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You are a bigoted, chauvinist pig!.. oh wait, this ad is from 1950

Disclaimer: Please note that the views and opinions expressed in these vintage advertisements do not represent those of Dark Roasted Blend, our editors and writers. We have nothing to do with it. We can only stare at it in utter stupefaction.

The ad above is "tasteless", indeed... Maybe people were coming out of depression and they needed to look healthier.

Weird lifestyle choices

Board the money... or a phone. The choice is yours.

Go Gay! and never look back (just don't call your company something like GayStyle, and put it on your business cards):

Treating Wives with Disrespect

Some of these ads you may have seen before. Do we even have to say, don't try this at home? Do we even have to?

Bad wife. Bad:

Sexism galore:

Some self-defense is in order, then -

The Wrinkle is dead. Somebody else might end up dead soon, too:

Relatively harmless stuff

This is not Viagra. This is better:

Jolt yourself back into health! -

Can not explode. And yet, with these creatures dancing on top of it, what if... it could? -

"So, what do you do when you come home from work?" - "I expand my lungs. It's lot of fun and satisfaction!" -

Doctors are out to lunch:

This must be fake:

(image via)

A couple of weirdly similar racist ads:

Look at my ads! No - look at my legs!

The secret to having great ideas:

Hold on, it's getting worse

The kids on the left don't stand a chance:

Beer helps nursing babies? -

Well, if not beer, then -

Shoot'em up! -

Mysterious Gadgets

We had a few "Mystery Vintage Gadgets" articles - see here, for example.

Would you buy Coca-Cola more, if you it be sold to you from this vehicle? -

Pure cocaine drops are better:

I want to be loved by the mothers! -

Images via Plan59, Weirdomatic, Pollenatrix, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, beer doesn't help the nursing baby. It helps the mom to nurse. This is a very old folk remedy, and supposedly it works. Something to do with fluid balance, maybe ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Grow your own, smoke your own" pic is definitely fake - it has a Worth1000.com logo on it.

Blogger Unknown said...

this is the original grow your own poster

Blogger Chris Phoenix said...

"Soda Pop Board" ad is fake. Here's a post by the guy who made it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible the "Fat as a Pig" ad is from 1850? The art style doesn't look 1950s.

That said, these are wonderful.

Blogger Foto-Jennic (Jen Bowen) said...

The very first one - the fat as a pig one - is from EW Grove of the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.
It is circa 1890.

The tonic was only made until 1957, and Grove himself died in 1927.

Blogger Wayne D. said...

I new an older guy that said his dad got him and his sister a mail order monkey. He said the thing exploded like a chainsaw at them as soon as they opened the crate. It was one ticked off little monkey and only liked his sister. Anybody else would get scratches and bites.

Anonymous Paul Dow said...

Isn't it interesting how times have changed in advertising so now the man (almost always white) is almost always identified as the idiot who is too stupid or lazy to mail a package or know that soap can clean something. There's also Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens who often make jokes not toward the character, but against men.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard from somewhere that those "vibrating gum massagers" were meant to stimulate somewhere else. ;)

Blogger MetFanMac said...


What on EARTH does that man in picture #5 have printed all over his pajamas? Mitochondria?

Blogger Woodrobin said...

Brewers' Yeast, which is what is used to make beer, helps to improve milk production and contains nutrients that make breastfeeding more nutritious for the infant and less taxing on the mother's body. So that one's perfectly valid, especially if unfiltered beer is consumed.

Also, the "simple driving" ad isn't directly sexist. That's Goldie Hawn, who played a ditzy, simple-minded character on Laugh In.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was in hospital after giving birth, nursing mothers were given half a bottle of (Canadian/real) beer if they wanted/need it because it would stimulate their milk flow. It really did work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don`t be such a wimp Paul. You can`t really be that delicate a little a flower.


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