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Maoist China Propaganda Posters, Loaded with Beauty and Optimism

We wrote about Anti-US Posters of North Korea and various political posters from the World War Two - but today we are going to see somewhat less politicized (though still undoubtably propaganda) posters focusing on the smiling woman's face of socialism, as imagined by Maoist China artists in the 1950s and 1960s:

These ladies, for the most part, look wholesome, well-fed and happy. Kudos to the artists, then, who conveyed this atmosphere the best (even if it was completely illusionary):

(most images are via MaoPost)

...Except when they are intent on making a perfect kill:

A similar poster (actually a Christmas postcard) from Communist 1930s Russia comes to mind:

Behind the smiling faces hides the utmost dedication, incessant training and a glint of iron (as in "iron will"):

She dreams of flight... military flight in the name of the dear ideology leader:

Here are some truly inspiring examples of poster art: the futuristic "Golden Lights of Electricity" (left) and the Ghostbusters-like "Use Pesticides Safely" (right image):

These are not military missiles... these are rockets intended to "work the clouds and sow the rain"! -

"Frontier Cavalry" is pretty sinister, considering the deadly machine gun and intention to eliminate the minorities:

There is even a site where you can insert your own face into any of the wonderfully colorful Chinese propaganda posters - try it here.

Finally, here is more modern poster "High Expectations" (everyone who read the highly controversial article "Confessions of The Tiger Mom" - click here - can relate to that):

(image via Chinese Posters)

See more at the Chinese Posters site.


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Anonymous Srinul said...

is that woman warrior ..! cool painting ..! it's look like old movie poster ..! anyway that was cool

Anonymous ylandrin said...

Did anyone notice how "westernized" the facial features of the girls in the Chinese posters are? I wonder which influence it is: Russian, or pre-revolution fashion media?

Anonymous Schuimtabak said...

Chinese propaganda images belong to the most beautyful in the world. Simply lovely!! And now they want their dollars back! LOL

Anonymous Gregoryno6 said...

Nice young ladies. Still, when the revolution comes I'll feel a lot more comfortable with the Warrior Woman on my side.

Anonymous BenB said...

Fascinating though these images are, China isn't socialist or communist because Chinese government policy flies in the face of the principals of socialism/communism. For a start, all trade unions apart from the one the government devised (and controls) are illegal. Marx spins in his grave every time someone calls China, Cuba or any other modern country for that matter, socialist. Just wanted to mention.


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