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These cars are not "ugly" (even if you think so), nor are they "beautiful".

They are beyond any of these sentiments. They have crossed over into a realm of "This is how awesome they are, and I do not care how you feel about it".

They also cry out "FUTURE!" in a way that cannot be ignored.

Our tribute to Design Superstar Luigi Colani continues on this page: after publishing Extravagant Designs and Concept Trucks by Luigi Colani we received numerous tips about other Colani radical designs and masterpieces in many other areas, including the proverbial "kitchen sink" - see here.

We're going to start with a beautifully futuristic (and luxurious) RV vehicle. This is a full-featured "luxury boat" with as much presence and statement of style as any million-dollar super yacht. See the RV site from more info and images:

(images via)

This thing glows in the dark and has a retractable navigator cockpit, or "The Sky Lounge". What can I say...

(images via)

Automotive Design Madness

... including the outrageous Colani Corvette concept and Colani's Sea Ranger. And trucks. Oh, yes, "those trucks"! -

(images via)

Colani's Ferrari Concept (I hesitate to call it beautiful, but it is certainly unforgettable):

From the side it looks normal, but wait till you see the front profile (2006 Colani Street-Ray, see more here):

(images via)

The rear end of most of Colani-designed cars is usually as outrageous as the front:

(image via)

More extreme cars: the radical "Pink Car" and the oh-so-cute BMW small car concept:

(images credit: Colani.org, via)

This could be called a "borderline ugly" car. Just think about owning this thing:

Other Colani-branded Crazed Transportation

Trains that look like snakes. Ekranoplans that look like swans:

Monorail Snail-like design:

Luxury Ocean Liner... definitely should be in a major Hollywood futuristic production, in my humble opinion -

(image via)

Architecture that was born insane... and interior design that looks like a jigsaw puzzle made from blobs.

Skyscrapers are routinely taken to the next level (no such thing as boring rectangular shapes for Mr. Colani):

This lamp is a droopy blob masterpiece:

Objects of Desire

A Colani TV set. Even in the era of flat-screen plasma TVs, I still want THIS:

Luigi Colani-designed cameras, some of them date way back to 1983:

As you can see, Mr. Colani designed a wide range of objects during his long, legendary career - everything, but the kitchen sink.

Wait, he DID design a kitchen sink, after all. Here it is, as functional and curvacious as everything conceived by the Master:


Also Read "Concept Trucks by Luigi Colani"



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Blogger GMpilot said...

Colani's designs are pure eye candy. Ever since I first saw his work in the old OMNI magazine years ago, I've drooled at his design genius. This has been no exception. In my humble opinion, only Syd Mead ranks with him. (Hint!)

That...car? Van? The one in B/W next to the dune buggy? I want that one...badly! What's it called, and are any other pictures available?

Anonymous Max said...

Eye candy, sure. Practical sense, not so much - IMHO, textbook "l'art pour l'art".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truck has a look-alike from the '80s TV series, "The Highwayman"

As seen here:http://images.hemmings.com/wp-content/uploads//2009/09/highwaymanstealth_02_resized.jpg


Anonymous Just Al said...

One of the things that has always struck me about Colani is that he seems not to recognize that the sun shines in a lot of places. The amount of sloped glass present in nearly every model would turn the interiors into furnaces. Also, while I'm all in favor of aerodynamic efficiency, it also results in lots of wasted interior space that cannot be used, long slopes with no headroom and no storage options. Sacrificing ergonomics for style is art, not design.


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