DRB Feel-Good Issue #33

Link - by Avi Abrams

Some joyful stuff to brighten up your day

Welcome to the new issue of Dark Roasted Blend's "Feel-Good" series: mostly bright and sweet collection of images designed to give you inspiration for the entire week ahead:

Boldt Castle (the power house), built in 1904 on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands, New York (more info):

(image via)

Crimea - Novy Svet area ("Novy Svet" means "The New World") - photo by Alexander Naumenko:

(image credit: Alexander Naumenko)

Here is a fine addition to our "Most Dangerous Roads" series: the road to Fairy Meadows in Tibet, photo taken by Shakh Khan:

(image credit: Shakh Khan)

"The Foot of God"?
Extreme weather: "Favorite photo from yesterday (July 21, 2015) near Acme" (close to Calgary, Alberta, Canada) - taken by storm chaser Jo Majko:

(image credit: Jo Majko)


Mixed fresh links for today:

List of Rediscovered Films - [fascinating]
New Earth-like planet discovered (in a habitable zone) - [wow space]
Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway - [scary scenario]
Photo taken by the drone in inaccessible location - [wow nature]
History of Light Bulb Development - [great geek article]
First Detective Movie: 30 sec long (1900) - [cool info]
Game Break: "Uphill Rush" - [gaming fun]
You probably read this already: Cascadia Mega-quake - [extreme nature]
Good scientific talk on coming mega-quake - [Cascadia Fault]
Every Single Spacesuit: Great Pic - [space]
Say hello to a feathered velociraptor - [unexpected, dino-fuzz]
Natural Nuclear Reactor in Africa - [self-sustaining nuclear chain reactions]
Catzooka - Cat Launcher! - [fun video]
Video-bombing the News - [wow video]
Most Bizarre Slow-Motion Video Ever - [wow video]
The Mystery of Magenta: Does Purple Exist? - [wow video]
Did you see this channel? It’s hilarious! - [Convos With My 2-Year-Old]



Currently listening to:
(feel free to copy-paste this in YouTube, most of entries on this list can be found there)

Butterscotch - "Office Girl" (great song for watching the "Office" show, UK 1968)
Electric Light Orchestra - "Midnight Blue" (baroque pop, UK 1979)
John Bromley - "If You Are There With Me" (beautiful ballad, UK 1967)
Francesco De Masi - "Ringo Face of Revenge" from "Ringo, il volto della vendetta" (western, 1966)
The E-Types - "The Love Of The Loved" (Beatles song) (Merseybeat, 1964)
Fountains of Wayne - "Hey Julie" (happy song, 1966)
Bruno Nicolai - "Bullet for a Stranger - Gli fumavano le Colt" (western theme, Italy 1971)
Pupo - "Nashville" (neat Italian pop, 1981)
Simon & Garfunkel - "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)" (a classic, 1966)
Nico Fidenco - "Clayton A Cavallo" from "Lo Voglio Morto" (western, 1968)
Marit Larsen - "Fuel" (wonderful folk, singer-songwriter, Norway 2008)
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - "Lets Be More Than Friends" (sunshine pop, 1966)
Gianni Ferrio - "Give Me Back" Theme from "Un Dollaro Bucato" (instrumental, 1966)
Stories - "Kathleen" (great baroque pop, 1972)
Cara Luft - "Talk For a While" (singer-songwriter, 2009 Canada - here)
The Sidetrack - "Wild Eyes" (rare baroque pop, 1969)
Paul Mauriat - "La Decadance" (instrumental, France 1971)
The Choir (1988 band) - "Sad Face", "About Love" (great indie band, 1988 - 1, 2)
Ozark Mountain Daredevils - "Watermill" (great country pop, 1971)
The Spotnicks - "Gonna Find My Angel" (guitar surf, Sweden 1984)
Jim & The Beatmakers - "You Can’t Go Away" (rare Merseybeat, Finland 1964)
Johann Sebastian Bach - "Cantata BWV 47 - 1 Chor" by Sigiswald Kuijken (masterpiece, 1724 - here)
Blue Horizon - "Carrickfergus" (rare folk album, UK 1971 - here)
Herman’s Hermits - "Traveling Light" (sunshine pop, UK 1966)
Galaxion - "Leaving Outside" (spacesynth, Finland 2011)
Mark & The Spies - "But I Do" (neo-Merseybeat, Netherlands 2007)
Marco Rochowski - "Cosmic Renaissance", "A Star In Heaven" (awesome spacesynth, Germany 2005)



"Lucky One" is coming in for a landing - art by Remo Lienhard:

(image credit: Remo Lienhard)

Soviet 1960s-1970s retrofuture art, see more here:

Wicked space art by Klaus Wittmann, see it here:

(image credit: Klaus Wittmann)

"The Stars, Like Dust" - "space cleaner" illustration from "Surreal Space" series by German artist Robert Richter, more here:

(image credit: Robert Richter)

"Space Battleship Yamato" , 1970s Japanese space adventure manga by Leiji Matsumoto (also showing "Space Adventure: Cobra") -



Beautiful actresses: Patty Duke, Senta Berger, Jean Simmons, Catherine Deneuve, Leslie Caron, and more -

Patty Duke

Senta Berger

Jenny Agutter, Jean Simmons

(original unknown)

Catherine Deneuve, Leslie Caron

1956 Buick Centurion Concept

Barbara Rush

Summer of 1968 - "The Wild Racers" poster (fragment)

Barbara Rush

Susan Dey

Hayley Mills and James MacArthur in the 1965 movie "The Truth About Spring"

Giorgia Moll

left: Susan Dey

Ingrid Pitt

Ludmila Savelyeva in the epic 1966 Russian movie "War and Peace" - and no, this is not an iPhone!

Russian actress Marina Neelova

1956 Buick Centurion Concept


Very cool Campari 1950s mobile bar -

Nice way to store your bike for winter:

Fun, fun, fun! -

Pluto still has its secrets:

A carved watermelon:

No comment:

Until next time! Keep the sunshine, folks.




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it time for Pam Grier to appear in a feel good issue?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Absolutely! Just watched "Jacky Brown" again, excellent movie


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