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Ever wanted to know what hides inside a perfect woman android?

Forget "uncanny valley" - these are utterly alluring chrome-plated femmes. Open the company-sealed plaque and peek inside (note: this act voids the manufacturer's warranty) -

(gorgeous robot art by Emile Noordeloos)

(art by Hajime Sorayama)

Fernando Vicente is a talented illustrator with a distinctive style and a flair for unusual graphic projects - we featured his Atlas series before. In the following series, Fernando combines his love for pin-up art with retro-technology: with his permission we present selections from The Anatomy Atlas of Vintage Androids -

Female Robot Anatomy: Made by Mercedes-Benz!

You've seen our "Gasmasks in Art and History" series, but Fernando Vicente does not stop at exterior mask - he also depicts the INTERIOR workings of android's inhale-exhale mechanism:

Entirely nsfw way of calibrating these female androids is presented here. For an alternative method - click here.

French-based SIMCA company also produced female androids in some parallel history:

And if you ever wanted to know what moved and motivated Napoleon, what was his inner drive, etc. - here is your chance:

Most pulp-fiction androids don't like actual females:

(image via)

Modern female androids avoid "uncanny valley" issue altogether by not resembling human being too much. Here is a typical model GRACE by Neil Ellis:

(images credit: Neil Ellis)

Androids in Bits and Pieces

Something that Philip K. Dick would love to see - a gallery of androids in various stages of DIY assembly and consumer repair:

Delivered from Japan, no assembly required:

Mechanix Illustrated proclaims in 1957: "You'll Own Slaves by 1965!" (guess we missed this deadline) -

(image credit: modernmechanix.com)

Marc Da Cunha Lopes subjects the robot assembly to the gritty realism of his camera:

(images credit: Marc Da Cunha Lopes)

For the more gruesome part of such final assembly, click here.

(image via)

Some robot love is displayed here - more info:

(image credit: Michael Sullivan)

Scare your girlfriend with this unwanted display of anatomy:

We want to finish by displaying another utterly alluring "female android" work by Dutch illustrator Emile Noordeloos (no doubt inspired by Hajime Sorayama classic sexy robot paintings) -

(image credit: Emile Noordeloos)


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Anonymous Vincenti said...

These women are imposing.

We used to see the amazon as the most powerful of all.

However, now the amazon is too substantial a body type.

The fashion is now to have a delicate form with the power to kill if necessary, and to lure when appropriate.


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Anonymous plasterek said...

Philip K. Dick might be proud, but Isaac Asimov would be prouder!

Blogger SittingMooseShaman said...

to certain Existentialist, extreme-science experimenting Supreme Monarch(s). Who hail from a superior dimensional-set..."This" is exactly what we are... 'Bio-Bots'. That can reproduce.
"They" just require each of our systems' "power" to be returned when we're...um, 'finished'...


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