Link - article by M. Christian and A. Abrams

      James Gaussman and the Jewelled Pyramid of China

      Egyptian pyramids? Sure, everyone knows about the ones at Giza - and a few
      aficionados might know about the 138 others (!) scattered around
      them. Mesoamerican pyramids? Okay, a lot of folks know about them, too --
      or even that the great one at Cholula is considered to be the largest one
      in the world.

      (reconstruction of a typical Chinese pyramid - image

      But, unfortunately, not many people know that pyramids have come in other
      flavors as well, including the mysterious and legendary ones in China.

      (photo by Santha Falia,
        via; right
        image via)

      “Legendary” because the story of the Chinese pyramids initially reads like
      something from a wild and woolly dime-store pulp serial: JAMES GAUSSMAN
It all began in 1945 – well, actually it started way before that, but for most folks out here in the West, that’s when they first heard that pyramids might exist outside Mesoamerica and Egypt. (image credit: Graeme Nicol) While winging his way from India to China, the aforementioned U.S. Army Air Corps pilot Gaussman supposedly saw ... well, a jewel topped pyramid. Depending on who you talk to or what books you read, either his was the first sighting of this remarkable artifact or it was just part of a surge of woolly dime-store pulp serial mythologizing. Even if Gaussman wasn’t the first to spot the pyramids, it’s still interesting that many photographs of them were supposedly locked away in military files for decades. (images credit: Hartwig Hausdorf, via Laura Lee Show) Making the subject even more murky was Hartwig Hausdorf's book on the subject, which fueled fires of outrageous speculation – aliens, anyone? – but didn’t give a lot of accurate or verifiable info.
Despite Gaussman’s sighting (and Hausdorf's book), the pyramids definitely deserve at least the same recognition and respect their Central American and Middle Eastern cousins have received. Also like the pyramids in Giza, many of them are truly immense: the one at Mount Li, for example, is an impressive 250 feet tall; and the Great White one is a close runner-up.
Also like their kin in the Middle East, the pyramids in China were burial chambers and mausoleums, monstrous headstones for royalty and various courtly hangers-on: Mount Li was built for the legendary Qin Shi Huang and the Great White was constructed for Emperor Wudi. "Recent pictorial evidence proves that China's pyramids are indeed real, rivalling those of Egypt and Central America for their age, size and significance" --Philip Coppens But what makes the Chinese pyramids so interesting for many people – serious archeologists as well as passionate amateurs – is what isn’t known about them. Although we know they were crypts for Emperors and Kings, their construction details are a mystery. What makes them even more elusive is that while many of them are obvious and impressive, there are others you could walk right by – and many people have for centuries -- without realizing they were anything but just slightly angular rises or low hills. The current guestimate is that there are around 38 pyramids, but both the serious professionals as well as the dedicated hobbyists believe that number is just a fraction of how many actual structures there are scattered throughout China. (imags via) But this knowledge just raises bigger, and more bewildering questions. Naturally, people know about the ones in Egypt, the legendary structures at Giza. Absolutely, a lot of folks have heard about the huge structures scattered throughout Central America, including the gigantic one at Cholula … but only until relatively recently had any of us Westerners heard that there were pyramids in China – and maybe a century or so before that, even many Chinese didn’t know what was dotting their landscapes.
See that hill? See that mountain? See that slightly angular rise? I wonder what’s under them? I wonder what other secrets are out there, laying just under the surface … or under our feet? (image via) Further reading: 1, 2, 3 Also do not miss this video - click here.
Some Google Earth coordinates: Maoling Mausoleum 1:
size 222 x 217 m
34°20'17"N 108°34'11"E
Pyramid 6:
size 153 x 158 m
34°21'47.16"N 108°37'49.80"E
Pyramid 7:
size 149 x 155 m
34°21'42.48"N 108°38'24.36"E
Pyramid 11:
size 155 x 154 m
34°22'29.64"N 108°41'51.36"E
Pyramid 15:
size 219 x 230 m
34°23'52"N 108°42'43"E
Pyramid 31:
size 126 x 149 m
34°14'09.00"N 109°07'05.00"E
Pyramids 33,34,35:
biggest in size - 160 x 167 m
34°10'45.00"N 109°01'41.00"E
Huang-ti Mausoleum 37:
size 354 x 357 m
34°22'52"N 109°15'12"E
------- As a sort of a bonus, here is an interesting concept of creating pyramid-shaped city, back from 1964:
We wrote before about mega-cities and futuristic super-structure projects - see Gigantic City Structures of Paolo Soleri CONTINUE TO THE "MYSTERIOUS MIMA MOUNDS"! ->


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Anonymous ConstructionFamily said...

There are pyramids all over the world. There in the Amazon rainforest and to the poles. The sad thing is that the authorities do not reveal it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are pyramids where ever there were large societies. Anyone who wants to build a structure that is very tall will fail until they realize the pyramid structure.
... At least until they can make steel girders.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pyramids are all around farms, the shape of a triangle actually funnels energy and directs it around the pyramid to help grow crops. Not much of a mystery, its just being hidden from the world.

Blogger tanburo said...

Apparently, there are pyramids to be found in Bosnia, too:

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard someone mention that once; pyramids all around the world and in the United States that are "hills". So much we will sadly never know but interesting none the less. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Polar pyramids and energy funnels, all being "hidden" and/or "not revealed", eh?

...Yeah, okay. I guess it's a good thing you lot have your foil-lined hats so as to prevent this valuable knowledge from being edited out of your brains via the world shadow-government's mind-control satellites.

Blogger Admin said...

There's also pyramids on mars!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know there are pyramids on Mars? You? Go and jump three times, you've been bad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to look around and find something you might be familiar with, but because of the daily routine of our boring jobs, we completely dismiss. One example of such behavior can be found in the people of countries with insufficient food and health services available. There are countries even that do not provide these services but they do provide money for the war effort, completely forgetting to develop areas for people to enjoy a nice quiet life. It's a shame that these countries can not satisfy their need to rule certain aspects.

Anonymous lolostefanis said...

Pyramids in Greece too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cahokia in Illinois is one of the largest pyramids made of dirt and in the 1200's there were more people living there than in London at the same time. The site is huge with over a hundred pyramids of varrying sizes.

Anonymous Tom said...

Did you mention Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas?

Blogger wmmvrrvrrmm said...

Someone tell me what they think about this possible Chinese pyramid. If it is a pyramid, it might be a couple of kilometres wide and is covered over.

+35° 13' 17.30", +110° 38' 36.13"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovna in Europe, resarch is in progress ... check it out

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, pyramids weren't just crypts. Second, our governments aren't telling us what they really find in the pyramids. They are of alien origin. How can anyone say there's no mystery to pyramids when they're found all over the world and on Mars?


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