Link - by A. Abrams

      You are going to be shocked and entertained... and then maybe you're
        actually going to buy stuff

      It would be simply impossible to list or even mention all of the great ads
      that appeared since our last issue. We're sure you've seen some of them
      already in the running campaigns, and perhaps even succumbed to their
      appeal and reached for the wallet. For this is what they are: creative
      masterpieces designed to part you and your money.
      As always, this next installment in our highly popular
      covers print, urban, and viral advertisements, chosen for originality and
      lasting impression.
      Are you ready? Let's dive in -

      "Water on Lens" Exhibition -
        Click here to see more,

      Where even nightmares come to rest:


      Get rid of your nightmares, already:


      Some spectacular wide-format visual ads (click to enlarge) -


      More monsters and disasters:


      What's the worst that could happen? Well....



      Household Surrealism

      Tough, very tough:


      Good suction:


      Good lubricant:


      Let them see and appreciate your kitchen:


      Some weird situations. Do they even have to be explained? -




      Extreme zoom:



      Viral Street and Urban Ads

      New urban sport:


      Followed by thirst for Guinness, of course:




      Warning: gross! Click at your own risk
      to see the gruesome campaign of relieving normal poster people of heads
      and other extremities.



      Not an ad, but the best placement of street art possible: "Periodic
      Table", indeed -


      Homegrown mattress sale ad? -


      Continuing a popular theme of effective advertisement in elevators, here
      are some good examples: Left: "Wake up!" - Right: "Yo-Yo Effect of Most


      Brilliant stuff:

      (images via)

      More street smarts:


      A valid concern:



      Unexpected Weirdness

      This is creative art by David Stewart: Workplace and Household Hazards -


      (images credit:
        David Stewart)

      A similar ad, via:


      Even aliens need sunglasses:


      Humans need sunglasses badly in particular situations:


      Great demonstration for "Change":


      Multiple choice situations:



      More ads that caught our attention -



      "Obesity is Suicide":


      A brilliant lingerie ad? (in light of recent H1N1 outbreak):


      Sometimes shadows play unwanted tricks on billboard advertisements (this
      one says "Vote for...") -


      This is not an ad, but simply creative photography - although it is a
      masterpiece, in our humble opinion (and advertising agencies should take

      (image credit:
        Tatiana Mikhina)



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Blogger Germán said...

Awesome ads..

The one with the polar bear and giraffe is from Buenos Aires Zoo (http://www.zoobuenosaires.com.ar/)

The guys with the bra, is a campaign of condoms for Spring brake. It is also from Argentina.

I recommend the Postales (postcards) section on that site... very creative.

Anonymous Gregoryno6 said...

The piggybanks vs cops scene is from the Transperth campaign to promote its cashless ticketing system Smartrider.
There's a series of ads but that is the best. Probably because the piggy seems to be telling the dog 'You can kiss my porcine porcelain rear end!'

Anonymous design said...

A lot of hard work that post , I need to go back and see other ads you did

Anonymous 256 said...

For brilliance and simplicity, I rate that Bosch drill ad with the woodgrain highest.

Blogger Unknown said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh. Some good and some lame. Photoshop doesn't really equal creativity.


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