DRB Feel-Good Issue #26

Link - by Avi Abrams

Some joyful stuff to brighten up your day
Mixed images flow: cars, girls, etc.

Welcome to the new issue of Dark Roasted Blend's "Feel-Good" series: mostly bright and sweet collection of images designed to feed your imagination and give you an inspiration for the coming day:

Check out this wonderfully evocative science fiction scene by Ryo Iwai, Japan:

(image credit: Ryo Iwai)

Futuristic urban landscape from the "Logan's Run" movie, 1976 -

"Sunny November" by Nik Yeliseyev - see more here:

(image credit: Nik Yeliseyev)

Soviet science fiction art from the 1970s:

Surreal art by Igor Morski, Poland:

(image credit: Igor Morski)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Super Spectacular Flight Over NYC - [wow pics, scroll]
Who Killed Science Fiction? Full text from... 1962 - [scroll down]
Why is (Printed) Science Fiction Dying? - [great discussion]
The Future of Rare Earth Elements - [infographic]
Posters of... Random Wiki Article A-Day - [neat idea]
William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job - [scroll down for pics]
What Ancient Greeks Thought About Planetary Motion - [with great GIFs]
Fascinating Colorized Historical Photographs - [wow gallery]
Super-Intense SF Art by Klaus Wittmann - [gallery, kinda nsfw]
Most Hilarious (Real) Workout Video Ever - [fun video]
Lava Entering the Ocean: Really Upclose - [wow video]
Stealing TV from a store - [weird video]
Amazing Skills of Cutting A Steak - [wow video]
Zombie Choir: Wild & Hilarious Thing - [funny]
Book Sifter: List of Free Books - [for book lovers]
Play this "Snail Bob", if bored! - [gaming]



Feel free to copy-paste this in YouTube, most of entries on this list can be found there:

The Shamrocks - "The Smiling Kind" ("Merseybeat" from Sweden, 1964)
Fausto Papetti - "Je t'Aimerai jusqu'a la Fin du Monde" (instrumental, 1976)
Ennio Morricone - "Le Pistole Non Discutono 3" fast theme (western movie, 1964)
The Glory Rhodes - "I'm So Happy" (unapologetically happy, 1966)
The Cyrkle - "The Party" from "The Minx" movie (neat instrumental, 1967)
The Five Day Week Straw People - "Sunday Morning" (far-out psychedelia, 1966)
Paul Mauriat - "Rain And Tears" (baroque pop instrumental, 1968)
The Smoke Ring - "No, Not Much" (beautiful ballad, 1966)
This Perfect Day - "Oh Suzie" (great power pop, 1998)
The Dubliners - "Carrickfergus" (lovely version of the old ballad)
Franco Bixio - "A Pugni Nudi" (beautiful melody from 1974 Italian movie)
Berto Pisano - "Sound For A Child" from "La Svergognata" movie (Italy, 1974)
The Shondells - "Every Day, Every Night" (energetic garage number, 1966)
Ewan Dobson - "Time Two" (great guitar effects, 2009
Jeff Lynne - "Sirens" (unreleased, haunting 1989)
Francesco De Masi - Themes from "Vado... l'ammazzo e torno" (western, Italy 1967)
Roberto Pregadio - "Eva la venere selvaggia" (romantic instr. from 1968 movie)
Steff Sulke - "Oh, What A Lovely Day" (very rare sunshine pop psych, UK 1968)
The Dakotas - "Cruel Sea" (surf instrumental, 1963)
Michel Legrand - "Reves Secrets d'Un Prince et d'Une Princesse" (duet, 1970)
Fancy - "Flames of Love" (classic Italo-disco, romantic, 1989)



BEAUTIFUL ACTRESSES: Mary Murphy, Mary Carlisle, Anita Ekberg, Mala Powers, Georgina Moon, and others:

Chrysler Airflow, 1937

Giorgia Moll

Jennifer Jones

Jean Simmons

Oldsmobile F-88 concept car from 1954

Mary Murphy, Mary Carlisle

Georgina Moon in the UFO TV series

Wencke Myhre

Mala Powers, photo by LIFE Magazine

Colleen Corby

Jane Fonda

Nonna Terentieva, Russia

Elena Koreneva, Russia

Marina Neelova, Russia

Pontiac Torpedo Eight, 1940



Beautiful still-life by Inna Korobova, Russia:

(image credit: Inna Korobova)

Found in a basket:

(image credit: Natasha Ivanichek)

Winter days:

(image credit: Gogouua)


Oops! Computer crash, or an alien message? -

(original unknown)

Russian political graffiti in Saint Petersburg:

(image via Art Lebedev)

Have your emergency somewhere else, please -

Until next time! Keep the sunshine, folks.




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