Incredible Optical Illusions, Part 5

Link - article by Avi Abrams

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." --Albert Einstein

In view of this well-known quote... constructing optical illusions, carefully arranging trick-perspective sculptures and painting three-dimensional illusory street canvases becomes the only respectable, true-to-life and "realistic" occupation left to any thoughtful artist and thinker in this bizarre world of ours. Being always fascinated by such exploits and attracted by the "twisted mirrors" of the realm of the Unreal, we present to you our fifth installment in this highly popular DRB series - with more to come in the near future.

We start with a recursive Painting Illusion, also called the Droste effect (first used back in 1320, by Italian painter Giotto di Bondone):

(original unknown)

Here is a wonderful shadow illusion, that has been recently put together from various pieces of luggage at an airport for a TAM Airlines promotion:

(image via)

This "Infinity Room" has been on display at Auckland Art Gallery, titled "Optical Spaces - Environment III":

(image via)

It was created by Belgian artist Luc Peire - see the video here

Weird Multidirectional Face Illusions

Venezuelan artist Jesus Gonzalez Rodriguez presents a 1/2 Photoshop project that at first glance can really confound a viewer: how many faces are shown? And which face is really looking toward the camera?

(image credit: Jesus Gonzalez Rodriguez, artist's Facebook, Twitter)

We've already shown you some of the painted hands and faces making up some curious illusions, but the latest batch of such eye-deceiving work comes from Guido Daniele and certainly deserves an inclusion in our roundup - no objects here, only painted hands of the artist! -

(images credit: Guido Daniele)

Here is another interesting face-painting effect:

(original unknown)

Your fingers can be put to work, too:

buy these "shoes for fingers" here

Fancy Photography and Montage Tricks

What do you see here (left image below) ... a skull?... astronauts? Actually, both -

(top left image via)

Illusions of this kind have been pretty popular even 100 years ago (done with various Victorian people with objects) and constitute a special category of "skull illusions":

The effect shown on the left is relatively easy to achieve at your office; right image shows only some water sprinklers hiding in the bushes:

Some basic composition tricks lead to a hilarious comment on old Soviet car quality:

(image via)

Another accidental illusion: random sun reflections combine into a smiley face:

More Amazing Examples of 3D Street Art

Kurt Wenner allowed us to show his latest three-dimensional street paintings:

(images via)

Only at a certain angle you will be startled to see this fluorescent face painted on a fence:

(original unknown)

Here is an exceptional street-art illusion created near Paris Town hall: an anamorphosis work of art by François Abelanet

(image via)

Peanuts, "Abbey Road" version:

(original unknown)

Check out these rifts and gashes in urban reality (right: art by Nikolaj Arndt):

(image via)

Some illusions can be really empowering: - also by Nikolaj Arndt

(image via)

The Pill - by "We Talk Chalk" team:

(image via)

Dutch street painter Leon Keer has graciously allowed us to show you his latest street pavement illusions, including a 3D terracota LEGO army:

(images credit: Leon Keer)

Something Hidden, Something Revealed - Optical Illusions in Art: an Update

Russian painter Oleg Shuplyak hides faces in his carefully arranged compositions:

(images credit: Oleg Shuplyak)

Even more interestingly, there are "faces within faces" - all composed from people and objects:

(images credit: Oleg Shuplyak)

This is a perspective illusion sculpture by James Hopkins (see more of his work at this site):

(image credit: James Hopkins)

This marvelous landscape "Mammoths Swimming at Night" has been used in the "Explosions in the Sky" music video:

(image credit: DKNG Studios)

And we finish with this beautiful image by photographer Erik Johansson, which speaks to us of romanticism, fresh perspectives and of coming summer and spring:

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.




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Blogger Alejandro said...

I saw the painting "ThePill" and I know it was made by a friend of mine from Monterrey, Mexico.
His name is Andres Vera (http://www.juandresvera.com/).

Just to give you more information about the artists.
Great site!

Blogger Unknown said...


Just wanted to point out that Oleg Shuplyak is Ukrainian painter, not Russian. Thanks.


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