Fascinating Matchbook Art, Part Two

Link - article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams

Always Striking - Classic Matchbook Art: Part Two

Following our first article on classic matchbook art, we couldn’t resist showcasing even more wonderful examples to our readers here at Dark Roasted Blend. Here’s another look at some of the most fascinating matchboxes and match covers from years gone by, from around the world.

(some great old Soviet labels, images via)

"Flies are your enemy. Kill them without remorse!" (left). The dangers of alcohol are decried on the right:

Soviet labels gave some helpful advice: "Enough Drunkenness!" and "One bottle of milk neutralizes the poisonous effect of three cigarettes!":

(image via)

Although it depicts scenes from Paris’ Moulin Rouge, this match cover is actually from Italy:

(image via)

Here’s a couple from the USSR, commemorating Soviet achievements in space exploration. Luna 2 was the second spacecraft launched toward the moon by the Soviet Union in 1959 (left). The one on the right appears to be a celebration of orbiting satellites:

(image credit: Jane McDevitt)

Here’s a Russian ice hockey face off:

(images credit: Jane McDevitt)

Hmmm... did they spell "science" wrong? -

These ones feature Soviet warships and rockets during the Cold War:

(images credit: Jane McDevitt)

Soviet labels warned against the dangers of falling leaves on the road... and crossing tracks ahead of the train:

"Do not use home-made tubs to swim in" (left) and "poisoned water kills fish" (it does, indeed):

"Don't blow fish up with dynamite!" (left):

This Czech sausage is so good, even a normally herbivorous rabbit appears determined to eat it! -

(images credit: Jane McDevitt)

Here’s another Czech label, advising children of the dangers of playing in the road (left)... while this Czech label reminds people of the perils of alcohol (right):

(images via Jane McDevitt)

How could any German cat, or indeed any nationality of feline, resist following this fisherman? (left):

(images via Jane McDevitt)

This Japanese label features a tiger with a wool spinner known as a swift (left)... Right image: maybe no one asked this tiger if he wanted to pose for a matchbox label? -

(images via 1, 2)

Here’s a monkey riding on a deer, very weird... and on the globe:

(images via 1, 2)

This strange label from Finland is actually advertising pajamas:

(image via)

This circus themed one from Russia dates from 1960 (left):

(image via)

Here are some great designs from Japan. This bicycle built for five is from 1910 (left). The one on the right dates from the same year:

(images via 1, 2)

This very striking dragon design was created in 1920 (left). On the right are "Thumbs Up!" dragons -

(images via 1, 2)

This playful elephant on a seesaw appeared in Japan in 1935 (left). On the right: just in case you needed instructions that matches could be used to light a cigarette:

(images via)

Indian label, showing black cat leaping through the yellow circle (left)... "Golden Eye" on the right is not a poster for James Bond movie, of course (but certainly looks very stylish):

(image via)

Some strange ones from Thailand, including Felix the Cat and Charlie Chaplin:

(images via)

This winged horse label was made in India:

(image via)

The Rocket Match company operated in Saudi Arabia many years ago:

(image via)

And finally, the one we like the most: "Let's Breed Rabbits! It's Never Boring, Very Useful and Profitable!":

(image via)



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Blogger RuslanAx said...

There are not so many sites in the internet dedicated to the phillumeny. The greatest is undoubtly phillumeny.onego.ru - over 7500 labels from the whole world, mainly Russia/USSR.

I also like the Australian Redheads matchlabels - gallery on the manufacturer's site!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Indian label, showing black cat leaping through the yellow circle (left)" appears to be based on the once classic Ray-O-Vac "Nine Lives" logo. Me-ow

Anonymous Eric said...

My favorite is the rabbit and the sausage.

Blogger tyler709 said...

The Soviet Union propaganda is really interesting to see. Vintage are in general is fascinating, it makes me nostalgic for a time i didn't even experience :S


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