Link - article by Avi Abrams

      The Whole Room in a Box: Compact Furniture Collapsed! (is there an
        extra dimension involved?)

      Swedish artist
      Michael Johansson likes
      tight spaces and effective use of any available area; so much so, that he
      collapses computers, cars, furniture, trailers (you name it) into
      artistically arranged cubes - structures that are equally infuriating and
      pleasing to the eye:

      (images credit:
        Michael Johansson,

      You can't order this futuristic apartment from IKEA, but something tells
      us, this is indeed the future:


      Bruce Willis in the "Fifth Element" might use one of this high-tech
      furniture walls in his tight living space:


      Best use of under-the-stairs space ever! I'm envious:


      Why bother parking when you can store your vehicles in a cube and then...
      well, you can forget about retrieving them later. But you can charge
      admission just to see this incredible structure. It is called
      "self-Contained" and consists of containers, a caravan, a tractor, a Volvo
      car, pallets, refrigerators, etc.


      "Rubik's Kitchen" could be the dream of every housewife in need of extra
      storage space:


      "Faded Memories" consists of the vintage TV / Audio equipment and other
      paraphenalia... it will definitely fit into your closet for future times
      of reminiscence and recollection:


      Want to pack your recyclables? Here is the most compact solution (on the
      right is the obsolete computer hardware cube):


      The whole room, compacted, might look like this - somehow, it seems
      that it can be compacted even further, but then the artistic factor might
      totally disappear (the homogenous cube is just not that interesting)...
      there has to be SOME amount of negative space, don't you think?


      This is what a TETRIS room would end up looking, if the blocks would fall
      quickly, with many mistakes... Speaking of mistakes,
      Mana once said:
      "If Tetris has taught me anything, it's that errors pile up and
      accomplishments disappear". So true. The "matryoshka doll" principle is
      clearly at work in this wonderful set of suitcases:


      This arrangement seems cool, but it is however completely useless, as
      these "differently sized suitcases fit perfectly inside one another, and
      thus lose their original purpose." See a lot more similar "stacked puzzle"
      projects at the artist's

      Brave Space Design
      Tetrad Mega Shelving
      makes it's own "Tetris Furniture" statement:


      You've seen compacting done right. This is compacting done wrong:


      Well, this is actually an art piece by Eric Buell: a famous "crushed cube
      of metal". And again, the wrong piece at the wrong time? Here is a clear
      "Tetris Architecture Fail" (seen in Czech Republic):


      Speaking of "falling blocks of Tetris", these ones have fallen into the
      Abercrombie Lane in Sydney - and nicely lit up the scene:


      But what if this compact furniture / art cube suddenly grows legs and
        heads to the streets?

      (images credit:
        Emily Speed)

      Emily Speed
      shows us how this R2-D2 (or Wall-E) similar creature can find its place in
      the urban environment. Imagine meeting this creation in the dark alley,
      being asked for a cigarette and a power boost! This sculpture made and
      worn around Linz, Austria, is called "Inhabitant" and is all "about trying
      to find your own place or identity in a city and the representation of
      psychological space" - more

      (images credit:
        Emily Speed)

      The New Meaning to "Fitting Into Tight Spaces"

      ...can be appreciated from the works of
      Willi Dorner. Do
      not try it on your own - hanging between the building blocks upside down
      can be hazardous to your health! (see more


      "Bodies in Urban Spaces" can be fit just about anywhere, and the space
      they occupy comes rent-free and close to all amenities:




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Blogger Phoebe Dancing Cat said...

My humans say someday I can have conceptual artist Christine Hill build me an entire cat dancer business in a trunk, like she did for other businesses.

I am not sure whether she should include ballet slippers or not, though. I would probably eat the ribbons.



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