#149 - Week of January 16, 2011

Car of Tomorrow - [hilarious video]
Would you go to Mars... with no return? - [hundreds volunteer!]
Extreme Chase Through the Websites - [great video]
Audi Shark Concept Car - [automotive]
Most Inspiring Spaceships - [concept art]
What to do when you find something cool on the internet - [chart]
Neat (Transforming) Unicycle - [video]
Monsters in the Sky: Dieselpunk Leviathans - [concept art]
Mind-shattering Miniature Art Models - [art]
The Dakar Rally: Fantastic Pictorial, more - [autosports]
More Recycled Art: Pac-Man, Monolithic Sculptures - [cool art]
Hung Out to Dry (Somewhere in Manhattan)- [hi-res photo]
Cool Mechanism: Shaking Cherries - [neat video]
Why Chinese Mothers Are "Superior"... or Not - [controversy]
Vending Machine Dress - [art, Yoko Ono style]
The Incredible True Story of the Collar Bomb Heist - [cool article]
Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed - [what?..]
Vintage Talking Robot - [weird video]
Testing Chinese-made Armored Door - [wow video]
This woman survived 30,000 ft fall from an airplane - [fact]
Oops! Runaway Crane, Mini Avalanche - [videos]
The Best (and Most Epic) Scrat Yet - [Ice Age 4 video]
The Dance of the Wind - [wow video]
Spectacular: Antarctica Expedition in High-Speed - [wow video]
Faceplant: Great Start to a Race! - [fun video]
Probably the Strangest Animation You Ever Going to See - [video]
Awesome "TV" Ad of Ray Guns! - [cool video]
Top Ten Places to Live in the World - [compilation]




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A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

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Blogger Jon said...

Re:Would you go to Mars... with no return? It's no surprise to me that there would be no shortage of volunteers for a one way ticket to settle Mars. The urge to spread and proliferate is a primary biological mandate, as well as a quintessential factor of Human Nature and especially the American Character.
Settling Mars would be a grueling, toxic endeavor involving enclosed arcologies and Dune-like moisture conservation. Far worse than the daily routine of distilling your own pee for lack of water is the immutable fact that Mars lacks a magnetosphere. It can never be terraformed as we used to hope, because it can never enjoy the protection from cosmic rays and solar bombardment that makes life on Earth possible. If complex life-forms ever existed on Mars, they were surely doomed by the time the tiny planet's core cooled and stopped generating its vital magnetic shield.
But, Life Finds a Way. As soon as Earth evolved a life-form complex enough to spread to Mars and create it's own portable ecosystem there, colonization became a survival imperative.
Living on Mars will always be like living on a space station-- a maddening tincan existence-- but if we survive long enough to do it, there will always be volunteers.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you Jon, great comment... "a maddening tincan existence?" - sounds like a description of any trip into space.


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A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

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A thrilling blend of art, myths and technology

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