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Most Dangerous Bridge Crossing

This is what Indonesian children have to contend with in order to get to school in the village of Sanghiang Tanjung. Somebody donate some money and help them build a proper bridge!


Today's pictures & links:

Intense, yet soothing interior

This is Riggs Library located inside Georgetown University's Healy Hall - click to enlarge!

(image credit: Jack E. Boucher, via)


Strutting "Crested" Penguins

These Macaroni Penguins (Eudyptes chrysolophus, info) from Antarctica are quite a crew!

(image via)


Perhaps the most evocative sand castle: Noosa, Australia

See more fantastic beachscapes by Adam Gormley here.

(image credit: Adam Gormley, see more here)


A Giant Nose, A Giant Anteater

A giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) at the Sunset Zoo, Manhattan, Kansas (part of the recently published National Geographic gallery of unusual animals, revealing how wildlife photographers use technology in the field):

(image credit: Joel Sartore, National Geographic)

Also make sure to read our article about anteaters: Anteater Coolness


Mixed fresh links for today:

Robot Cars Are Here, BMW drives itself - [article, video]
Somewhat Creepy Hexapod Robot - [cool video]
London's Tower Bridge Construction - [retro pics]
A Giant Tunnel Boring Machine in NYC - [wow tech]
Matchstick Fleet of Ships - [wow art]
Japanese Sex Hotels Ruins - [abandoned]
Perhaps the Strangest Jobs Ever - [weird]
Bizarrely Placed & Disguised Satellite Dishes - [weird]
Drip some Coke on this battery - [cool tech]
Incredibly Large Emerald, or not? - [wow pics]
Happy & Funny Dance Video! - [cool video]
"Black Hole": No Happy Ending - [wow video]
Tim Allen Says Amazing Things - [fun video]
Snoring Dormouse! - [fun video, listen to it]
Fantastic Video & Book, project page - [retrofuture]
Long Arm Disaster - [funny photoshop]
How to get creatively fired!, info - [funny series]


Surreal office tale "The Situation" has been made into a comic

“The Situation” web comic by Jeff VanderMeer (story) and Eric Orchard (art) is a surreal visual feast, based on real-life experiences in office situations. Jeff VanderMeer's upcoming novel “Borne” is set in the same milieu as “The Situation.” Don't miss this fantastic trip! - read the comic here.

(art credit: Eric Orchard)

Also check out our hilarious interview with Jeff VanderMeer here on DRB - Click Here


1970 Lancia Stratos Zero Concept Car

Designed by Bertone... Note the weird ball-shaped steering wheel and a huge "iPad" screen to the left - more info:

(images via)


Norwegian Bliss... Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway

Also in this spectacular view: Kjerkfjorden and the fishing village of Reine, on Moskenesøya island:

(photo credit: Jack Brauer, used by permission)


Extremely poignant and sad picture from 1946

Ruins left after 1944 Warsaw uprising (hardly anything at all was left of the city):

(photo credit: Michael Nash, AP)


The following is a short round-up of the best from our Facebook stream (which update every day with unique material, not available on DRB otherwise):

Carry your own floor mat for the royal wedding! -

(original unknown)

All Terrain Car (England, 1936) - "Terreinwagen", more info:

(image credit: Nationaal Archief, Spaarnestad Photo, Het Leven)

Great exercise! -

George Bernard Shaw, going surfing (at the Muizenberg beach at the age of 75 - photo taken in 1931):

(image via George Bernard Shaw at LSE Archives)


Super Cuteness for the Day!

The cutest animal in the world - Japanese dwarf flying squirrel

(image via)

A baby koala is a close second:

(photos credit: Dreamworld Australia, via)


The Alcohol Belts of Europe

Seems accurate enough... Especially interesting is the vodka / beer border in Poland (is it really that clearly defined? source) The full write-up about this fascinating investigation can be found at Big Think:

(image via, another version here)


The "Furry Ice Feet"

These curious ice formations were spotted by our reader Barb Derksen on Lake Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada - like furry little ice feet polishing the surface!

(photos credit: Barb Derksen)


Fearsome Shadows: Attack!



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Blogger Piotr said...

Divided Poland can be explained by the Partitions of Poland in XVIII century.

Take a look at the map:

This "Vodka part" was taken by the Russian Empire and lasted in there since 1772 till 1918.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ polish beer/vodka border, yeah, like Piotr said, that was the first thing that came to my mind, it's xvii/xix russian/german/austrian border...


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