DRB Feel-Good Issue #31

Link - by Avi Abrams

Some joyful stuff to brighten up your day

Surreal art by a Spanish-Mexican painter Remedios Varo Uranga:

(images credit: Remedios Varo Uranga)

Andrei Sokolov's Soviet 1970s space art:

(art for The Andromeda Nebula Soviet 1967 movie)

Space poster art for the "Star Crash" movie, starring Caroline Munro:


Mixed fresh links for today:

Solar Flux Ropes - [wow space, video]
NASA's EmDrive Breakthrough - [space, tech]
Tokyo's Possible Megaquake - [extreme nature]
Mount Fuiji is not dormant; more - [extreme nature]
Largest Internal Ocean Waves Discovered - [science]
World's First Self-Driving Truck - [auto]
Mesmerizing Infinite Zoom - [animated gif]
Infinitely Falling Shepard's Tone: info - [cool stuff]
Terrifying 1906 Illustrations of H. G. Wells' 'The War of the Worlds' - [scifi art]
How to walk the streets of Barranquilla, Colombia, and not die - [travel]
Unique Crowns of Silla - [history, art]
36 Hours in Mordor - [tourism guide]
HoloLens Great Demos - [wow tech, video]
Antique Silver Toaster - [great find, video]
Berlin in 1900, in color! - [wow video]
J. S. Bach: Crab Canon on a Moebius Strip - [wow video]
Over 100,000 free ebooks - [ideas for reading]
Play "Super Smash Flash", if bored - [gaming]



Currently listening to:
(feel free to copy-paste this in YouTube, most of entries on this list can be found there)

Omega - "Skyrover Overture" (opening only) (epic intro, Hungary 1973)
Francesco De Masi - "Il Ranch Degli Spietati" from "Oklahoma John" (western, Italy 1965)
Joe Dassin - "L'albatros" (romantic pop, French 1975)
The Joe Meek Orchestra - "Cry My Heart" (beautiful song, UK 1963, here)
Franck Pourcel & Orchestra - "Quinze Ans" (romantic instrumental, France 1974)
The Choir - "When You Were With Me" (forgotten Merseybeat, US 1968)
Demis Roussos - "Lost In a Dream" (great melody, a classic, Greece 1973)
Jet - "Hold On" (great power-pop ballad, Australia 2003)
Ian & The Zodiacs - "Ticket To Ride" (Merseybeat, UK 1965)
Jim Steinman, Fire Inc. - "Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young" (epic stuff, 1984, here)
The Quid - "Mersey-side" (rare garage instrumental, Canada 1964)
Pupo - "La Mia Liberta" (happy Italian song, 1985)
Francis Lai - "Love Is A Funny Thing" from "Homme qui me plait" (France, 1969)
Jerry Goldsmith - Finale & Theme from "Take A Hard Ride" (epic western, 1975)
Design - "Strawberry Hills Forever" (great version) (baroque pop, 1971)
Electric Light Orchestra - "Julie Don't Live Here Anymore" (unreleased, 1981)
Paul Mauriat - "Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless)" (French instrumental, 1977)
Ennio Morricone - "Tema dell'Amore" from "Labbra di Lurido Blu" (rare & beautiful, 1975)
Raphael Freynet - "Retour Sur Terre" (soothing pop, France 2010)
The Traveling Wilburys - "The Troubler" (instrumental, 1998)
The Beatles - "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" (delectable concoction, 1967)
Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra - "Pieces of Dreams" (instr. by Michel Legrand, 1973)
Jerry Reed - "Eastbound And Down" (classic fun country, 1977)
Jigsaw - "Say Hello To Mrs Jones" (rare baroque pop, UK 1970)
Beneditto Marcello - "L'Assedio di Siracusa" (Title track) (epic instrumental, 1960)

The last entry is the most beautiful "Adagio from Concerto in C minor for oboe and strings", initially attributed to Benedetto Marcello, then Alessandro Marcello (the D minor version). It was included in the film "Anonimo veneziano" (Italy, 1970).

ABBA, 1975



BEAUTIFUL ACTRESSES & SINGERS: France Anglade, Imogen Hassall, Susan Strasberg, Jennifer Connelly, etc:

German singer Audrey Arno, popular in France in the 1960s, via

unknown model from "Glamour Photography" magazine, July 1954

Annie Girardot

Russian actresses Tamara Syomina, Larisa Golubkina

Jean Simmons, Susan Hayward

Jennifer Connelly

Terry Moore

Tahnee Welch and "Cocoon" movie poster

Natalie Wood

Macha Meril, Natalie Wood, Sandra Milo

Giorgia Moll

Colleen Corby


Is... this... real?... -

Bags having fun:

Until next time! Keep the sunshine, folks.




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