty cool too.

Anonymous Benjinator said...

the suspender gun is actually a wrist gun. you can tell from the drawings within the picture

Blogger flatty45 said...

the hook gun looks to me to be used to kill a nasty fish when it pulls on the hook...thats my guess

Anonymous Self Defense Products said...

I think these items are super cool, but yes many of these are already made into stun guns like the Cell Phone Stun Gun...You can find these stun guns at 4.5 million volts too! ouch!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last pic with finnish 20mm Lahti anti-tank rifle always forces a grin out :)
Just think how dem rabbits are gonna be suprised with this!

(20mm Lahti ate same ammo as german AA-20mm, named Solothurn-20mm)

Blogger michael said...

where can i go to buy one of these as antique if anyone knows please can you email me michael021083@yahoo.com i like to collect them as an investment, i know they would appreciate in price.

Blogger michael said...

where can you buy these guns as a collector i love to have them if anyone knows please email me michael0129@yahoo.com


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