DRB Pic-of-the-Day: Shire on Earth

Link - by Avi Abrams

Found! The secret hideout of hobbits and cheese-lovers. And no, it's not in New Zealand.

Swiss photographer Robin Halioua seems to have found the most definitive Shire on this planet, and it is located (no surprise) in Switzerland. The area is called Emmental and it's well-known to cheese lovers all over the world for original Emmental cheese (yum!) - and, judging from these pictures, we strongly recommend this area to be chosen as a main location for shooting "The Silmarillion", if such lovely idea would ever strike Hollywood as feasible.

With Robin Halioua's exclusive permission we bring you a glimpse of glorious Emmental... but do take a look at his gallery featuring many wondrous and magical shots inside forests, misty valleys and other faery hideouts:

(images credit: Robin Halioua, under permission)

Here is the similarly mind-blowing panorama but taken at a slightly different location; the majestic skyline seems to stretch for dozens of miles (the wonders never cease) - and notice the humble house, clearly the magical abode of some cheese-loving nice folk, picturesquely (near perfectly) built upon this Middle-Earth-look-alike landscape.

(image credit: Robin Halioua)

And are these the "White Mountains" on the horizon? Well, these are the incomparable, spectacular-beyond-belief Swiss Alps (near Saentis), building higher and higher, level upon level of sheer awesomeness climbing into the sky - here is the closer look:

The almost-hidden path through light-infused forest completes the enchantment:

(images copyright: Robin Halioua, under permission)

Continue to the photographer's gallery for more great shots of the area.

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