DRB Time-Slice: 1966 Vehicles: Latin America Buses

Link - article by Avi Abrams

Time-Slices: Random Delectable Pieces of Art, Style and Technology - Year-by-Year, from 1900 to Now

Today we're launching a new exciting feature of Dark Roasted Blend that we've been meaning to develop for quite some time. In line with our motto and policy "Addictive Exploration", we decided to add some delectable randomness and a better focus to our pictorials and overview articles. Today we present Time-Slices: totally addictive and delicious "Best of the Best" pickings of country-specific art, culture, technology and fashion, which should go great with our special Dark Roasted Blend of cool things to complement your daily coffee ritual!

To ensure total and complete randomness of these outings we use Random Number Generator for "Years" and "Category" and Random Country Generator for "Locations". We are going to gradually fill out our custom 100-year timeline with fascinating entries (in parallel with our usual features and normal content), so stay tuned and check on us often!

Today's "Spin of the Exploration Wheel" gave us the following:

Year: 1966
Category: Vehicles
Location: Latin America

And it so happens, that I have something special to show you just for that particular Time-Slice from my recent visit to Europe:

Fantastically Decorated, "Psychedelic-Style" Beautiful 1966 Mercedes-Benz LO 1112 Bus (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This bus is truly a must-see at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany - I took a few pictures of it, and some are so colorful that they almost ask to be framed. This model was produced from 1966 to 1972 (this particular bus is from 1969) at Mercedes factories in Brazil and Argentina:

(all images credit: Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend)

Looking at the front of this gorgeous bus can produce almost a visual overload: there are swaths of chrome, lurid embellishments, and general sense of baroque (or psychedelic?) over-indulgence:

(all images credit: Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend)

These buses were used on many twisty (and some very dangerous) mountain roads in South America, so it is only appropriate that some of the artwork shows elements of gambling (dice, cards), luck and general reliance on the Force Above to safely complete the journey:

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.




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Anonymous Max said...

Oh, that's tasteful and toned down compared to typical Asian buses. If you can see the driver, it must be poorly decorated...

Blogger Satyam said...

Actually, that bus does not run in any mountainous region at all but in Buenos Aires, which is in an alluvial plain with the closest hills about 400km away. Each bus line has a distinctive set of colors, one for the lower half, one for the top and a third highlight band in between. Colors can be repeated and there are lines whose busses are all a single color. Any additional decoration is up to the owner. You can see the color scheme far easier than read the bus line number. Color schemes are still used but flourishes as shown in this bus are rare nowadays as artists able to paint them are scarce. In those days, the route number and terminal stops were painted permanently on each unit, just as the color scheme. As bus lines merge, the distinctive bus line colors are also starting to go away as any company wants to have the freedom to assign its busses to any line, upon demand, and they have the buses for all their routes using the same corporate colors.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool, after a month of no updates, five pictures. Weird and wonderful, discovered monthly, sorta.


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