Wildly Funny Frogs

Link - article by Avi Abrams

If things don't go well for you, there is always a FROG somewhere which has it much, much worse

Frogs are marvelous examples of complete adaptation to their surroundings: it may be cold, wet and miserable, but a frog would always feel in its element, and would not mind at all. Good nature photographers, however, are always able to capture frogs in their "moments of weakness", displaying all kinds of emotions. Here is a small compilation of such unique frog perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything - desined to amuse and enlighten our autumn-dampened spirits.

Look, but not touch! I'm grumpy -

(image via)

"You got something to say? Don't mess with me, or my judgement!" -

(image via)

This is perhaps a definition of "being in a fix":

(image credit: David Maitland, National Geographic)

(original unknown)

I'm on an extreme diet! It takes all my strength just to cling to this leaf and not get blown away by the wind! - says this wonderful Hilomantis lemur -

(image credit: Sebastian)

I am the old, wise Jedi Master... Maybe... But then maybe I am just a Waxy Tree Frog - Phyllomedusa sauvagii:

(bottom image credit: Brian Gratwicke)

This frog (or toad) does not seem to be hung up on appearances. It may look ugly to you (Jabba the Hutt, anyone?), but Mother Nature certainly knows better:

(image via)

Good appetite is a sign of a good health. This is true for humans, and it sure is true for frogs:

(image via)

Speaking of appearances, red-eye tree frogs Agalychnis Saltator are simply gorgeous:

(image via)

Some will call this creature a "hypno-toad". We are not sure what kind of a toad this is, exactly, let us know if you recognize him:

(original unknown)

This frog is certainly at the wrong place and the wrong time. Will it survive? We may never know:

There is a whole wide world out there... -

This froggie loves to be in the center of attention:

Cute!.. and he(she?) knows it -

(original unknown)

A King Toad! Delight for kids of all ages -

This did not end well; the poor froggie has lost the battle:

(image via)

So here is your "frog medicine" for the day. Hope these pics made you feel better, if by any chance you feel down, or "under the weather".

(original unknown)

Article by Avi Abrams, Dark Roasted Blend


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frog ID
"Some will call this creature a "hypno-toad". We are not sure what kind of a toad this is, exactly, let us know if you recognize him:"
I'm pretty sure that's a tomato frog, Dyscophus antongilii.


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