Gorgeous Espresso Machines

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Link - Article by Radhika Seth of YankoDesign and A. Abrams

If there is no gorgeous woman in your kitchen, at least get a gorgeous espresso machine!

Isn't this a perfect theme for "Dark Roasted Blend" article? I think so! Especially since the best vintage espresso machines boast awesome design, acres of brass and chrome, ooze tons of class (and in addition pour heavenly espresso shots). For a groovy blend of steampunk and a "wish for a better future" every morning, day and evening - get an awesome kitchen sculpture... er, espresso machine, preferably from Italy.

Here is the marvelous 1920s Kaiser Espresso machine, on display in the Technical Museum (Vienna, Austria). On the right is the 1950s espresso machine "Faema Nettuno" from the same museum:

(images credit: Technisches Museum, Wien, via Dieselpunks; right photo by Peter Sedlaczek)

If it's the brass you want, the brass we got -

Vintage bliss... La Pavoni: Romantica Europiccola Brass Espresso Machine - buy it here

La Pavoni machine's details, dating from 1931 -

(images credit: tonx)

MJ’s Brevetti Gaggia (from Michael Jackson's kitchen, no less) espresso and cappuccino machine features “polished chrome with bands of repousse and reticulated brass. Tank bears a Neverland plaque, is flanked by decorative Turkish tea vessels and is crested by an eagle finial.” Price? $1000-$2000 USD - more info:

(images via 1, 2)

Since 1947, The Elektra Company also makes handsome vintage machines - buy them here

(images via)

VFA Gold Dome "1930s" Espresso Machine and other fantastic Belle Epoque creations can still be found in select (mostly European) establishments:

(left image credit: Kristin & Adam)

(images via 1, 2)

Modern Creative Examples

1. "Pearl", by Andreas Diefenbach

Pure white ceramics marry rich gold in a heavenly simple shape, perfect for your private space yacht bound for Callisto:

("Pearl", by Andreas Diefenbach)

2. "esPRESSivo", by Shao-Lun Chao

The esPRESSivo Portable Espresso Coffee Maker is a unique way to get your fix outdoors. This machine overcomes all the troubles of brewing espresso outdoors by allowing you to press the beans, light up a small flame at the base of the unit to brew your cuppa, and stores the surplus too!

(designer: Shao-Lun Chao)

3. One Arm Coffee Bandit! The Nilko “IMO”, by Alisson Wilson Stroher

Are you up for some arm wrestling? No? ok coffee wrestling? Aha... the Nilko “IMO” concept coffee maker wrestles you into making the java just right and nothing else.

(designer: Alisson Wilson Stroher)

4. "Deconstructed" Espresso Machine by Adam Zerbib

It seems, the weirder espresso machine 's shape, the better:

(designer: Adam Zerbib)

Next one would be "espresso machine" in cubist, or Picasso- style, or entirely deconstructed, with parts dangling around...

Unusual Coffee Machines and Coffee Bean Grinders

5. "Cocoon" Coffee Machine by Jan König

Power of two spheres! This sophisticated pot features twin-spherical bowls and the water is heated via induction in the outer sphere. A pump in the handhold transports the warm water to the filter and finally the ready coffee drips into the inner sphere. The resulting cavity (where the water was before) between the both spheres, now serves as a natural insulator and keeps the coffee warm.

(designer: Jan König)

6. "Hottie", by Arpan Maiti

On the go and don’t want to indulge in the impersonal Barista? Concoct your own potion of love with the Hottie. It uses silver as the conductive metal, with 3 modular containers to hold instant coffee, creme, and sugar. When not in use, the drinking cup hides the 3 containers on a heating base with retractable cord. When you’re ready for that morning joe, remove the containers, invert the cup and set it on the base. Mix your drink and plug it in. Within 2 minutes you’ve got your hot drink.

(designer: Arpan Maiti)

7. A Cool Jet Set & A Cup Warmer Tray

More entries from Nespresso Design Contest Left image: a concept Nespresso brewer that is to be enjoyed aboard your private aircraft. On the right is a service tray that doubles up as coffee warmers! - by Jeremy Myrier:

(images via)

8. Only Serious Coffee Drinkers Need Apply!

This coffee machine makes it almost a ceremonial process of roasting, grinding and brewing of fresh green beans... Designed by Tom Metcalfe:

(see videos of how to use this machine here)

9. "Heart Bean Coffee Grinder", by Adi Navwany, Michal Shamsian, Itamar Paloge & Danielle Ram

If have an intimate relation with your beans, I mean coffee beans, then the Heart Bean is perfect-o for you. Made from a single piece of carved wood, this coffee grinder compliments your body contours to the T. don’t get me wrong, but people are passionate about this drink:

(designers: Adi Navwany, Michal Shamsian, Itamar Paloge & Danielle Ram)

10. Italian Espresso Futurism

Guillermo Sureda-Burgos, Italy, designs very desirable espresso machines (among other things). We definitely want one!

The Plastica Model:

The Aerodynamica Model:

(images credit: Guillermo Sureda Burgos)

Complement your cool espresso machine with a LATTE ART MACHINE!

If you like what you see in the images below... "Latte Art" has become quite popular of late, and a specialized machine makes it easy to create, perfect every time:

(images credit: tonx)

(original unknown)

Here are some examples of the art made by the machine, displayed at SIGGRAPH 2008:

(images via)

More great latte foam art examples are here.

(image credit: Sliadneva)

Other weird examples of coffee culture and gadgetry:

Students of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel, are responsible for these design ideas for espresso cups - some are neat enough to find some customers, if manufactured:

(images via)

If you are Chuck Norris, then you serve coffee in this manner:

About the author: Radhika Seth is a feature writer for Yanko Design, which is a web magazine dedicated to introducing the best in modern international design, covering industrial design, concepts, technology, interior design, architecture, exhibition and fashion.


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Blogger Felonius Monk said...

My dad had a huge espresso machine that he had purchased in Italy in the 50's. It ran the whole length of the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, our house, and everything in it was destroyed by a tornado (grew up in Kansas) in 1974, but man I can almost smell that amazing coffee my dad used to brew up in that wonderful, amazing machine....

Blogger suddenmovements said...

You can't forget this guy's amazing works! He's an artist, and an innovative engineer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serious coffee fans would know that using freshly roasted beans makes for awful coffee...


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