Three-Dimensional Mechanical Fractals

"QUANTUM SHOT" #535(rev)
Link - article by Avi Abrams

Don't stare at them for too long, or your brain will capsize!

We featured some spectacular fractal art before, but this particular batch looks like it originated straight from some dark industrial future, an art made by computers - for computers. These are the "Mechanical Fractals" by Jock Cooper. With his exclusive permission, we are happy to present this incredibly sophisticated post-cyberpunk art on DRB:

While flying over Darth Vader's Death Star, I saw this...

These images look like photographs of the Death Star, showing its fabulous mighty machinery, or maybe they show the under-the-hood circuitry of some futuristic supercomputer, perhaps even an Artificial Intelligence? -

...or maybe it's the interior of the Borg Cube?

Here is the Borg Cube "under construction" -

This technique might be helpful to game designers, creating a tangle of industrial objects in the wink of an eye (or it could be used as an invaluable texture generator):

If nature does indeed evolve according to the fractal laws, wouldn't then Artificial Intelligence follow the same "construction path to infinity"? -

(images credit: Jock Cooper)

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio..."

Fractals are infinitely diverse, presenting a boundless Kingdom to explore for artists and scientists alike. Jock Cooper's "traditional" fractals do not disappoint:

Some of fractals visually resemble masterpieces of well-known surreal artists:

Art Deco? You can find it inside fractals, as well -

While other fractals remind us of forms and shapes found in nature, like this shell-like piece:

This fractal is like a glimpse of some interstellar war between alien energy beings:

And this one features somewhat steampunk-ish mood / palette:

(images credit: Jock Cooper)

I dare you to delve deep into Jock Cooper's hundred-plus galleries and get hooked on seeing more, and more of them...

Groovy Fractals by Professor Enigma

Everyone sees different things in fractals, but with enough time and access to proper software, your exploration of these "rabbit-holes of infinity" can become truly endless. Drew Terry, aka Professor Enigma, sent us these interesting snapshots:

(images credit: Drew Terry)

More "Death Star"-like 3D Landscapes

This one comes from Ramiro Perez: it is simply stunning in detail (click to enlarge) and polished design:

(image credit: Ramiro Perez)

This piece is called "The Furnace" and could be depicting a part of an enormous starship' hyperspace engine... while the next image looks like a mysterious husk of an alien artifact (like something from incredible space epics by Alastair Reynolds, for example):

(image credit: Ramiro Perez)

If you like M. C. Escher's mind-puzzles and impossible objects, consider this "Xenodream" painting by Dirk Monteny (it extends and warps inside out, possibly forever) -

(image credit: Dirk Monteny)

Wouldn't it be great to rotate this thing? Mind-boggling.

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend.




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Blogger Chris said...

Very groovy article.

Blogger Chris said...

Very groovy article.


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