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Cool, Eccentric and Electrifying Beauties - PC Computer Case Mods Redefined

This is the era where what kind of a computer you use literally defines your personality. It’s no longer the question of using a Mac or a PC; you are likely to find people who work on a desktop at office but carry their laptop home to work some more and sync everything to their palmtop for presentations... with some machines sporting a radical paint scheme, or some sort of jaw-dropping case mod. Yes, designing case mods is serious business and here’s a collection of some cool, eccentric and electrifying beauties:

Here is an R2D2 cooler turned into a gaming hub for up to eight consoles (with a projector mounted at the droid's head!) -

(images via)

Damnation, by Jacob Hildebrandt

... is the quintessential steampunk. Simply gorgeous choice of materials and parts, plus a whirring, purring sound that's guaranteed to excite affectionados of all things Victorian:

(images credit: Jacob Hildebrandt, more photos)

EgyptMod PC Case Mod, by Chris Kramer

Chris brought back the legends of Egypt alive in this super-classic EgyptMod PC, complete with intricate detailing, ancient hieroglyphics and assortment of glorious gems:

(images via)

Digg PC, by Alex Wiley

Back in 2009 Digg was in its peak form, and finding favors with modders like Alex Wiley. Given the current social media wars, I wonder if anyone would dare to make a Reddit or a Facebook logo-based case mod, perhaps?

(images via)

Here is a LEGO computer (found at Brothers Brick) - with a DVD drive garage and a hot motherboard kitchen inside:

(images via)

Lenovo K320 Ice Series, by James Fislar

The recent CES saw Lenovo present the Mod competition winning entry Lenovo K320 Ice. It's 80% ice and 20% disco-lights action (and yes, there is computer inside, somewhere):

(images via)

Harley Davidson PC, by MNPCTech

(images via 1, 2)

MNPCTech made a very cool Harley Davidson PC case mod, but it's not the only motorcycle-themed case mod on the market. In fact, we've seen quite a few (more info):

(images via)

There is also a Scooterputer, by Stephen Popa - it is entirely rideable! - packing a Thermaltake Element V case with water-cooled P4 E8400 Core2Due:

(image via)

For all you overclockers out there, there is the Pyramid PC Case Mod by polo360x from the Techpowerup forums. Under its hood you got a Intel quad core Q6600 with B3 stepping water-cooled CPU, overclocked at 3.15 GHz:

(image via)

Level Eleven, by Jeffrey Stevenson is as stylish as computer case can possibly be - with shades of Art Deco and architectural sketches of Frank Lloyd Wright:

Even materials read like poetry: "Hard Pennsylvania cherry with an aluminum inlay"... Here is his another Art Deco effort; can't decide which is more handsome -

(images credit: Jeffrey Stevenson)

A black walnut mission-style side table/computer system, again by Jeffrey Stevenson, is deceptively simple and very elegant design that will complement many high-end studios:

More retro styling is evident in The Ingraham Case Mod, inspired by a 1946 Stromberg-Carlson radio design:

(images credit: Jeffrey Stevenson)

Not so elegant, Russian-made Suitcase Computer:

(image via)

Part of Pink Floyd's The Wall PC Mod - is that famous hammer (part of the "Marching Hammers" of totalitarism). In the original "the Wall" concept, hammers are both a creative and destructive symbol - hopefully this one will be used for creative purposes... more info:

(images via)

Devastator case by Wehr Wolf looks like, well, a Devastator, or an angry Decepticon that hardly had time to fully transform:

(image via)

If you have Decepticons, then you must have Autobots:

(images via)

More designs from Extremetech Mod Contest:

If it's the curves you want, then this is just the ticket:

(images via)

Dead Man's Chest by Thang Do is made of wood - and perhaps some good rum inspiration:

(images via)

Something out of the left field - the Ant Farm Case Mod. Yes, invite ants, and their just might contribute to your number crunching (not to mention "marching ants" in Photoshop):

(images via)

Right image above is, you guessed right - Battlestar Galactica mod. The following ones are musical - great combo with iTunes:

(image via)

Bio-mechanical PC (left) and - recognize this? Unreal Tournament Rocket Launcher PC! (right image), built by David Heyl in Germany in 2007:

(images via 1, Nate Laxson)

Want to assemble your own wooden keyboard (perhaps for your wooden PC)? Sure, Japanese designers are ready to oblige - more info:

(images via)

For serious gamers there is always this set-up (should take a better part of some enthusiast's mother's basement):

(original unknown)

Wind... and fire! -

(originals unknown)

Even colder -

Go around your office with these reused motherboards:

More inventive recycling:

(image via)

No groovy case mod? Pretend you have a computer! - This "book" piece is by British artist Kyle Bean, more info:

(images via)

Or even simpler - use a lunch box! -

(image via)





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The Cthulhu casemod:


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i like the snare drum pc case...

Blogger Robert said...

I just have to add these two, made by a friend of mine, both are very professionally made:

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If you are brand conscious and ready to spend money then you can buy limited edition designer skins. Some talented and professional designers have introduced their signature laptop skins but they may cost you a bit more.


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