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"QUANTUM SHOT" #521(rev)
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Awesome gadgets and radical technology - from a mind of a child

"What would you like to get as a present?" - Russian magazine Bolshoi Gorod asked 3 to 9 year old children this simple question, and got some surprising answers (here are some highlights, illustrated by Timur Akhmetov, and translated by DRB)

I Want "The Wish-Fulfillment Machine"
by Anna Perrole, 9 year old

Definitely a product of "wishful thinking", this appliance would be painted yellow, have some dinosaur bone ornamentation, and generally resemble a washing machine.

All you need to do is stick your head into the round opening, experience a feeling of weightlessness, and make your wish.

Closest Match in Real Life:

"The Wish Machine" - a vending machine by Chrysanne Stathacos, which freely distributes wishes to those who lack quality wishes of their own. It's an art project, of course, but it does fulfill a function in a peculiar way: the machine dispensed essential oils that help you to meditate on your wish before asking for anything.

(image credit: Chrysanne Stathacos)


The Schmurgo-Plane!
by Anton Imaga, 3 year old

"I dream of a schmurgo-plane: it's a boat with miniature wheels and big butterfly-type wings. It will make lots of noise, flap its wings and transport me to countries far, far away."

Closest Match in Real Life:

"Volitan" (The Flying Fish) is a concept sail-vessel that consumes no fuel, using alternative energy sources instead. It was a winner in Transportation Design category at IDA 2007. See the Volitan video here

(images via)


I want a gun that kills bad thoughts
Artem Bulavin, 9, Yulia Romanova, 6

"It would be a laser weapon that would kill all bad thoughts, intentions and all bad ideas."

This is a pretty radical and extreme wish that certainly does not come true in real life... except perhaps inside this Russian Psychotronic Pistol:

(image via)

You would think that this picture shows something similar to brainwashing, but it is, in fact, a hair-styling device from the 1950s - see a bunch of them here


I want a hat that would make everyone to fall in love with you
Dima Rodionov, 7 year old

"If you put this hat on, then all girls would instantly fall in love with you." (If this comes true, it might actually turn into a nightmare, but at his age Dima is not aware of all possible complications... yet)

Nothing like that exists in reality, of course... except inside "AXE" advertising campaigns and videos; and inside every third spam email you get nowadays.


I want an alien for a pet
Ilia Muntz, 8 year old

This alien should be 4,000 year old, immensely powerful (it would shoot with sound waves, fly faster than any jet, could instantly burrow itself deep underground, and pick up objects with his long nose). It should have horns, eight eyes and bristling needles all over.


Disposable Girlfriend
Egor Gortilin, 5 year old

"I want a girl who would be like a daughter of Old Father Frost - if I get tired of her, I'll make her drink some hot tea, and she will instantly melt away into nothing."


Quantum-Portal High Chair
Nina Deniskina, 4 year old

A special booster / high chair with a wonderful secret: if your parent starts feeding you cereal while you sit on it, all the food bites would disappear into a mysterious portal located right next to your mouth, so you wouldn't need to actually eat any of the food!

This guy would probably have the same problem, if he decides to eat anything - without any quantum portals, etc:

(image credit: Rogiro)


A few more curiosities from children's imagination:

"A Hair Dryer That Shrinks Everything" and a "Bulldozer that Produces Candy" (at the other end of it) -

These kids apparently don't like going to school all that much:

"A Box with Your Clone Inside" (that would just go to school instead of you) and "A Bed with Human Feet" for easy transportation in the morning:

"Flashlight, doubling as a lie-detector" and "Remote-Controlled Air Balloons":

And finally, the "invention" that takes the cake in how awesomely weird it sounds:

Neuron Regeneration Tree
Yulia Sobolevskaya, 5.5 year old

"I want to plant a seed of the tree that grows brain cells. I will grow it in a pot and give to my grandma - she always says that brain cells don't regenerate."


Want to spur your child's creativity and imagination for inventing new gadgets and technology for the future? Try using this instead of a normal baby carriage (we guarantee you, your child will never forget the experience) -

Pramulator Baby Carriage

John Knott from Bent Fabrication made this futuristic carriage from hand-shaped aluminum panels and an antique baby stroller:

(images by John Knott)



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