Just Horsing Around (Funny Pics)

Link - article by Avi Abrams

The Incredible Adventures of Simple, Mundane Horses, Camels, and Sheep

We've already pages of funny pictures devoted to giraffes, bears, cats, dogs, and even frogs!. Now's time to turn the funny-bone compass toward simple, mundane beasts of burden, various cattle and a few inexplicably happy camels.

We will start with some totally random appearances of horses: in a living room window, for example -

These horses seem to be miserably stuck (if these pics were not Photoshopped):

Of course, stuck horses can be also a subject for modernist art, like in this case (an equestrian sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan):

Do you like my hair style? -

What are you saying?? -

(right image: via)

Horse acrobatics:

Waiting patiently -

This Yorkshire terrier is quite happy to be out of the water:

(image via)

Solarium for Horses

These lucky horses are getting a tan as part of the grooming and rehabilitation process before upcoming races. Some of the pretty high-tech equipment can be ordered here: "a system of multiple large red lamps emitting Infra-Red (IR) rays. IR is a form of heat radiation, not to be confused with Ultra Violet (UV) radiation which provides a source of artificial sunlight for stable kept horses"

This cat (right image below) is probably very jealous:

(photos by Mary Volkova)

Other wild and farm animals having happy moments

(originals unknown)

Up close and personal:

Grooming is everything! -

Movie time! -

(very strange picture, not sure of the backstory here)

Happy Hawaii (actually, probably a beach in India):

(image via)

These Russian cows blend very well with a birch forest:

(original unknown)

Some assorted alpacas, looking like a 1980s rock group lineup:

This is probably the most glamorous shot of camels in history - and the most enviable environment, to boot!
Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia:

(image credit: Brett and Donna Symons)

Zebras join the fun:

(originals unknown)

Milk comes out... milk goes in -

More cows goofing around; this one wants to be an elephant -

(this is part of the Land Rover ad campaign, see here)

"Stranded Lulu is airlifted home by a cable car" - more info (on the right, a cow is part of Swissmilk "Milk makes you strong" campaign... also on the right is the proposed Dursey Island zip line to transport livestock and people, info) -

(images via 1, 2)

These goats look like they're having a "prayer meeting":

(original unknown)

...and this one seems to have attained some supernatural powers already:

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.



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Blogger Skipweasel said...

Oh show me a home,
where the buffalo roam,
and I'll show you a home
full of .....

"Dad! The buffalo's crapped in my headphones again."


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